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5 Smart Things to Do During a Pandemic Such as COVID-19

Throughout human history, smart people are the ones who have succeeded and have survived. Why? Because they do smart things. Especially during times of crisis. 

Speaking of crisis, we’re facing one right now. It’s the new novel coronavirus, the disease known as COVID-19 is one of the greatest threats ever faced by human species.

COVID-19, the virus that is threatening us all. Before we begin, you must understand the seriousness of the situation. COVID-19 is very serious, tens of thousands of people have already died from this pandemic, and hundreds of thousands have been infected. And there’s still no cure available for the COVID-19 virus.


How to Stay Safe from COVID-19

As there is no vaccine available for the COVID-19 virus, prevention is the best option that you and I have. So how do you prevent this coronavirus you ask, here are a few precautions that you can take to prevent coronavirus-How to Stay Safe from COVID-19

Along with these, the most important and easy thing that you can do now is STAY HOME. Seriously, that’s the best thing you can do right now, just stay home, it’s so easy. So be smart and stay home.

That gives us a nice segway to talk about the smart things that you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic.


5 smart things you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic

Now a little bit of history before we get to the smart things. There was a time long ago that people had to rely on themselves to survive, they had to hunt to get food and find shelter to stay safe at night. Then there was a time not too long ago that people had to go outside to get food from the market and buy the things they needed from there as well. So instead of hunting outside, they would go shopping outside.

That brings us to the present. Now you don’t even have to go outside to do the shopping. You can just order the things that you need online. This is the number one smart thing you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic.


1. Buy the things you need online

Welcome to the 21st century. You no longer need to hunt to get food, you no longer need to go shopping outside to get the things you need. You can just order them online, and they will be delivered right at your doorstep.


Especially now, this is the best time to take advantage of this modern society that you live in. By ordering the things you need online, you eliminate the possibility of catching COVID-19 from someone while you’re outside. You also eliminate the possibility of infecting someone else. So it’s a win for you and everyone else. You get what you need without having to go outside. Which is where the coronavirus is. 

So, Buy the things you need online.

Now that you know to order the things you need from outside, let’s talk about the inside. Which is where you live. Well, which is where you’re stuck in anyways.

Here’s the thing, can you remember the last time you cleaned your home? Think about it, when is the last time you gave your living space a thorough cleaning?

If you can’t remember, then, first of all, Ew, and second of all, this is the best chance to do that.


2. Clean your home

Home, the place where you live in, the place where you can do whatever you want and wear whatever you want. 

Your home does so many things for you, don’t you think you should give it the love that it deserves, if not love then at least a good thorough cleaning. That’s not too much to ask now, is it?

I mean you’re stuck in your home anyways, might as well make the place you’re stuck in neat and tidy. 

Not only is a clean living space very hygienic, it’s also very good for your mental health.

Living in a clean space will put you in a good mood, and it will also make you more productive.

So do yourself and your home a favour and give it a thorough cleaning during this quarantine.

Now I mentioned something about being productive. That’s also very important. As you’re stuck home, it’s very easy to get lazy and waste time. But do you really want to waste your precious time?

If you want to be successful, then you need skills. To get the skills, you need to learn new things and expand your knowledge.

That brings us to the other smart thing that you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic.


3. Learn new things and gain new skills

Instead of wasting your time scrolling through social media, use it to learn new things. 

Read the book you’ve been meaning to read for years now. Or take that online course that will teach you the things you need to know to take your skills to the next level.

Speaking of online courses that’ll take your skills to the next level. Here’s a few that’ll definitely be beneficial to you.



One thing about online courses before we move on. Make sure you take online courses from providers that give you a certificate that is endorsed or accredited by reputable and recognised awarding bodies such as CPD, ABC, TQUK, etc. Whatever course you do end up taking, you’ll be thrilled with it. That’s a guarantee.


So, this quarantine becomes a learning machine. So you’re done with your online course, you’ve added significant value to your CV and have gained many new skills. What now?

Now is the time for you to spend time with the people who matter the most in your life, your loved ones. 


4. Spend time with loved ones

This COVID-19 is a severe disease and can affect anyone, so spend this precious with your family. Talk to them, connect with them, take an interest in their lives. 

At the end of the day, they’re the people who matter the most. You work so hard just to make their lives easier. And while working so hard, you get so busy that you don’t get to spend time with them.

Well, now, you have time. Use it, use this opportunity and spend this time that you have with your loved ones.

 Tell them you love them and enjoy quality time with them.

Do you know what other things that you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic? It’s relaxing.



Yes, relax. But…but there’s a pandemic outside, people are dying, how dare I tell you to relax? 

Answer me this, can you do anything about it? What can you do by worrying? Is worrying about it going to help anyone? No, it’s not.

That is exactly why relaxing is the best thing you can do right now. Let the people who are handling the situation handle it. Let them do their work and help them by staying home and staying safe.

And come on, when do you ever get the chance to just stay home like this? The answer is, never.

So take advantage of this weird vacation and relax. See the TV shows you’ve been meaning to see for months now. Play video games. Sleep. Do the things that relax you. 

Give your body and mind the rest that it deserves.


Let’s review one last time. 

5 things smart people do when stuck at home due to COVID-19


1. Buy things online– this allows you to avoid going outside to buy necessary things.


2. Clean their home- this is the chance to finally give your living-space a thorough cleaning & tidy it up.


3. Learn new things & Gain new skills- instead of wasting time you can use this opportunity to expand your knowledge & master new skills.


4. Spend time with loved ones- this is your chance to catch up with your loved ones. After all, they are the people who truly matter.


5. Relax- come on, this is your chance to just rest & let your mind & body heal. You deserve a good rest.


These are the 5 things that you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic. Do these things and make sure you stay indoors as much as possible. Avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary. Stay alert, not anxious. Hopefully, we’ll all get through this soon.


Stay home Stay Safe.

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July 16, 2021

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