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8 Surprising New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Students

Well, the new year is around the corner, and we doubt that there is any student on the planet who has everything worked out in their life. 

You may be the best student on campus, but your personal development, self-care or ability to cook may lack. Or you are great at all that practical stuff because you don’t spend enough time studying. 

So with this in mind, here are some great new years ideas for students.

1. Improve Your Memory

Improving memory power will ensure that you spend less time studying without compromising your grades or knowledge! 

It will also help you to remember how to cook, and what chores you may need to carry out, without missing a beat. You’ll not only be sharp, but you’ll also look like you find it easy to adult! 

And the beauty of it is, you won’t be making it up either. 

2. Protect Yourself

Learn how to practice self-defence by taking a self-defence course

Student life can involve lots of evenings out and exposure to unsafe circumstances. Which means that if you take a self-defence course, you’ll get exercise and learn how to protect yourself or your friends if you ever need to. 

And because it’s a new years resolution you have a year to master the challenge.

3. Begin A Personal Development Journey

Studying is one part of life, but personal development is more personal. 

When you embark on a personal development journey, you may learn how to live a better life, ways to be more productive or organised. You may develop new thinking patterns. 

Part of your personal development journey may also help you to grow spiritually or professionally too. 

Our Personal Development Course is a great way to get started.

4. Learn a New Soft Skill

Some of our softer skills can make a more significant impact on how much success we accomplish during our careers. 

For example, communication skills and emotional intelligence are undoubtedly great assets for any career. If that doesn’t interest you, why not add a specialist expertise like learning British Sign Language to your repertoire so you can help the hard of hearing throughout your career or a different language entirely.

5. Reduce The Caffeine

We know that caffeine in the form of coffee or caffeine enhanced soft drinks will help you study throughout the night and party at the same time, but it’s not good for stress, memory or your long term health. 

A great new year’s resolution is for you to find ways to reduce your caffeine intake in 2020. 

Maybe some healthy recipes give more energy, hydrate yourself and even take our Memory course, so you don’t have to spend so much time studying. One way or another, there are alternatives to caffeine that are healthier and less expensive.

6. Squeeze In Some Self Care Time

Student life can be crazy, with little time to relax and smell the coffee that you are not going to drink anymore if you decide to follow the last new year’s resolution suggestion. 

But even though life’s busy, you should take some time out for you whether you spend ten to twenty minutes per day sitting quietly, meditating or walking in nature. You might just find that it boosts your brainpower and energy levels too! 

7. Get Some Exercise

Ok, we know this one is a cliche, but it won’t hurt your body or your brain to get some endorphins into your body from exercising. Even if you just walk to the shop every day, or take a weekly exercise class. Not only will it help you keep fit and focused a little more on your health, but it will also set you up for good lifetime habits and long-term health.

8. Budget Your Money

We know that as a student you are probably budgeting, but if you can set aside money every week to help you out when you are in a fix, you’ll have less to worry about and more energy to focus and enjoy life. 

If your money stash adds up significantly over the months, then consider treating yourself, but not before you’ve built up a new emergency fund. 

Learning to live within your means is a discipline and excellent strategy for money management in life – which many people don’t master. 

Juggling money as a student can be hard, which means that you’ll surely become a master of your money if you spend a year budgeting your money. 

Some of our New Year’s resolutions for students may not seem appealing at first, but we promise, that when you hit your middle age, and rise to the top of your career, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to protect your health and well being.

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👉 Full Tutor Support
👉 8 Interactive Live Classes
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👉 3 CPD Accredited Course Free
August 27, 2021

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