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How To Write a CV on leaving School

A well-written CV is essential when you are searching for employment. But if you are looking for a job after finishing your education or while you are still studying, you may worry about not having much work experience to boast about. However, with the right research and wording, we can help talk you through it.

How to write a cracking school leaver CV


If you are looking for a job straight out of school then your qualifications and education will be the first things to mention on your CV. Include things from GCSE onwards and if you are awaiting grades, mention mock results where you can. Include any online courses or other qualifications you have which relate to the job role, as this will show relevant knowledge. Display your qualifications in reverse order with the most recent on the top, stating the number of certificates and grades.


As you may not have a lot of work experience, if any, it is a good idea to mention any hobbies and interests you have outside of your education. Try to avoid anything too general such as socialising with friends, but discuss things that get your personality across. Writing a blog, for example, is a good way of showing your passion for a subject, as well as your ability to commit to something.

Employment history

If you’ve ever had a job, even if it was brief, it is always a good idea to mention it. If you have never worked before mention any volunteering or charity roles, or simply leave this part out completely. If an employer is looking for a student or someone fresh out of education, they won’t be looking for a candidate with a lot of employment history.


Instead of stating what skills you have learnt from previous employment, give examples of what you have gained throughout your education and interests. Strong IT knowledge is often valued, as well as good communications and problem-solving.

Personal statement

Always include a personal statement that is specific to the role you are applying for. It will be very obvious to the employer if you have sent the same copy to a number of roles and will appear unprofessional, so spend the time tweaking your statement to fit the job requirements and description.

Despite a lack of previous work history, you can build a strong CV with a bit of time and effort and help to get yourself into the world of employment.

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September 10, 2020


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