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Master the advanced techniques of using the world’s most powerful photo editing and management software Adobe Lightroom and edit like a pro with the help of the Photo Magic – Edit Like a Pro Super Bundle course.

Adobe Lightroom helps you to make amazing photos, from anywhere. Using the application, you can import, organize, manage, and find your images. You can use any browser to access your photos uploaded from Lightroom CC on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and edit them in full-resolution. You can also use Lightroom CC with Photoshop CC.

The bundle course covers various editing styles and shows you how to make complex sky selections using the adjustment brush, or edit a landscape photo using a wide range of techniques. You will also learn to use PhotoShop to combine multiple light trails images into a stunning composite. The use of radial filters to brighten up areas, crop, strategies of using new Lightroom transformation tools, Clone tools to erase unwanted details, process a color image into black and white, etc. will be covered in the course.

Upon completion, you will be able to edit photos and make them professional by using Adobe Lightroom.

What Will I Learn?

  • Edit photos out of their camera and turn them into professional quality images!
  • Use PhotoShop to blend multiple light trails images into a stunning composite!
  • Maintain top quality whilst bringing the very best out of the shots out of your camera
  • Use the Clone tool to erase unwanted details
  • Adjust specific areas of your shots to bring out the details in shadow areas
  • Crop your shots to bring out the best compositions


  • How to take a sunset or night photo, and then ideally have it open in Lightroom or your own editing application to follow along as Joe shows you how to edit and apply the different techniques
  • How to load up your photos into Lightroom or any other editing application

Course Curriculum

Edit Like a Pro! - 1 - Navvy on the river Liffey, Dublin, Ireland
Opening Titles 00:01:00
Introduction to our image 00:03:00
Let's start with some global adjustments
Fix verticals using transform 00:02:00
Crop out distracting elements 00:01:00
Tonal range, black and white points 00:03:00
Decisions about clarity 00:01:00
Now we focus in and make localised adjustments to different parts of the image
Localised adjustments using the radial filter 00:03:00
Localised adjustments using the clone tool 00:06:00
Localised brightening using the adjustment brush 00:01:00
Localised adjustments – white balance 00:03:00
Finishing off...
Final edits – subject, background, corners 00:02:00
Thanks for watching! 00:01:00
Edit Like a Pro! - 2 - Beckett Bridge Sunset - Let's get started
Titles and promo 00:01:00
Edit Like a Pro promo 00:01:00
Introduction to our image 00:03:00
Initial Processing - Assessing the image
Reading the Histogram 00:03:00
Creating the HDR merge 00:05:00
Sorting your images in Grid view 00:02:00
Using Survey mode (N) to compare images 00:01:00
Keywording our new image 00:03:00
Main Edits
Editing – the Basic tab 00:06:00
Editing – the Transform tab 00:04:00
Editing – Sharpening 00:03:00
Edit – Radial filters 00:08:00
Editing – Adjustment brush 00:07:00
Thanks for Watching!
Editing – Final Tweaks 00:04:00
Thanks for watching 00:01:00
Edit Like a Pro! - 3 - Light Trails on O'Connell Street Bridge, Dublin, Ireland
Opening titles 00:01:00
Introduction to our image 00:03:00
Using Lightroom and Photoshop
Selecting the images to export into Photoshop 00:02:00
Combining our images in Photoshop 00:04:00
Finding the new composite file back in Lightroom 00:01:00
Editing our composite image back in Lightroom
Editing our merged image 00:02:00
Edit – fixing verticals with the transform tab 00:02:00
Edit – changing the crop 00:02:00
Edit – Basic panel adjustments 00:05:00
Edit – tone curve and sharpening 00:02:00
Finishing off...
Final touches 00:02:00
Thanks for watching 00:01:00
Edit Like a Pro! - 4 - Castletown Stately Home - Let's set our image up for editing...
Opening titles 00:01:00
Promo for Edit Like a Pro! – 4 – Castletown Stately Home 00:01:00
Introduction to our image 00:01:00
Keywording our image 00:02:00
Editing metadata pre-sets 00:02:00
The Basic Tab - initial editing
Setting the Crop 00:05:00
Adjusting tonal range using the Histogram 00:04:00
Highlights, Shadows, Whites & Blacks 00:03:00
Clarity, Vibrance & Saturation 00:02:00
Adjusting Contrast using the Tone Curve 00:02:00
The HSL tab
Adjusting Hue, Saturation and Luminance 00:04:00
Sharpening and Orientation
Sharpening & the Detail tab 00:04:00
Lens Corrections 00:02:00
Tweaking verticals with the Transform tab 00:04:00
Subtle finishing touches
Applying a vignette in the Effects tab 00:01:00
Using Camera Calibration for different “looks” 00:03:00
Bring out shadow detail with Radial Filters & Adjustment Brushes 00:06:00
Cloning out distracting elements 00:10:00
B&W using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 00:10:00
Thanks for watching! 00:01:00
Edit Like a Pro! - 5 - Houses of Parliament Evening - Introduction
Opening titles 00:01:00
Basic edits
Setting up the develop tab 00:02:00
Correcting perspective 00:04:00
Applying a panoramic crop 00:03:00
Complex selections in Lightroom
Selecting the sky 00:16:00
Adjusting the building 00:08:00
Cleaning the clock faces 00:04:00
Finishing off
The Basic tab 00:04:00
Seeing the before and after 00:01:00
Thanks for watching 00:01:00
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