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How to lose weight in 2022: 5 Easy Tips for lose weight – iStudy

How to lose weight? The question asked by almost all overweight people. How do I lose weight? Why do I keep gaining weight even though I’m following a weight loss program? Why do I gain weight so easily? Fear not, for all your questions will be answered. 

It is important for you to understand the risks of being overweight.

The Risks of Being Overweight

Excess weight may increase the risk for many health problems, including

  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease and strokes
  • certain types of cancer
  • sleep apnea
  • osteoarthritis
  • fatty liver disease
  • kidney disease
  • pregnancy problems, such as high blood sugar during pregnancy, high blood pressure, and increased risk for cesarean delivery (C-section)

These statistics are alarming. Not only is the rate of obesity increasing day by day, but the health issues that come with being overweight and obese are also becoming more and more common. 

The Importance of Being Fit

Importance of Being Fit

I don’t think I have to tell you about the importance of being fit. I mean you already know about the importance. And chances are you are overweight because if you were fit then you wouldn’t be reading this now would you?

But in the off chance that you don’t the importance and benefits of being fit, here is a very brief summary.

Being fit is awesome. Not only do you look cool, but it also increases your chances of living longer!!! Yeah, you heard me, apart from all the scientific research and stuff, it is very easy to understand why being fit will increase your chances of living longer. 

I mean just think, who do you think has a higher chance of getting a heart attack, the guy who’s resting heart rate is 40-50 and the guy whose resting heart rate is so high that you’d almost be forgiven for thinking it was a rev meter of a motorcycle.

If living longer is not appealing to you then here’s something else, being fit makes you more focused and energetic. I mean this is also obvious, how do you expect a guy to focus when he’s too busy sweating? How do you expect someone to be energetic when his entire body is struggling to just stay standing? 

The best, THE BEST benefit of being fit is clothes fit you. Yeah, that’s it, if nothing else is appealing to you if living longer is not a good enough reason if being more focused and energetic is good enough then here it is. 

The only thing that might make you reconsider, the thing that might make you want to start thinking about being fit. When you are fit, you’ll see that clothes start to fit you correctly. You no longer have to buy clothes that are XXL in size.

So now that you know the risks of being overweight and the benefits of being fit. You want to start becoming fit right? You want to lose weight right? RIGHT?

Ok then.

Here are a Few Weight Loss Tip

Control your tongue

The tongue is the root of all evil, more often than not it is because of what we eat that we become overweight. The best way to lose weight is to watch what you eat. It doesn’t matter what weight loss programs you follow, it will all be a waste if you don’t watch what and how much you eat. 

Stick to what your mom told you to eat while you were a child, yeah sounds confusing right? but it turns out moms do know what’s best, remember when your mom told you to eat green vegetables and plenty of fruits and you said NO, well now is the time to say YES please and can I have more

Because as it turns out, green vegetables and fruits are great for losing weight and they also keep you healthy. And the food that you used to love you know, your candy, your soft drinks, your chips, you know what I’m talking about, well it turns out these foods are the main culprit behind you being overweight. Fast foods are terrible for your health and they make you overweight

Get moving

If you sit around all day, eat junk food and rarely do physical exercise, then kudos, you have successfully mastered the art of gaining weight. Congratulations, you are that much closer to getting a heart attack.

But seriously though, stop eating junk food and start working out, It’s a fact: You have to burn more calories than you eat and drink to lose weight. Yes, working out is hard, but you should have known that before chugging in all those chips.

Now what’s done is done, working out is hard at first, but trust me, as you start to do it regularly you’ll get used to it, in fact, it almost becomes a habit, I say almost because…you know….it’s working out, WORK is in the name, it’s not fun.

But there are many types of workouts that will help you lose weight in an accelerated way. HIIT workouts are awesome for losing weight, and the good thing is they don’t take up much time.

Unwavering conviction

A funny thing happens, you measure your weight and see that you have lost let’s say 10 pounds, wow, awesome, 10 pounds in such a short time. You are proud. Who said losing weight is difficult? You showed them how it’s done. But……..two weeks later

What’s this!! No no no this must be a mistake, maybe the weight machine is broken, how could this be!! You gained weight!! What the hell?

Let me explain what happened, two weeks ago when you saw that you had lost weight you were happy, so much so that you celebrated with a drink, a pizza maybe, maybe chips and a soda perhaps, and maybe you thought to yourself missing one day of workout won’t hurt, but as it turns out it does hurt, oh it hurts bad

You have to understand this, etch this in your mind, losing weight and keeping it off is not easy. Weight loss is not a short process, it will take time. It will take dedication. It will take will-power. 

Doing this half-heartedly is the same as not doing it at all.

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Bonus Tips

Get plenty of sleep, sleep deprivation can cause you to gain weight. How? You ask, well, lack of sleep causes changes to your hormones that regulate hunger and appetite, so when you are sleep deprived you are more likely to eat more, which will lead to gaining weight.

So get plenty of sleep and try not to stress. You know I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but don’t get stressed out over every little thing. Stress is not a good thing. I mean gaining weight is bad but stressing is even worse, not only will it destroy you mentally, it will affect you physically also. So just chill out and try not to stress.

Now here’s something I know you can relate to. You know that friend you have the one who eats like a pig and never seems to get fat. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. Well here’s why that is. 

It is most likely because your friend has a higher metabolic rate which means your friend’s body burns calories faster. 

And the reason you gain weight just by looking at a pizza is because your metabolic rate is lower. That means it takes your body a lot longer to burn calories. So how do you increase your metabolism?

Here’s how-

Easy Tips for increasing metabolism

Workout– no matter where you go, this advice will follow you everywhere. Working out is good. You have to accept that. There’s no getting around it. Working out increases your metabolism which helps you burn calories faster.

Eat plenty of protein- eating protein can increase your metabolic rate for a few hours, this happens because your body has to work extra hard to digest, absorb and process the nutrients in your meal.

Drink cold water- I know soft drinks are awesome, but they contain a high amount of sugar which is not good for you. So drink water instead, water is very good for you, it helps regulate your body temperature and has many more benefits.

Look here’s the harsh truth, you only get one life. You don’t want to waste your whole life sweating and running out of breath. So taking precautions against gaining weight is the best thing you can do for your body. 

And if you are already overweight then start working on your weight as soon as possible. It is never too late to start working on yourself. And no matter what, don’t quit. As long as you don’t quit you will succeed. 

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January 26, 2022

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