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This Math course is carefully designed to explain various topics of Math, Algebra 1 & 2, pre-calculus of junior high or High school  Mathematics in such a way that a person with little or no previous knowledge of these Math topics can also understand well.

First seven sections of this course build strong foundation of Math Basics like Integers, Indices, Prime number, L.C.M, H.C.F, Rational numbers, Fractions & Decimals. Eighth section is for Plane Geometry.

Plane Geometry is one of the most important sections for any competitive exam. At least 3 to 5 questions appear in GMAT, GRE, CAT, Math Olympiad and other competitive exams from this topic. So if you desire to score a high percentile in quantitative aptitude, it is a must to have a good grasp over Geometry.

The course consists of 57 video lectures divided into 8 sections along with a variety of easy and difficult problems for each section. As the course progresses, basic facts, concepts, terms, principles and application are added to help the student understand the topics in the best way. In most of the lectures, theory is explained in an interactive and practical format and then further explained with questions to ensure a good grasp on the topic.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to Learn topic ‘Functions’ in detail( Vertical and Horizontal line test, Domain & Range algebraically and graphically both ways, one to one & many one functions, Composite function and their range, Inverse of function algebraically & graphically both)
  • Learn expanding binomial with any power using Binomial Theorem, Factorial,n choose r, finding the indicated term, coefficient for given exponent of the variable etc.
  • Learn Coordinate Geometry (Distance formula, mid point formula, Gradient, Graphing using gradient)
  • Arithmetic Progression (General term, Finding missing term, term from end, Sum to n terms etc) with lots of Practice problems
  • Geometric Progressions (General term ,Sum to n terms, Sum to infinite Terms etc) with lots of Practice problems
  • You will be able to master Math Basics like Integers, Indices, Prime number, L.C.M, H.C.F, Rational numbers, Fractions & Decimals.
  • Learn basics of Plane geometry


  • Elementary Knowledge of middle school Math

Course Curriculum

Should I be a Designer?
Promo 00:02:00
What do I need to become a Designer? 00:05:00
What is it like to be a Designer? 00:02:00
How much can I earn as a Designer? 00:03:00
Costs of being a Designer 00:05:00
Freelancing vs Full time job 00:04:00
Where should I work? 00:04:00
Lifelong learning 00:02:00
Chair 00:02:00
Desk 00:03:00
Bookshelf 00:01:00
Pinboard 00:01:00
Desktop 00:01:00
Computer and Screen 00:02:00
Storage and Backup 00:01:00
Wacom tablets and Pen displays 00:03:00
Camera 00:01:00
Mobile phones and Tablets 00:01:00
Photoshop 00:05:00
Illustrator 00:01:00
InDesign 00:02:00
Acrobat 00:01:00
Lightroom 00:01:00
Bridge 00:01:00
Essential Skills
Intro 00:01:00
Composition and Layout 00:02:00
Digital Image Theory 00:03:00
File Management 00:02:00
Layers 00:02:00
Colors 00:02:00
Selections 00:02:00
Masking 00:01:00
Pen tool 00:02:00
Adjustments 00:01:00
Image Editing and Filters 00:02:00
Brush Tool 00:01:00
Typography 00:02:00
Images in InDesign 00:01:00
Tracing Images 00:01:00
Camera RAW 00:03:00
Intro 00:01:00
Print Design 00:02:00
Web, Tablet and Mobile design 00:02:00
Photo Retouch 00:01:00
Digital Art 00:02:00
Getting Recognized
Intro 00:01:00
Getting Inspired 00:04:00
Keep track of your tasks 00:02:00
Crowd-sourcing and contests 00:03:00
Sharing your work 00:01:00
Screen-casting and Blogging 00:02:00
Portfolio 00:04:00
Internship 00:02:00
Certfication 00:02:00
Creative CV 00:02:00
Applying for jobs and attending Interviews 00:03:00
What’s next? 00:02:00

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