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If you want to learn vector graphics and want to create unique vector 2D game assets, this Vector Game Art Creation course is for you. This course will make you qualified to create characters, platforms, buttons, and simple animations for mobile games.

Inkspace is a free vector graphics program which is helpful in creating all the game art needed to create a 2D mobile game. Throughout this Vector Game Art Creation course, you’ll learn how to use this free design tool and create much more than just game art. This course will also give you the chance to use and experiment with 30+ unique elements in games. 

Take this game art course today and equip yourself with the essential skills to make tremendous graphics with this free program.

What you’ll learn

  • create characters, platforms, buttons and simple animations for your mobile game!
  • Create quality game graphics, that can sell on online marketplaces!
  • create 2d game graphics suitable for Yoyo games Game Maker, Gamesalad, unity 2d or any other program!
  • use the free design tool Inkscape and create much more than just game art


  • You will need Inkscape (download it for free!)

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for you, if you want to create your own game and keep a low budget.
  • This course will help you create all 2d game graphics you might need!
  • This course is not about 3d and won’t help you develop and build your game. But it will help you make some awesome graphics with a free program!

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Inkscape
Introduction FREE 00:02:00
The user interface 00:03:00
Drawing in Inkscape
Drawing your first object 00:07:00
Working with multiple objects 00:07:00
Colors in Inkscape 00:06:00
Path operations – creating simple shapes 00:09:00
Gradients and groups 00:11:00
Modify path – the best way refine your objects 00:09:00
Use what you learned draw a bomb in Inkscape 00:09:00
Export bitmap image 00:07:00
How and why to save to SVG 00:03:00
GUI elements - Creating buttons
First step – learn the text tool 00:06:00
Align and distribute 00:05:00
Button states 00:05:00
Buton variations 00:17:00
Creating Platforms
Design a basic platform 00:08:00
Tiling platforms 00:09:00
Platform mutations 00:08:00
Design and animate game characters
Draw and move a character or a top down shooter 00:09:00
Design a a game hero! 00:11:00
Character poses 00:11:00
Practice animation The blob! 00:14:00
Set up and understand a more complex walk cycle 00:14:00
Finish the walk cycle 00:09:00
Backgrounds for your game
Understanding backgrounds 00:05:00
Tiling backgrounds 00:14:00
Add foreground elements 00:20:00
Bacground variations 00:17:00
More tips and tricks
Modularity – be more creative and efficient 00:11:00
Bonus lecture 00:01:00
Additional Material
Resource Files: Vector Game Art Creation 00:00:00

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