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What Will I Learn?

  • Identify undervalued stocks
  • Make money in the stock market
  • Avoid losing money in the stock market
  • Build a defensive stock market portfolio
  • Build long term wealth through investing in the stock market


  • Simply come with an open mind and some paper to take notes


Value investing is a very popular stock strategy where investors seek out companies that they believe have the ability to create profits at an acceptable level during a sustained holding period. The Stock Market and Value Investing Course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of analysis, projection, valuation, and implementation. At first you will learn to analyze companies’ historical performance by calculating vital metrics like return on invested capital. Second, you will discover how to project future corporate performance using frameworks like Porter Five Forces analysis. Third, you will master how to value a stock. And finally, you will learn how to implement a value strategy by steering clear of short-term reporting, biases, and other hurdles.


1. How to identify undervalued companies

2. How to conservatively invest for superior long term results

3. How to avoid losses in the stock market

4. How to think about the stock market

5. How to guarantee that you become a millionaire in the stock market over time

Investing in the stock market with the value investing approach is simple and can be implemented by anyone regardless of education or wealth. It’s so simple that many investors avoid it because they don’t believe that it could possibly work as well as advertised, even though billionaires like Warren Buffet have been singing its praises for decades!

With a little discipline and patience, anyone who takes this course can become rich during the course of their working life through the application of stock market fundamentals and value investing.

These principles work. If you want to learn the simplest way to become wealthy in the stock market and avoid losing money in the process, this course is for you!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to build enough wealth to achieve financial independence

Course Curriculum

The Power of Value Investing FREE 00:08:00
Assessment – Introduction 00:05:00
The Principles of Margin of Safety and Competitive Advantage
The Super Important Margin of Safety Principle FREE 00:11:00
Invest in Companies With a Strong MOAT 00:14:00
The Many Benefits of Long Term Buy and Hold Investing 00:10:00
Assessment – The Principles of Margin of Safety and Competitive Advantage 00:05:00
What to Look For In a Strong Business
Invest in Companies That Are Easy to Understand 00:11:00
Invest in Companies With Strong Management 00:08:00
Understanding Whether or Not a Company Should Pay a Dividend 00:10:00
Assessment – What to Look For In a Strong Business 00:05:00
Conservative Valuation Technique
Finding Value in a Business 00:11:00
Be an Investor Not a Speculator 00:10:00
Invest Don’t Trade 00:10:00
Invest in Businesses That You Understand 00:12:00
Assessment – Conservative Valuation Technique 00:05:00
Safety of Principle and An Adequate Return
Invest for Safety and an Adequate Return 00:07:00
It Doesn’t Take As Much Savings as You Think To Become Rich 00:11:00
Value Investors Are Defensive 00:07:00
The Many Psychological Benefits of Value Investing 00:10:00
The Pitfalls of Comparing Your Performance to Others 00:09:00
Assessment – Safety of Principle and An Adequate Return 00:05:00
Don’t Try to Time the Market, Take Advantage of It 00:10:00
Assessment – Conclusion 00:05:00


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