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Course Description

Fantasy is an increasingly popular genre of fiction, and now is a great time to become a fantasy fiction writer! This [course_tite] is perfect whether you have an idea for a book or even if you don’t know where to start. In this course you will learn what separates fantasy fiction from other types of fiction.  You’ll also try out an in-depth world-building exercise, which will help you create a system of magic as well as the different species that will live the world you’re developing.  You will also learn about creating characters, and you’ll learn how to populate your world with unique, compelling, and interesting people.

Course Contents:

Lesson 1. Imagining Fantasy

Introduction. History. Definitions. Getting started as a new fantasy writer.

Lesson 2. World Building, Mapping and Visualization.

How to build enduring civilizations, create maps, large and small and how to keep building on your fantasy world.

Lesson 3. Characters, Races, and Societies

How to create characters. Heroes, antagonists, the usual Elves, wharves, dragons, knights, wizards, magi, etc., – but also other less conventional characters. How to structure societies using your own ‘rules’ and ‘laws’.

Lesson 4. Plotting, Questing and Traveling

The importance of having obstacles to overcome, personal and mythological. How to keep the reader fully involved with your quest and your own imaginary world.

Lesson 5. Point Of View, Artifacts and Magic

Who’s telling the story? And why? What relationship do the characters have to artifacts in your story? How believable is your magic? Also, the important difference between exposition and ‘info-dumping’.

Lesson 6. Resolutions and Sequels

Who is left in control and why? What measures have you taken to ensure that the story is resolved, and or fit for continuation? When is a fantasy story over?

Enroll now and you’ll be well set to invent your own fantasy world and get started on the journey that is creating your own fantasy novel. Receive as much personal feedback as you need, enjoy a heap of bonus items, and benefit from free membership to a private chat group attached to this class.

Bonus Items:

Recommended Fantasy Authors List.

Much more than a mere list – it’s 186 pages full of fact and commentary, edited and compiled over the last 12 years by renowned Fantasy expert, Amy Sheldon. This fascinating document has never before been produced in this format – and Amy has assured me she is delighted that you exclusively receive it on sign up to this course.

Mythological Beasts and Societal Systems

Need ideas for your fantasy? Take a tour through these amazing lists of creatures and society systems that have gone before you. Pick and choose, mix and match – create your own world within minutes.

See you in class!

Praise for Rob Parnell:

“Rob, I just want to say you’ve completely turned my writing around. What you do is amazing.” Sarah Benton, Maine.

“…I used to have problems with writer’s block until I came across your work… that’s now a thing of the past…” Tom EverReady, Ohio

“There’s little about fiction writing that Rob Parnell doesn’t know. As a teacher, he’s thorough, articulate, some might say even obsessive about writing. But, best of all, he’s a great bloke.” Lee Master son, Fiction Factor.

“Simply put, he’s a genius.” Robyn Pie, author of 80 published books.

Course Curriculum

The Fantasy Course Lessons
Introduction to Writing Fantasy FREE 00:05:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson One – Imagining Fantasy FREE 01:00:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Two – World Building, Maps and Visualization 01:00:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Three – Characters, Races and Societies 01:00:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Four – Plotting, Questing and Traveling 01:00:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Five – Point of View, Artifacts and Magic 01:00:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Six – Resolutions and Sequels 01:00:00
Bonus Items
Amusing Article About Fantasy Writing (because it’s true!) 01:00:00
Fantasy: Recommended Author & Book List 02:00:00
Fantasy Societies Listing 00:00:00
Mythological Creature Listing 02:00:00


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