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Whether you’re an indie game developer who wants to create your own game assets, or you are just starting out as a designer and want to get your foot in the door in 2D game art design, this Modular Game Art Creation course is going to benefit you. With this course, you will master in modular design and learn how to create 2D game tilesets and game assets effectively. 

This Modular Game Art Creation course aims to teach you the techniques of creating fast, cheap and effective modular game assets in Inkspace. In a nutshell, after successful completion of the course, you’ll get a better understanding of modular game art design and learn how to create real and effective modular designs for video games.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to create your own 2D game tiles
  • You will understand and able to create real and effective modular design for video games
  • You will work much faster with Inkscape


  • You will need to have a basic Inkscape knowledge

Who this course is for:

  • Indie game developers who want to create their own game assets
  • Beginner designers, who want to get into 2D game art design

Course Curriculum

What is modular design
First question: What is REAL modular design? FREE 00:02:00
Is modular design for you? When to use it? 00:03:00
The steps of creating modular design elements for video games 00:03:00
Creating simple spaceships with modular design
Planning and designing the spaceship moduls 00:16:00
Create more moduls and guns for the spaceships 00:15:00
Finishing the spaceships and assemble some variations 00:05:00
Design modular character game art in Inkscape
Start to create a set of modular cartoon faces! 00:11:00
Create the mouth and eyebrow moduls 00:10:00
Finish the cartoon head game assets by adding some hairstyles 00:18:00
Create a (a modular) army of goblins!
Create the blueprint and the first goblin head 00:11:00
Design 2 more goblin heads 00:12:00
Add three bodies to the heads 00:12:00
Creating goblin arms and goblin legs 00:10:00
Create a set of fantasy weapons for our goblin minions! 00:15:00
Design a tileset for a 2D topdown game with Inkscape
Creating the blueprints and the first tiles! 00:15:00
Building more grass tiles and understand the design method more! 00:17:00
Draw the final grass tiles and assembling them 00:10:00
Designing the blueprint and first assets for the water tiles 00:10:00
Creating the final water tiles and assembling them 00:14:00
Planning and creating the road tiles 00:16:00
Finalize the road tiles 00:08:00
Creating individual tiles and assemble a game world map from our tile system! 00:12:00

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