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Enhance your learning skill and get maximum results by following the techniques presented in the Learning to Learn.

Do you know Einstein was unable to speak until nine and his teachers thought he might be retarded or mentally handicapped? What happens next is known to everyone. So, do not think that you cannot able to improve your learning skill. The course guides you to develop your learning skills.

A smooth learning starts with an understanding of the topic. The course guides you to strengthen your learning skill by developing abilities to understand the concept. You will understand how learning works, and how it can be blocked. The course shows you the procedures that you may follow to make most of your learning opportunities. The various approaches to learning, obstacles in learning and how to avoid it will be explained in the course.

By the end of the course, you will be able to broaden and deepen your understanding and realization that will foster your learning abilities.

What Will I Learn?

  • By the end of this course you should be in a position to maximize your learning
  • In this course you will develop a better understanding of how learning works, how it can be blocked and how you can make the most of the learning opportunities you will encounter in future


  • There are no specific requirements for this course. All you need is an interest in, and a commitment to, getting the most out of the learning opportunities that come your way.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in improving their ability to learn can benefit from this course. So, whatever your occupation or background, whether you are interested for personal or professional reasons, this course will have much to offer you.

Course Curriculum

Learning to Learn FREE 00:01:00
Introductory video 00:03:00
Lesson 1: Why is learning to learn so important?
Lesson1a: Can we improve our learning? 00:14:00
Lesson1b: Active learning 00:07:00
Lesson1c: Professional expectations 00:11:00
Lesson 2: How does learning happen?
Lesson2a: Learning processes 00:08:00
Lesson2b: Skill development 00:11:00
Lesson2c: Theory and practice 00:10:00
Lesson 3: Where does learning come from?
Lesson3a: Reflective practice 00:13:00
Lesson3b: Other sources of learning 00:08:00
Lesson3c: Communities of learning 00:17:00
Lesson 4: What approaches to learning are there?
Lesson4a: Learning styles and beyond 00:12:00
Lesson4b: Dimensions of learning 00:13:00
Lesson4c: Self-directed learning 00:16:00
Lesson 5: What can get in the way of learning?
Lesson5a: Twenty obstacles to learning – Part one 00:10:00
Lesson5b: Obstacles to learning – Part two 00:15:00
Lesson5c: The importance of support 00:12:00
Lesson 6: How can we make learning happen?
Lesson6a: Openness to learning 00:04:00
Lesson6b: Capitalizing on opportunities 00:07:00
Lesson6c: Obstacles to learning – Part three 00:08:00
End Matter
Concluding video 00:02:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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