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Be an expert in Adobe Illustrator and give figures to your imagination with the Illustrator CC 2018 MasterClass course.

Adobe Illustrator CC is the industry-standard vector graphics software. It is used worldwide by designers of all types who want to create digital graphics, illustrations, and typography for all kinds of media: print, web, interactive, video, and mobile. In this course, you will learn how to use the software for creating digital graphics and other illustrations.

The course familiarizes you with the necessary tools and techniques for drawing. You will know about colours, and master the strategies of controlling the colours for the different panel. The different illustrator brushes and how to create your own brush, the methods of vectorizing an image, the concepts of Glyphs, Stylistic Sets, Variable fonts, etc. will be discussed in the course.

Upon completion, you will be able to create different graphic styles, logos, characters, infographics, and more.

What Will I Learn?

  • Master the Different drawing & illustrations tools & techniques
  • Learn about creating different graphic styles & Art directions in illustrator
  • Learn about colors & how to control them from different illustrator panels
  • Learn to speed up your workflow & speed up Illustrator performance as well
  • Master different illustrator Brushes & create your own brushes
  • Master Typography after learning it’s anatomy & theories
  • Know the details of Glyphs, Stylistic Sets, Variable fonts
  • Know the Latest design trends & Art directions through this creative illustrator journey
  • Design with images & learn how to vectorize & enhance them
  • Learn the sneaky & tricky settings & options of illustrator to use it like a third hand
  • Learn How to export different formats and prepare your Artwork for printing or screen use
  • Designing Confidently with illustrator after Practicing on downloadable illustrator exercises & videos
  • you will be able to use the drawing knowledge to draw logos, characters, infographics..etc


  • Adobe illustrator ( recent version is preferable )
  • No Previous experience needed

Who is the target audience?

  • Want to Master Adobe illustrator from scratch in Artistic & Creative way
  • Have already some illustrator knowledge & want to Advance your experience
  • interested in Design or Art
  • Want to do your own business designs
  • Interested in creating illustrations & vector arts to express creativity

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Course
1 Illustrator Course Outline FREE 00:02:00
2 The Power of Adobe illustrator 00:01:00
3 Achieve the best learning experience 00:02:00
Illustrator Fundamentals & Basics
4 Illustrator Documents 00:04:00
Ilustrator workspaces & Properties Panel 00:13:00
6 Artboards 00:13:00
7 Illustrator Navigation & zooming 00:09:00
8 Illustrator Prefrences & Settings 00:12:00
9 Illustrator Basic geometric shapes 00:16:00
10 Illustrator Transformation & Rotation (resized) 00:12:00
11 Illustrator Pathfinder & shape builder tool 00:11:00
12 Illustrator Selection tools & methods 00:09:00
13 grouping elements in illustrator 00:06:00
14 illustrator Layers & Arranging elements 00:08:00
15 Illustrator Align & distribute panel 00:04:00
16 Illustrator Gudies, Grids & Rulers 00:11:00
17 Excercise (layers, selection, pathfinder, guides, coloring, Artboards) 00:17:00
Colors, Appearance & Graphic Styles in Illustrator
18 Illsutrator Stroke Panel 00:09:00
19 Illsutrator color panels ( color, swatches, themes, guide) 00:19:00
20 Illustrator Gradiant colors panel 00:13:00
21 Illustrator Appearane & Graphic style panels 00:09:00
22 Illustrator effects 00:14:00
23 Excercise (Appearance, Graphic Style, Gradients, strokes) 00:09:00
Drawing Tools & Techniques
24 Illustrator pencil tool 00:07:00
25 Illustrator Brush tool 00:03:00
26 Drawing modes & blob brush tool 00:17:00
27 Illustrator Pen Tools 00:14:00
28 Illustrator curvature tool 00:05:00
29 Pen Tools & curvature tool exercise 00:18:00
30 Illustrator drawing modifying tools 00:14:00
31 illustrator Transform & Liquify tools 00:10:00
32 illustrator puppet warp tool 00:04:00
33 illustrator envlope distort 00:07:00
34 Drawing Symmetric Shapes 00:09:00
35 Drawing Concentric Symmetrical design 00:11:00
36 Illustrator Clipping Masks 00:11:00
37 Illustrator Opacity Masks 00:08:00
38 illustrator live paint bucket tool 00:09:00
39 Recolor Artwork 00:09:00
40 Exercise Complex Drawing 00:09:00
41 Illustrator Complex Drawing techniques explained 00:15:00
Illustrator Brushes
42 Illustrator Art Brushes 00:14:00
43Illustrator Scatter Brush 00:10:00
44 illustrator Bristle Brush 00:07:00
45 Illustrator Calligraphic brush 00:10:00
46 Illustrator Pattern brush 00:08:00
47 Illustrator Images brushes 00:09:00
48 Exercise (Brushes) 00:03:00
Design With images in illustrator
49 handling images in illustrator 00:16:00
50 images modifications before tracing 00:07:00
51 Tracing images in illustrator 00:13:00
52 Enhancing traced Vectors & coloring hints 00:07:00
53 Exercise (Images) 00:03:00
Typography in Illustrator
54 Illustrator Typography Anatomy & Character control 00:15:00
55 illustrator Paragraphes control 00:12:00
56 Illustrator Chracter & paragraph styles panels 00:11:00
57 Illustrator Fonts (Filtering, Variable, glyphs, stylistic sets, open type panel, svg) – Copy 00:16:00
58 illustrator Touch type tool 00:02:00
59 Illustrator type on a path tools 00:07:00
60 Clipping Typography Masks 00:04:00
61 Illustrator Typography Art directions & trending visual effects 00:15:00
62 illustrator type envlope distort 00:04:00
63 illustrator text wrap- 00:02:00
64 Exercise (Typography Composition) 00:03:00
Illustrator Advanced Techniques & Tricks
65 Illustrator blend tool 00:10:00
66 illustrator perspective drawing 00:12:00
67 Illustrator Symbols- 00:12:00
68 Creating Patterns in Illustrator 00:09:00
69 illustrator Graphs 00:15:00
70 illustrator gradiant mesh 00:08:00
Exporting & Finalizing Artwork in illustrator
71 exporting illustrator files & save for web 00:07:00
72 Preparing & exporting illustrator file for printing 00:07:00
73 Illustrator Asset Export panel 00:02:00
74 Creative cloud & libraries 00:07:00
75 Illustrator export for screens, save for web & Archiving files 00:09:00
Course Certification


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