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Do you want to Master essential study & learning strategies for ultimate exam success? Join this Essential Study Skills: Strategies for Ultimate Success to get an expert on it!

Through the course you will learn how and why you learn, multiple study skills methods, how to read, take notes and study from books, prioritisation, visual and auditory methods, ensuring you don’t miss anything out, how to preempt exam questions as well as a general study approach and a list of apps and web-based systems. This will all combine to produce a system which enables you to learn & recall faster and smarter. You will learn choose the right study technique for you, appreciate the types of study you may undertake. You will be able to identify what reading style best matches your type of study and more.

The course offers you a complete learning and study system that can be adapted to you & your topic.

What you’ll learn

  • choose the right study technique for you
  • appreciate the types study you may undertake
  • understand that there are three main ways that you learn
  • identify what reading style best matches your type of study
  • practice and appreciate the different types of condensing and summarising methods
  • understand how cue cards work
  • acquire note-taking skills that will aid studying
  • know how to study from books in an effective and efficient way
  • understand how to prioritise your studying
  • Know how to preempt what questions you may be asked
  • appreciate how visual methods can aid information assimilation
  • understand the benefit of auditory methods and techniques
  • understand methods to ensuring you don’t miss anything out when practicing / answering questions
  • learn the ASPIRE strategy
  • undertake a critical reflective learning exercise


  • you may wish to take notes as you along
  • please complete the baseline/pre course questions. This will be re-visited at the end of the course as part of your critical reflective learning

Course Curriculum

Essential Study Skills
Introductory video FREE 00:04:00
Types of study
Why do you study? 00:05:00
How do you learn?
How do you learn? 00:04:00
Acrostics, Acronyms, Analogies and Mnemonics
Acrostics 00:03:00
Acronyms 00:02:00
Analogies 00:01:00
Mnemonics 00:04:00
Reading video – styles & methods 00:06:00
Condensing and Summarising
Keywords 00:03:00
Tree structures/diagrams 00:01:00
Spider diagrams 00:02:00
Mind maps 00:01:00
Concept maps 00:02:00
Cue Methods
Flash cards 00:02:00
Note taking
Skeleton prose 00:04:00
The Cornell Note Taking System 00:03:00
Studying from books
PQRST & SQ3R methods 00:07:00
The traffic light approach 00:03:00
Visual methods
Method of Loci 00:06:00
The peg or hook system 00:01:00
Auditory approaches 00:02:00
Don't miss anything out!
BRG 00:01:00
PEE 00:02:00
A general strategy
The ASPIRE approach 00:03:00
Summary video 1 00:10:00
Summary video 2 00:08:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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