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Start your freelancing career by becoming a skilled web designer and developer with the  Diploma in Freelancing for Designers and Developers course.

Freelancing has to become a buzzword in today’s world. However, many faces some common problems and mistakes while taking freelancing as their career. The course explains the common errors in freelancing and guides you how to start your freelancing career and how to establish a solid foundation in the field.

You will learn the techniques of writing a compelling CV for the job posts and the secret techniques for creating an excellent freelancing profile that will guarantee jobs. The course also covers the procedures for setting hourly rates, how to attend the competition, checking freelancing system, browse categories, freelancing job sites, the productivity app for freelancers, and more.

By studying the course, you will be confident enough to draw your first line in freelancing.

What Will I Learn?

  • Avoid all Freelancing Career mistakes
  • Get out the Freelance competition
  • Learn how to create great Freelance Profile that guarantees jobs
  • Charge more to your Freelance clients
  • Learn how to win your Client’s trust
  • How to cheat the Freelance system if you are stuck?
  • How to set high hourly rates in Freelance Profile?
  • Learn about 8+ Categories of Freelance Job Websites
  • Learn about 65+ Freelance Job Websites to search jobs
  • Use 20+ Modern Productivity Apps for Freelancers


  • Prepare to get ahead of others Freelancers
  • Just get Pen and Paper to write valuable tips on Freelancing

Course Curriculum

Module: 01
Level Of Skills Updated 00:10:00
Communication Skills 00:08:00
Speed Of Response FREE 00:09:00
Presenting Your Work 00:06:00
Professional Behavior 00:06:00
Proper-deliverables FREE 00:10:00
Awards and certifications 00:05:00
Breadth Of Skills Skillsets FREE 00:11:00
Why Specialist 00:03:00
Module: 02
Freelance Accepting Projects 00:08:00
Pricing Yourself 00:06:00
Time Manage for Freelancers 00:08:00
Freelance Portfolio 00:09:00
Work Life Balance 00:08:00
No Job Season 00:05:00
Module: 03
Writing Job Application 00:05:00
Job Selection 00:08:00
Job Application Automation 00:05:00
Choosing Right Client 00:10:00
Building Trust With Clients 00:05:00
Pricing Strategies 00:10:00
Winning Proposals 00:10:00
Freelancer Profile 00:11:00
Win-clients-with perfect cover letter 00:06:00
How To Communicate better with clients-new 00:02:00
Module: 04
Categories Of Freelance Websites 00:07:00
Most Popular Freelance Websites 00:08:00
Gigs Websites 00:03:00
Competition Websites 00:03:00
Craiglist 00:03:00
Job Boards 00:03:00
Startup Jobs 00:05:00
Small Task Websites 00:03:00
Cheating The Freelance System 00:06:00
Module: 05
Invoicing Apps 00:12:00
Time Tracking Mac Only Improved 00:07:00
Collaboration Apps 00:15:00
Video Conferencing Tools 00:04:00
Productivity Apps 00:07:00
Time Tracking Apps 00:17:00
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This course is for anyone who's interested in this topic and wants to learn more about it. This course will also help you gain potential professional skills.

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Yes, there is a test at the end of the course. Once you’ve completed all the modules of the course, you will have to give a multiple-choice test. The questions will be based on the topics of the modules you studied. And of course, you can take the test at any time, from any device and from anywhere you want.

Don’t worry if you fail the test, you can retake it as many times as you want.

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