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Be an excellent online teacher, learn to develop the appealing course and master the strategies for making the course a best-seller with the Creating Online Class and Making it Best-Seller course.

The course can be split into two sections: At first, you will master the techniques for creating a course using various platform and software. Then you will learn how to edit your videos using software like Camtasia.

Secondly, the course introduces you to the Sales funnel where you will learn how to sell your course and make it a best-seller. You will learn how to upload courses on Udemy, publish courses on Skillshare, Skill success, and other sales channel. The course also shows you the procedures for signing up Amazon Video Direct for publishing your content.

Several marketing strategies such as YouTube marketing, and using the blog for marketing will also be discussed in the course. Apart from these, the course trains you to write engaging content and teaches you how to make your student more engage. Shortly, the course covers everything you need to know for starting your online class.

What Will I Learn?

  • Start teaching online and build a business.
  • Discover sales channels to sell your courses.
  • Use YouTube marketing effectively.
  • Build a blog to market courses.
  • Become an authority in your niche.


  • No previous knowledge or experience required.
  • A desire to implement an effective marketing plan.
  • A desire to increase leads, conversions, and sales results.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who works online, company or individual.
  • Entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners.
  • Sales representatives, independent advisers, and consultants.
  • Infopreneurs, authors, and instructors.

Course Curriculum

Section 01 - Build a Business Teaching Online
Let’s Start Teaching Online FREE 00:10:00
Hardware and Software to Create Courses 00:03:00
Validating Course Subjects 00:04:00
Editing Videos 00:06:00
Section 02 - Discovering Sales Channels
Creating Udemy Courses 00:10:00
Following Udemy Policies 00:20:00
Upload Course to Udemy 00:15:00
Publishing on Skillshare 00:13:00
Publishing to Skillsuccess 00:02:00
How to Signup for Amazon Video Direct to Publish Content 00:12:00
Additional Sales Channels 00:07:00
Section 03 - Student Engagement
Customer Engagement 00:05:00
KPI’s and Goals 00:05:00
Engaging Content 00:05:00
Customer Channels 00:02:00
Customer Needs 00:02:00
Brand Marketing 00:05:00
Customer Success 00:06:00
Customer Value 00:09:00
Section 04 - Copywriting
Copywriting Intro 00:03:00
Headlines 00:06:00
Copywriting Basics 00:11:00
Offer 00:06:00
Closing 00:06:00
Basic Writing Skills 00:10:00
Sell the Sizzle 00:05:00
Writing Sales Copy 00:07:00
Conclusion 00:09:00
Section 05 - Coaching
Introduction to Coaching Authority 00:04:00
Coaching Added Benefit 00:05:00
One-on-One Coaching 00:07:00
Group Coaching 00:07:00
Facebook Group Coaching 00:04:00
Email Coaching 00:04:00
Coaching Clients to Higher Income 00:04:00
Life Coaching 00:05:00
Promoting Coaching Services 00:04:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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