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Want to master basic algebra? Engineering, physics, pharmaceuticals and many other industries require excellent numerical skills, so it’s important to know your algebra if you want to work in these fields. This Build Your Algebra Fundamentals (New version) Course will help you gain fundamental practical skills and help you reach a higher level of learning, whether you’re a student or professional.

This essential algebra course will train you to develop your critical thinking skills, so you can become a master at problem-solving and logical reasoning. Even if you have little or no knowledge of the subject, in just a few hours, you’ll be able to tackle more advanced algebra equations and simplify equations with ease. You’ll explore all levels of algebra, including common algebraic terminology, and will get the chance to tackle beginner and advanced problems.

On course completion, you’ll have the confidence to solve simple and more complex algebraic equations, with the ability to apply your newfound skills in the workplace.

Highlights of this Build Your Algebra Fundamentals (New version) Course

  • Familiarise with basic algebraic expressions and concepts
  • Learn how to multiply and divide algebraic expressions
  • Understand how to expand and simplify brackets
  • Solve linear equations and inequalities with ease
  • Expand your knowledge of algebraic identities
  • Get an overview of polynomials in abstract algebra 
  • Familiarise with the coordinate plane and the axis of symmetry

What you’ll learn

  • Higher Indices – Laws of Indices (Exponent)
  • Formula – Change the subject of formula
  • Rational Expressions – Simplification of Algebraic Fractions to its lowest form
  • BODMAS – Adding and removing brackets in algebraic expressions
  • Graphs – Coordinate Axis, Points and Line Graph
  • Linear equations in one variable and word problems
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Simultaneous linear equations- Graphical method, Substitution method, Equating coefficient & cross multiplication method
  • Graphical method of solving simultaneous linear equations
  • Word problems with the help of simultaneous linear equations
  • Quadratic equations using Factorization method and Quadratic Formula
  • Quadratic equations using squaring complete method
  • Equations reducible to quadratic equations
  • Word problems of Quadratic equations
  • Quadratic polynomials
  • Knowledge of nature of roots of quadratic equations
  • Zeros of polynomials α, β & γ
  • Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Expressions
  • Remainder Theorem & Factor Theorem
  • Directed Numbers (Integers)
  • Finding Numerical Value of Algebraic Expressions
  • Factorization Techniques like common factors, regrouping , splitting the middle term and using identities
  • Algebraic Identities like ( a – b ) ² , ( a + b ) ³ , a ³ – b ³ , ( a + b + c ) ² etc


  • Knowledge of Mathematics till 5th grade

Course Curriculum

Lecture 1 Introduction FREE 00:03:00
Fundamental concepts on Algebraic Expressions
Lecture 2 What is Algebra FREE 00:02:00
Lecture 3 Simple Equations 00:05:00
Lecture 4 What are Polynomials 00:04:00
Lecture 5 Terms in Polynomials 00:03:00
Lecture 6 Degree of Polynomials 00:05:00
Lecture 7 Writing statements to algebraic form 00:04:00
Operations on Algebraic Expressions
Lecture 8 Integers and common mistakes in solving integers 00:13:00
Lecture 9 Arrangement of Terms 00:07:00
Lecture 10 Powers on integers 00:04:00
Lecture11 Simplification using BODMAS 00:08:00
Lecture 12 Distributive Properties in Polynomials 00:04:00
Lecture 13 Simplify Polynomials 00:10:00
Lecture 14 Additions of Polynomials 00:06:00
Lecture 15 Subtractions of Polynomials 00:10:00
Indices ( Exponents)
Lecture 16 The rules of Indices in algebra 00:11:00
Lecture 17 Fractional indices 00:10:00
Lecture 18 Understanding indices (practice questions) 00:07:00
Lecture 19 Problems from IGCSE Last year papers 00:09:00
Multiplication and Division of Algebraic expressions
Lecture 20 Multiplication of monomial to Polynomial 00:09:00
Lecture 21 Multiplication of Polynomial by Polynomial 00:06:00
Lecture 22 Division of algebraic expression by a monomial 00:08:00
Lecture 23 Division of algebraic expression by another polynomial 00:09:00
Lecture 24 Division of a polynomial by another polynomial with remainder 00:11:00
Brackets in Algebra
Lecture 25 Rules of brackets 00:04:00
Lecture 26 Simplification by removing brackets 00:11:00
Linear equations in one variable
Lecture 27 Simplification of algebraic fractions 00:07:00
Lecture 28 Rules to solve linear equations in one variable 00:03:00
Lecture 29 Solving linear equations in one variable 00:07:00
Lecture 30 Solving complex linear equations in one variable 00:10:00
Lecture 31 Word problems on linear equations in one variable 00:13:00
Algebraic Identities
Lecture 32 What are Identities? 00:05:00
Lecture 33 Identity ( a + b ) ² 00:13:00
Lecture 34 Identity ( a – b ) ² new 00:07:00
Lecture 35 Identity a² – b² = (a-b) (a +b ) new 00:07:00
Lecture 36 —- Standard Identities ( a + b + c ) ² = a ² + b ² + c ² + 2 a b + 2 a c +2 b c old 00:07:00
Lecture 37 Identity (x + a) (x + b) Identity Derivation & Application new 00:08:00
Lecture 38 Pascal’s Triangle _ Identity ( a + b ) ³ new 00:07:00
Lecture 39 Identities( a – b ) ³, ( a ³ + b ³) and (a ³ – b ³) new 00:13:00
Lecture 40 — Standard Identities a ³ + b ³ + c ³ – 3 a b c 00:10:00
Formula : Change of subject of formula
Lecture 41 –Changing the subject of formula 00:08:00
Linear Inequalities
Lecture 42 – Linear Inequalities 00:12:00
Resolve into factors
Lecture 43 – Factorization by taking out common factor 00:10:00
Lecture 44 – Factorization by grouping the terms 00:09:00
Lecture 45 – factorize using identity a ² – b ² 00:07:00
Lecture 46 – factorize using identity (a + b )² and (a – b )² (2) 00:08:00
Lecture 47 – factorize using identity ( a + b + c ) ² 00:05:00
Lecture 48 – factorization by middle term split 00:12:00
Algebraic Fractions
Lecture 49 –Simplification of algebraic fractions 00:06:00
Coordinate axis – points and Line graph
Lecture 50 All that you need to know about co ordinate axis 00:04:00
Lecture 51 Some important facts needed to draw line graph 00:03:00
Lecture 52 – How to draw a line graph on coordinate plane 00:03:00
Lecture 53 Drawing line graphs 00:06:00
System of simultaneous linear equations in two variables
Lecture 54 Simultaneous Linear Equations in two variables- intro 00:03:00
Lecture 55 Graphical method of solving linear equations 00:06:00
Lecture 56 Graphical method – more problems 00:10:00
Lecture 57 Method of Elimination by substitution 00:09:00
Lecture 58 Method of Elimination by Equating coefficients 00:11:00
Lecture 59 Method of Elimination by cross multiplication 00:07:00
Lecture 60 Equations reducible to simultaneous linear equations 00:12:00
Lecture 61 Word Problems on Linear equations 00:18:00
Lecture 62 Polynomials and Zeros of polynomials 00:10:00
Lecture 63 Remainder Theorem 00:04:00
Lecture 64 Factor Theorem 00:08:00
Lecture 65 Practice problems on Remainder and Factor Theorem 00:09:00
Lecture 66 Factorization using factor Theorem 00:10:00
Quadratic Polynomials
Lecture 67 Zeros of polynomials α, β & γ 00:10:00
Lecture 68 Relation between zeros and coefficients of a polynomials 00:13:00
Lecture 69 Finding polynomials if zeros are known 00:06:00
Lecture 70 Practice problems on zeros of polynomials 00:10:00
Lecture 71Problems solving with α and β (part 1) 00:11:00
Lecture 72 Problems solving with α and β (part 2) 00:10:00
Quadratic Equations
Lecture73 what are Quadratic equations 00:03:00
Lecture 74 Solutions by factorization method 00:12:00
Lecture 75 Solutions by completing square formula 00:06:00
Lecture 76 Deriving Quadratic formula 00:05:00
Lecture 77 Practice problems by Quadratic formula 00:07:00
Lecture 78 Solving complex quadratic equations by Quadratic Formula 00:11:00
Lecture 79 Solutions of reducible to Quadratic Formula 00:09:00
Lecture 80 Skilled problems on Quadratic Equations 00:07:00
Lecture 81 Exponential problems reducible to Quadratic Equations 00:06:00
Lecture 82 Nature of Roots of Quadratic Equations 00:09:00
Lecture 83 Word problems on quadratic Equations Part 1 00:13:00
Lecture 84 Word problems on quadratic Equations Part 2 00:11:00


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