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Aromatherapy is a gentle, safe and profoundly effective treatment that combines the healing qualities of aromatherapy essential oils with a massage. It triggers energetic changes in the individual that will bring the person back to a state of emotional balance.

This Aromatherapy For Massage Therapists Certificate Course course is for massage or reflexology therapists that would love to be able to help their clients on a much more profound level. 

By incorporating the healing benefits of essential oils in their massages treatments and then selling their own massage balms and other aromatherapy oils and blends so that their massage clients will see better results faster. This will not only make for much happier healthier massage clients but will also increase the massage therapists income and business

Course Highlights

When you complete this aromatherapy essential oils course you will know:

  • How to apply the correct aromatherapy essential oils for your massage clients for muscle and joint pain and emotional problems.
  • How to make a muscle easing pain balm and chest rub for coughs and colds to sell to your massage and reflexology clients
  • How to make personal inhaler blends for allergies, nausea, concentration and relaxation that you can recommend to help them
  • You will learn dozens of aromatherapy blends for every circumstance and be able to sell them for them to use at home or work
  • Essential oil diffuser blends that you can recommend that you made for them with your essential oils.
  • Your message and reflexology clients will be able to buy your rollerball blends to use between treatments so they get better quicker.
  • Learn aromatherapy safety and dilution rates
  • Know how to use aromatherapy essential oils for muscle and joints pains, overuse injuries, make a bruise oil that you can sell and a first aid sprain and strain oil.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use aromatherapy essential oils on your massage or reflexology clients to have them feeling better more quickly by implementing aromatherapy essential oils not only in the massage or reflexology session but by also recommending your own aromatherapy blends and products so that your massage clients will be able to treat themselves between massage sessions at home or at work.
  • How to make beautiful therapeutic aromatherapy essential oil blends to sell your massage such as aromatherapy personal inhalers, roller bottles, amazing diffuser blends that your massage clients can then take home and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of these incredible essential oils
  • You will learn the therapeutic characteristics of many common aromatherapy essential oils so that you can apply them in your massage sessions with confidence.
  • You will start seeing dramatically better results with your massage clients as they now will benefit from your aromatherapy recommendation that will help them both physically or emotionally when they are outside of your massage room.

This is not your normal aromatherapy massage course where you will learn a few essential oils and learn how to just give your massage clients a nice relaxation aromatherapy massage and then that is it.

Learn how you can make enormous changes not only to the lives of your massages clients by using aromatherapy essential oils but it will also transform your business in getting better results and increasing your income at the same time.

You are going to learn how to use the best aromatherapy essential oil blends on your massage clients and then, recommend your aromatherapy products for them to use outside of your massage room that they can use between your massage sessions. 

These types of services are very well sought after by customers of all levels looking to relief from work stress and pain. So being a massage therapist with aromatherapy skills can enhance your potential to earn.  

Who is this Course for?

This aromatherapy essential oils course is for massage or reflexology therapists that would love to be able to help their clients on a much more profound level by incorporating the healing benefits of essential oils in their massages treatments and then selling their own massage balms and other aromatherapy oils and blends so that their massage clients will see better results faster which will not only make for much happier healthier massage clients but will also increase the massage therapists income and business. 


  • You will need a diffuser blend and a few recommended essential oils to practice the methods in this course.
  • No formal qualification is required for this course. 
  • This course is fully compatible with any kind of device. Whether you are using a Windows computer, Mac, smartphone or tablet, you will get the same experience while learning. Besides that, you will be able to access the course with any kind of internet connection from anywhere at any time, without any kind of limitation.

Career Path

You will be ready to enter the relevant job market after completing this course and will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills required to succeed in this sector. All of our courses are CPD and IAO accredited, so you will be able to stand out in the crowd by adding our qualifications to your CV and Resume.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course! It is so great to have you here! FREE 00:02:00
Download your ‘goodies’ from the resources! 00:01:00
Learning the basics of essential oils
If you don’t know about essential oils then this section is important 00:01:00
Knowing the grade of your essential oils-are they therapeutic or not? 00:04:00
Why Do Certain Plants Have Essential Oils? 00:02:00
A 2 minute history lesson on essential oils and aromatherapy. 00:02:00
When is an essential oil not an essential oil? 00:04:00
Why essential oils have such huge variations in cost. 00:03:00
Buying your essential oils 00:05:00
Storing your essential oils and their shelf life 00:04:00
This is important when buying citrus essential oils 00:01:00
This is REALLY important when you have citrus essential oils. 00:01:00
So how do they adulterate essential oils? 00:06:00
So how do they test essential oils for purity? 00:02:00
Results from the adulterated essential oil test 00:01:00
The unsung heroes of the aromatherapy world-carrier oils. 00:03:00
The qualities of the various carrier oils 00:10:00
Well, we have come to the end of this section! 00:01:00
What you can make for your clients for them to use at home
Massage is the perfect modality for using aromatherapy to get great results 00:06:00
What equipment you need 00:04:00
Essential oil safety-very important things that you should know 00:04:00
A word about using peppermint and eucalyptus with children 00:02:00
Diffusers at home-what you shouldn’t do 00:04:00
Personal inhalers-These are brilliant for you and your clients! 00:06:00
Making diffuser blends for your clients 00:02:00
Roller bottles are great for your clients! 00:03:00
How to make a muscle and pain balm and chest rub 00:08:00
Unscented lotions are a better alternative for your clients at home 00:03:00
Using warm and cold compresses-when is the right time to do which? 00:03:00
Baths with essential oils-do not recommend this! 00:02:00
How to charge correctly for your essential oil blends and products 00:03:00
Relaxation massages and the correct dilutions for your clients 00:03:00
Treating problem areas-you can increase your dilution levels. 00:02:00
If you are a reflexologist, here is what you can do. 00:01:00
Make your full body massage sessions 75 mins or more. 00:02:00
The consultation with your clients is really important 00:04:00
A word about diluting for different people 00:03:00
It is important to keep good records for several reasons 00:01:00
Tell the world! Promote about your new skills. 00:03:00
Using aromatherapy for specific emotional, physical and psychological disorders
Let’s take a look at how you can help your clients on so many levels. 00:01:00
The stressed client-Here is a fabulous massage blend to help them 00:03:00
Awesome Stock Blends for your Massage Clients 00:04:00
How to make anxiety relief blends and inhalers for your clients 00:03:00
Insomnia-This blend will knock them out! 00:03:00
Morning Sickness-One essential oil that made a huge difference! 00:02:00
How to make a nausea inhaler for your clients 00:04:00
Allergy relief inhalers for your clients 00:04:00
The best uplifting blends for your clients 00:01:00
Headaches-Lotions, inhaler and diffuser blends and roller ball blends. 00:04:00
Blends to help your clients have better focus and concentration 00:03:00
Menopause- A really powerful massage blend that you can also make for them 00:02:00
How to enhance your clients athletic abilities using essential oils 00:02:00
Help your clients through cold and flu season with these great blends 00:04:00
Musculoskeletal Pain and how to treat specific disorders
What you will learn in this section 00:03:00
Muscular aches and pains and a great blend to help them 00:03:00
Sprains and strains-A roller bottle blend for your clients thats brilliant 00:05:00
Overuse Problems-Tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis etc 00:03:00
Cellulite treatments, oils and creams 00:06:00
Post exercise soreness massage blends and lotions for home use 00:05:00
Fluid retention/Edema/Lymphatic drainage oils and treatments 00:07:00
Oil and lotion Blends for Cramps and Muscle Spasms 00:02:00
A very effective bruises and bumps oil to make 00:02:00
Rheumatoid arthritis- which oils are the best and why 00:02:00
Osteoarthritis- The oils that work best for this condition 00:02:00
How to effectively use essential oils for nerve pain and sciatica 00:03:00
What if you do not know whether to use warming or cooling oils? 00:03:00
The Basics Of Blending
Blending Basics-Making your own blends. 00:12:00
The therapeutic qualities of some common essential oils
Looking at the specific properties of common essential oils 00:01:00
Bergamot 00:02:00
Black Pepper 00:02:00
Cardamon 00:01:00
Cedarwood 00:02:00
Chamomile German 00:02:00
Chamomile Roman 00:01:00
Cinnamon 00:02:00
Clove 00:01:00
Eucalyptus 00:01:00
Frankincense 00:00:00
Geranium 00:01:00
Ginger 00:02:00
Grapefruit 00:02:00
Lavender 00:02:00
Lemon 00:02:00
Mandarin 00:01:00
Patchouli 00:01:00
Peppermint 00:02:00
Rosemary 00:01:00
Sandalwood 00:01:00
Congratulations and thank you very much! 00:01:00
Resources – Aromatherapy For Massage Therapists Certificate Course 00:00:00


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