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How to Become an Office Administrator – Everything You Need to Know

Want to know how to become an office administrator? The Office Administrator is the backbone of any business, and it directly supports the broader team as a central means of coordination. At its very core, this position is about making sure the office is fully stocked and fully functioning. And I assume, the person behind the screen, reading the blog, is pretty much interested in building a career as an office administrator. In it? I insist you are absolutely on the right wheel. 

So, please be seated and follow the blog to get instructions on how to become an office administrator.

What is an Office Administrator?

Office administration is related to routine activities regarding financial sketch outs, record keeping and billing. It also involves individual, physical distribution and logistics inside a corporation. The member of the workforce who undertakes these activities is called an office administrator. He/she convey a crucial role in any organizational infrastructure, irrespective of the scale. so it would be optimal for him/her to have a degree in business administrationTo become an administrator, you may need to have an advanced skill set in the software applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.

Office administrator's desk

Role of an Office Administrator

As an office administrator, you have to convey several roles and duties on a regular basis. The responsibilities may include:

  • Monitor administrative functions and supervising other administrative staffs
  • Welcoming clients, replying to client emails and receiving the calls
  • Handling and maintaining copy machines, fax machines and computers and other office equipment
  • Conveying research and compiling reports for supervisors and other employees
  • Scheduling meetings and events, and managing essential materials for this
  • Assisting human resources teams with hiring and onboarding new employees
  • Monitor the outgoing and incoming mail and ensuring it’s the right allocation
  • Organising meetings, conference, and events when required and assisting fellow employees with
  • Communicating with the public in any inquiry
  • Managing and maintaining the filing system that has been implemented into the organisation, e.g. information systems
  • Perform clerical duties that involve the ordering of equipment, office supplies and other inventories that are required

Office Administrator: Job Description

As an office administrator, you’ll need to do clerical duties alike to those of an administrative assistant. On the other hand, you will also oversee administrative staff and assist with fundamental business management tasks. Similarly, your everyday office administration duties may include greeting visitors, creating checklists and budgets, managing databases, scheduling meetings and appointments for the team, working with documents and spreadsheets, receiving calls, aiding in managing projects, and cleaning the office. This role also involves assigning work to other staffs and, in some cases, to workers in different departments like sales and production.

However, daily job tasks can vary according to the type of company. For example, in a construction firm, you may need to create customer purchase orders, handle bid packages and create project proposals as an office administrator. In contrast, an office administrator at an accounting corporation may concentrate more on bookkeeping duties.

Is Office Administrator a Good Career?

We all want an envious career. While you are planning to become an administrative officer, you may also be thinking about whether it is a good career option for you or not.

However, here I’m presenting a few good reasons to consider becoming an administrative assistant:

  • Administrative job is exciting and challenging at the same time. You are likely to engage in a wide variety of activities, deal with many different personalities, and manage rapidly changing priorities. Administrative assistants are taking on a far broader range of responsibilities than they used to.
  • Qualified administrative officers are the employers best choice as they are struggling to find highly skilled administrative professionals. So if you can brush up your skills and ability, you’ll always be on-demand.
  • Moreover, almost all offices need administrative officer regarding type and genre. Unlike many other jobs, you can fit in pretty much anywhere. As a result, you’ll get an extensive career by being an office administrator.
  • It also provides a massive opportunity for networking as you can enter into more or less every industry. Once in the door, you can observe the industry up close, start to build your professional network, and find out if it offers the kind of career track you want to follow.
  • As an administrator, you will perform a wide range of tasks that will not let you get bored. Besides, helping colleagues and meetings with new people will provide you with an eternal satisfaction which you will find little in other jobs.
Smiling female office administrator

How to Become an Office Administrator

Now, without further ado, let’s get to know the steps on how to become an administrative officer straightaway.

You can become an office administrator with any degree subject or Higher National Diploma, but the following topics may be incredibly helpful:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Public Administration.

However, entry without a degree, HND or foundation degree is possible if you have relevant office experience and skills. Many office managers enter at office administrator level and work their way up with experience. Some employers will ask for a management qualification at the office manager level.


If you are more than 16 years old and not in full-time education, you can take an apprenticeship in business and administration at intermediate, advanced and higher levels. At a higher level, you could train for a role as an office manager. Also, NVQs/SVQs are available in business and administration.


To Obtain the skills you need to be a fantastic office administrator and run your office like clockwork, you can get certified by taking online courses also. These courses can provide you with the office administrator skills that are needed to excel as an office administrator at an affordable price, and you can learn while sitting on your comfy couch, voila!

However, you can enrol in iStudy’s Complete Office Administration Online Course and get all the necessary skills and qualification you need.


Gaining a recognized certification, such as a Level 4 in Office Admin or Diploma in Office Admin and Reception, is a great way to break into the industry, and help set you apart from other candidates.


Training opportunities depend mainly on your employer demands and criteria. However, most employers offer at least basic training, for instance, their databases and content management systems. Moreover, informal on-the-job training is also usual.

Training is either carried out in-house or via external companies offering training in the following domains.

  • Managing Teams
  • Leading Teams
  • Appraisals
  • Election and Recruitment
  • Equality and Diversity Law Enactment
  • Health and Safety
  • Marketing
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Assertiveness.

If you start with smaller companies, you’re more likely to take the initiative individually. You have to work out your own continuing professional development (CPD) needs. Courses are often paid for by the employer, but training budgets may be restricted.

However, you can get a membership of the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) as it’s useful and provides access to the latest news, events and discounts on training, as well as the opportunity to network with office managers and related staff.

Office admin holding documents


Here are some essential skills office administrators need to do their job efficiently:

  • Organisational skills are essential for duties such as maintaining the company’s calendar of events and managing deadlines for different departments simultaneously.

  • Office administrators require to have excellent communication skills and active listening skills to collaborate with staff and address departments’ specific needs for tasks and projects.

  • Knowledge of computer apps and software is essential because as an office administrator, your time is mostly spent working on a screen. Typical tasks may include entering data, creating reports, answering emails and conducting research online, good IT and typing skills.  Also, knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and other commonly-used office packages are needed

  • Office administrators may be asked to research the state of the art software that the company is considering using or to analyse data for staff.

  • Office administrators have to complete assignments that require strong attention to detail, such as booking travel arrangements, entering data and proofreading documents.

  • The type of work these professionals change frequently. Office administrators need to be able to adapt and rearrange their day to give assistance where the need is greatest.

  • The capability to prioritise tasks and work under complexity

  • Good teamworking and leadership skills and have the confidence to motivate peers

  • The capacity to manage your workload and supervise others simultaneously.

  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills

  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing workloads

  • problem-solving approach to work

  • Project-management skills

  • Familiarity with the legislation in the areas of employment, equality and diversity and data protection – this is useful, but not essential.

    Phew! A heck of skills is required to become an office administrator! But I know mate; you’ll smash em all.
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Work Experience

For any job role, having experience will always help you to stand out in the queue. Though, it’s often possible to become an Administrator without any previous experience, having a few will hold you up.

If you do want to gain experience before choosing a career in Administration, temping agencies will often provide opportunities for you to work temporarily, giving you an insight into the job role. You can also seek a part-time job in this domain while studying.

Working Hours

Per week you’ll typically work 35 hours, although during hectic periods you may need to start early with the rooster or stay late with the owl. There may be opportunities for part-time work or job sharing.

Working Environment

So what you’ll expect in your job surroundings and aura? Okay, let’s gather some ideas regarding this.

  • Work is office-based, that is to say; you’ll mainly have indoor jobs. The size and style of the office will depend on the organisation you are working with. For example, you may have a room for yourself or share with a team in an open-plan office.

  • Plenty of jobs are available in towns and cities throughout the UK. However, there may also be opportunities with smaller businesses in rural locations.

  • In the majority of posts, smart and professional dress is expected, particularly in customer-facing roles.

  • The work can be challenging, as you’re often responsible for meeting targets and deadlines and disciplining staff.

  • You may travel between offices if you’re working at split-site locations, or sometimes further afield for training and conferences, or working at other branch offices.
File portraying admin


Wondering what will your remuneration look like after this much of hardship?

Well, the salary may vary according to the size, reputation and workload of the companies. In the United Kingdom, on average, you can get around £18,995 per year while the starting range may be  £18,000 to £30,000. However, with some experience and higher qualification, every year, you’ll earn up to £32,000 or even more.

Pretty much rewarding, right?

Seek for a Job

Now summon up your armours as you are all set for the job hunt!

Office admins are employed in almost all sectors like public, private, and charity. In short, they’re recruited by any organisation that runs an office, from small businesses to public bodies and multinational corporations.

Typical employers include:

  • NHS
  • Private Healthcare Organisations
  • Educational Establishments (schools, higher education institutions, etc.)
  • Local and Central Government Authorities
  • Charities and Social Workgroups
  • Finance Certificate Programs
  • Legal Corporations
  • Entertainment and Creative Industries
  • Engineering Enterprises
  • Transportation Companies
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Security and Telecommunications Services
  • Public Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water and Providers)

Career Progress

At this point, maybe you are thinking about where a career as an office administrator can take you in the long run.

You may start as an office administrator within 1 to 2 years after completing your study. By spending around 4 years in this industry you’re more likely to be promoted as an office manager. Finally, after 5/6 years in this profession, you will be well set for higher positions like Personal Assistant or even CEO.

Final Remarks

In a nutshell, the steps of how to become an office administrator involve qualification and certification in the concerned fields, training and acquiring skills and work experiences. When you develop all the necessary skills and abilities, you can jump on the floor and step towards an exciting and rewarding career.

Throughout the blog, I intended to provide you with a complete and easy blueprint of the steps to become an office admin. Also, I’ve covered all the nooks and cranny of the office administrator career. I hope you’ve found this blog helpful.

Ameliorate your skills and qualities and vanquish an envious career as an office admin. Good luck, mate.

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