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The focus of this Windows 10 End User course is to introduce you to the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and explain the basics of navigating the new Windows 10 operating system for becoming more productive and efficient. You’ll know how to log in and learn essential functionality and review new functionality and features in Windows 10, following with review file management and customisation with File Explorer, customise and personalise desktop and other areas of the Windows 10 operating setting.

You’ll also learn to work with applications and programs including installing, updating, and troubleshooting, and get accustomed with Cortana, learn to use the new Maps, Mail, People, Calendar, and Weather features. Furthermore, you’ll learn more about Microsoft Edge, its functionality and new features.

What you’ll learn

  • Get started by logging in and navigating the Windows 10 environment.
  • Personalize the interface and customize settings.
  • Manage files and folders, and learn about OneDrive.
  • Become familiar with Edge, Microsoft’s newest browser, and explore the features.
  • Learn to use Cortana, Maps, Photos, Mail, People, Calendar and Weather.
  • Learn to install applications, set defaults, and manage updating and troubleshooting settings.


  • Basic familiarity with computers and navigating the Internet.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to become familiar with the new Windows 10 environment.

Course Curriculum

Intro- No Animation FREE 00:01:00
Getting Started in Windows 10
Logging In 00:02:00
The Startup Screen 00:04:00
Exploring the Desktop 00:02:00
General Navigation 00:04:00
Introducing the Action Center and Control Panel 00:02:00
Tablet Mode 00:03:00
Launching Applications 00:03:00
Interacting with Windows 00:06:00
Quitting Applications 00:04:00
Pinning Applications 00:03:00
Customizing the Start Menu 00:03:00
Customizing the Task Bar 00:02:00
Multitasking to Switch Between Multiple Applications 00:03:00
Managing several deskstops Using Task View 00:03:00
Using Cortana 00:03:00
Cortana Setup 00:03:00
File Management
Overview of the drive and folder structure 00:04:00
Using Navigation Pane, Details Pane, Preview Pane 00:04:00
Menus and Ribbons 00:03:00
Viewing and Editing File Properties_Revised 00:04:00
Creating Files 00:06:00
Selecting, Moving, and Copying Files_Revised 00:06:00
Renaming Files and Folders 00:03:00
Deleting and Restoring from the Recycle Bin 00:05:00
Create and use shortcuts_Revised 00:05:00
Zip and Unzip 00:07:00
Changing the Sort and Group by 00:06:00
Add Columns to the Explorer View 00:04:00
Creating and Using a Library 00:07:00
Adding Files to a Library 00:09:00
Pin Frequent Places Customizing File Explorer 00:04:00
Configuring Files and Explore Options 00:03:00
Logging In or Setting Up OneDrive 00:02:00
Storing and acessing files on OneDrive 00:03:00
Sharing Files Through OneDrive 00:05:00
Syncing Files on OneDrive 00:03:00
Using Edge
Browsing the Web 00:02:00
Customize Top Sites 00:02:00
Using Tabs 00:03:00
Organize Favorites with Folders 00:02:00
Using the Reading List and Reading View 00:03:00
Using Saving Sharing Web Notes 00:04:00
Downloading Files 00:02:00
Viewing and Clearing History 00:02:00
Using Windows Apps
Maps- Search Get Directions Choose View 00:04:00
Maps- Search Tips and Favorites 00:04:00
Maps- More Search Tips and Map Settings 00:03:00
Photos – Browsing_REVISED 00:05:00
Photos – Using Editing Tools_REVISED 00:04:00
Mail- Add Accounts 00:05:00
Mail- Personalizing and Configuring 00:04:00
Mail Send a Message 00:04:00
People Search Link and Share Contacts 00:04:00
People Search Link and Share Contacts 00:04:00
Calendar Configuring and Viewing 00:04:00
Calendar Changing Views Creating and Editing Events 00:07:00
Weather Add Favorite Locations and Viewing the Weather 00:04:00
Weather- Viewing Historical Data nad Weather Maps 00:03:00
Customizing Windows 10
Managing Accounts and Sign In Options 00:03:00
Background Settings 00:04:00
Lock Screen 00:02:00
Change Windows Themes 00:02:00
Personalize Start 00:04:00
Change Screen Resolution 00:02:00
Adjust Audio Settings 00:02:00
Manage Sleep and Screen Saver 00:04:00
Change Default Storage Locations 00:02:00
Managing Devices 00:03:00
Change Type Settings 00:01:00
Adjust Mouse and Touchpad Settings 00:03:00
Adjust Autoplay Settings 00:02:00
Installing, Updating, and Troubleshooting
Installing Applications from the Windows Store 00:03:00
Installing Applications From the Web 00:03:00
Setting Application Defaults 00:03:00
Setting App Privacy and Permissions 00:02:00
Uninstalling Applications 00:01:00
Configure Windows Defender and Windows Updates 00:02:00
Access Task Manage 00:02:00
Accessing the Action Center to View Messages 00:02:00
Backing Up and Restoring Files and Using Recover to Reset Your PC 00:07:00
Course Recap 00:01:00


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