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This Shiatsu Massage for Beginners course will introduce you to the necessary Shiatsu massage skills to treat chronic pain, release tension and bring balance to the body. In this course, you will learn Shiatsu massage techniques and discover a step-by-step guide to giving someone a fantastic Shiatsu massage experience, whether it is in your home or at a spa.

This course will also cover special techniques related to effectively using the fingers, palms, elbows and feet for manipulating the body at specific points along the body’s meridians and digs deeply into the various aches and pains often associated with strenuous bodily activities.

By the time you complete the course, you will be able to lift your clients’ mood and make them feel relaxed by giving an outstanding Shiatsu massage experience.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop your understanding and skill set to do Shiatsu massages.
  • Understand the necessary shiatsu massage skills required to give a simple yet very effective massage.
  • Learn the Shiatsu massage sequence, including many useful techniques that enable you to do any sequence that you like for better treatment outcomes.
  • Discover how to use your body correctly for performing different massages without hurting yourself.
  • Enhance your massage skills and knowledge to provide your clients with excellent massages every time they come to you.


  • In this shiatsu massage course, you should wear loose comfortable clothing
  • To do shiatsu massage, we do not use oils but as the massages are done on the floor you will need something soft to lie on such as a quilt/duna or several towels and or blankets-or if you have one, a 1-2 inch foam mattress/futon

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that is interested in learning the art of Japanese shiatsu massage. Whether you are a massage therapist or just someone that would like to massage your friends, partner or family members, this course will give you a complete understanding of what you need to do in order to give a great shiatsu massage
  • I have designed this massage course, so that anyone can learn it. I have keep the basics simple so that if you have never done massage before but would love to give it a go then this is for you.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to my course
Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Before we get started 00:02:00
Shiatsu techniques
It’s time to learn the techniques 00:01:00
Proper technique is vital 00:04:00
How to apply pressure 00:01:00
Palming techniques 00:02:00
Rocking technique 00:02:00
Using your thumbs 00:01:00
Using your feet 00:01:00
Using your elbows 00:02:00
Stretching 00:01:00
Massage sequence prone
Let’s get started 00:01:00
The back 00:24:00
The buttocks, legs and feet 00:13:00
Massage sequence supine
Let’s get started face up now 00:01:00
The legs 00:12:00
The chest 00:01:00
The arms and hands 00:06:00
The neck and head 00:05:00
Practice time
The whole back of body sequence to music 00:36:00
Now the front 00:24:00
Advanced techniques
Adding advanced techniques 00:01:00
Knees 00:01:00
Stretching techniques 00:04:00
Using your feet 00:07:00
Congratulations 00:00:00

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