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Are you interested in a career in therapy and psychologyrelated topics? Are you currently studying psychology or counselling? Or do you have a passion for psychodynamic psychotherapy? Our Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course teaches everything you need to get started in this industry. This course will help you to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to work with people who struggle with mental health issues and daytoday challenges.

This Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge of approaches and useful techniques in psychotherapy. You will learn how to become a psychodynamic psychotherapist and also familiarise with new techniques which you can use to advance your career prospects in this field.

Throughout this course, you will be guided step-by-step on how to build the key skills needed to become a psychodynamic psychotherapist or coach who specialises in using psychodynamic approaches at work.

What you’ll learn

  • Approaches & Useful Techniques in Psychotherapy
  • How Psychodynamic Psychotherapy works
  • How to set up a therapeutic session
  • The difference between ‘Brief Therapy’ and ‘Long-term’ treatment
  • How to ask for a ‘consent’ 
  • and much more!


  • Having an interest in Psychology or Psychotherapy related fields

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in therapy and psychology-related topics
  • Anyone who started their psychology or counselling studies
  • Anyone who wants to understand what is ‘Psychodynamic Psychotherapy’

Course Curriculum

About the Tutor FREE 00:02:00
About the Course 00:04:00
What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy? 00:10:00
What is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis? 00:14:00
How does Psychodynamic Psychotherapy work? 00:08:00
Core Principles of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 00:11:00
The Purpose & the Goals 00:06:00
What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy used for? (substance use, depression, PTSD) 00:12:00
Levels of Awareness
Consciousness and the Unconscious 00:10:00
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and the Unconscious 00:07:00
Defence Mechanisms / Psychological Defences:
Denial 00:10:00
12. Repression 00:10:00
13. Rationalisation 00:06:00
14. Reaction Formation 00:09:00
15. Projection 00:08:00
16. Displacement 00:05:00
17. Regression 00:08:00
18. Sublimation 00:06:00
Conducting a Psychotherapy Session
The Importance of a Therapeutic Relationship 00:06:00
Creating a Safe Place 00:09:00
Informed Consent (Beginning of the Treatment) 00:07:00
Setting Frame & Boundaries 00:10:00
Conducting an Assessment 00:11:00
Goal Setting with the Client 00:08:00
Therapist and the Client in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Listening in Psychodynamic Therapy (Empathic Listening) 00:08:00
Transference 00:10:00
Countertransference 00:07:00
Techniques in Psychodynamic Therapy
Free Association 00:07:00
Symbolism & Interpretation 00:05:00
Dream Interpretation – part 1 00:05:00
Dream Interpretation – part 2 00:11:00
What Else You Need to Know
Sessions – how long, how often, how many? 00:08:00
Short-Term / Brief Psychodynamic Therapy 00:10:00
When do we ‘end’ Psychotherapy? 00:12:00
Medication and Therapy 00:07:00
Thank You & Good Bye! 00:03:00
Bonus Section
Additional Techniques in Psychotherapy 00:12:00
Stress- & Anger Management in Psychotherapy 00:12:00
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) 00:17:00

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  1. Fantastic course from Elmira Strange


    Psychodynamic Psychotherapy another fantastic course from Elmira Strange, I really have enjoyed it!




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