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The Professional Depression Counselling Diploma course is designed to teach you how to counsel people with depression.

Throughout the course, you will learn various counselling and psychological theories and approaches so that you can implement the methods while counselling. The course teaches you how to diagnose people with depression. Topic included the signs of depression, the techniques of helping the clients who suffer from the major depressive episode and sleeping problems, the different types of depression, effective antidepressants, the link between neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and depression, and more. You will learn what is happening in the brain while experiencing depression.

The course helps you to choose the right approaches to counselling for the treatment of depression. You will also be able to treat bipolar disorder and know whether disorders can be treated with omega three supplements, art therapy, tai chi and yoga or not.

What Will I Learn?

  • have a thorough theoretical knowledge about depression and counselling
  • work as a ‘helper’ who specialises in ‘depression’
  • use counselling approaches in everyday life and career!
  • know what is happening to someone who is depressed (brain, body, cognition)
  • know how a person with depression can be diagnosed


  • have an interest in psychology or counselling!
  • want to help those who suffer with depression
  • ready to do some learning!

Course Curriculum

Module: 01
0.1_About_Course FREE 00:03:00
0.2_About_Tutor 00:02:00
1. Intro Depression 00:05:00
2. Melancholy_History 00:07:00
3. Signs of Depression 00:07:00
4. Brain_Depression 00:06:00
5. Neurons_Depression 00:09:00
6. Stress_Depression 00:10:00
7. Environment_Health 00:04:00
Module: 02
8. Sleep_Disorders 00:06:00
9. Somatic_Sympotoms 00:06:00
10. Risk_factors 00:08:00
11. Module_1_End_Qs 00:05:00
12. Classification_Methods 00:07:00
13. Cyclymia 00:06:00
14. Creativity_Depression 00:07:00
15. Dysthymia_Atypica 00:07:00
16. Bipolar_Manic 00:06:00
17. Antenatal_Postpaturm_D 00:09:00
18. Bereavement_Grief 00:09:00
Module: 03
19. Dysthymia_Children 00:04:00
20. Elderly 00:07:00
21. Psychosocial_Health_Elderly 00:03:00
22. Module_2_Qs 00:04:00
23. Neurogenesis 00:04:00
24. MOI 00:04:00
25. Serotonin_Syndrome 00:03:00
26. SSRIs 00:04:00
27. Tyramine 00:03:00
28. Medical_Stats 00:10:00
29. Module_3_Qs 00:03:00
Module: 04
30. Lifestyle_Diet_DD 00:07:00
31. St John’s Wort 00:05:00
32. Omega_3 00:04:00
33. Tai_Chi_Qigong 00:04:00
34. Yoga 00:04:00
35. Acupuncture 00:03:00
36. Art_Music_Therapy 00:08:00
37. Module_4_Qs 00:04:00
38. Person_Centr_Appr 00:07:00
39. Family_Couples_Therapy 00:09:00
40. Step_Care_Approach 00:10:00
Module: 05
41. Psychodynamic_IPT 00:06:00
42. REBT 00:06:00
43. Hypnotherapy 00:05:00
44. Hypnotherapy_PTSD 00:05:00
45. gestalt_Therapy 00:06:00
46. Therapeutic_Relationship 00:07:00
47. Knowledge_Qualities 00:03:00
48. Module_5_Qs 00:03:00
49. Thanks_GoodBye! 00:03:00
Additional Study Materials
Additional Study Materials: Professional Depression Counselling Diploma 00:00:00


This course is for anyone who's interested in this topic and wants to learn more about it. This course will also help you gain potential professional skills.

No prior qualifications are needed to take this course.

You can study this course from wherever and whenever you want. You can study at your own pace and from any device. Just log in to your account from any device and start learning!

Yes, there is a test at the end of the course. Once you’ve completed all the modules of the course, you will have to give a multiple-choice test. The questions will be based on the topics of the modules you studied. And of course, you can take the test at any time, from any device and from anywhere you want.

Don’t worry if you fail the test, you can retake it as many times as you want.

We make the payment process easy for you. You can either use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Solo cards or PayPal account to pay for the online course. We use the latest SSL encryption for all transactions, so your order is safe and secure.

You don’t have to wait a minute after your payment has been received, you can begin immediately. You will create your login details during the checkout process and we will also send you an email confirming your login details.

After you complete the course, you’ll immediately receive a free printable PDF certificate.  Hard Copy certificate is also available, and you can get one for just £9! You may have to wait for 3 to 9 days to get the hard copy certificate.


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