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Do you want to invest in your mental and physical well-being? Are you on a quest to get into great shape and feel physically stronger? Enrol in this Pilates Mat Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced and start changing your life around today. This course will help you learn and practice pilates from beginner to advanced level at your own pace. You can also reduce back pain and improve posture with this classic pilates workout training masterclass, guiding you step by step, for all fitness levels. 

This detailed and improved Pilates Mat Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced will teach you how to do pilates exercises correctly, helping you to get the most out of your workouts. The advice shared in this course will also  enable you to create your own pilates mat workout for home workouts

Enrol in this Pilates Mat Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced today, find inner peace and watch your body’s core strengthen, which is the requisite to a healthy life.

What you’ll learn

  • Get a fit and toned body in a short time
  • Increase your muscle flexibility and stretch all your body
  • Reduce back pain, improve your posture, strengthen your core
  • Experience how Pilates transforms your body in 30 sessions
  • Reduce stress and start everyday FRESH
  • Joseph Pilates’ Pilates principles in theory and practice
  • Understand the purpose of each Pilates exercise, how to perform correctly and apply for the optimum positions
  • Modification for each move based on your capability
  • Practice full Pilates workout from beginner to advanced level anytime, anywhere at your own pace
  • Self-practice Guide to create your own workout based on single Pilates exercise practices


  • Mat, towel, pillow
  • Prior practice or knowledge of Pilates is not necessary
  • Suitable clothes for Pilates
  • Motivation and self-discipline

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to get into great shape and feel stronger
  • Anyone who wants to improve and maintain their posture and prevent back pain
  • Anyone who wants to invest on their physical and mental well-being
  • Anyone who wants to learn and practice Pilates from beginner to advanced level at their own pace
  • Anyone who has a busy schedule (due to work, personal reasons) and can’t attend to regular classess ( due to tight and irregular work schedule or financial restrictions)
  • Anyone who doesn’t enjoy or feel comfortable working out with other people in a group class
  • ***This course is not suitable for people who are at any stage of pregnancy***
  • ***This course is not suitable for people who are suffering from osteoporosis***

Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE 00:03:00
How should you follow this course? 00:02:00
The history of Pilates FREE 00:04:00
The principles of Pilates 00:04:00
Before Starting to your course
Safety Guidelines 00:02:00
Body Positions in Pilates 00:08:00
Pelvic Stability Exercises FREE 00:12:00
Neutral Position 00:02:00
Alignment 00:03:00
Breathing 00:03:00
Pre-Pilates exercises 00:19:00
Beginner Level Course
Beginner Lesson 1 – Hundred, Roll up, Rolling like a ball 00:19:00
Beginner Lesson 2 – Spine stretch forward, Spine stretch side, Saw FREE 00:12:00
Beginner Lesson 3 – Spine stretch forward, Spine stretch side, Saw 00:11:00
Beginner Lesson 4 – Swan, Single leg kick, Side leg lift, Side leg circle 00:12:00
Beginner Lesson 5 – Push ups 00:08:00
Release work and stretching 00:09:00
Beginner Level – complete workout 00:40:00
Intermediate Level Course
Intermediate Lesson 1 – Double leg stretch, Single/Double straight leg stretch 00:25:00
Intermediate Lesson 2 – Criss cross, Open leg rocker, Spine twist FREE 00:13:00
Intermediate Lesson 3 – Swimming, Double leg kick 00:11:00
Intermediate Lesson 4 – Side leg kick, Banana, Teaser(preparation) 00:11:00
Intermediate Lesson 5 – Corkscrew(modified), Leg pull down, Shoulder bridge 00:10:00
Intermediate level – complete workout 00:42:00
Advanced Level Course
Advanced Level Lesson 1 – Teaser1, Teaser2, Teaser3 00:13:00
Advanced Level Lesson 2 – Hip circles, Roll over, Corkscrew FREE 00:16:00
Advanced Level Lesson 3 – Leg pull up, Jackknife, Kneeling side kicks 00:15:00
Advanced Level Lesson 4 – Seated twist, Side bend twist, Side bend mermaid 00:12:00
Advanced Level Lesson 5 – Scissors, Bicycle, Boomerang 00:14:00
Advanced Level – complete workout 00:39:00
How to create your own work out?
Self practice guide 00:02:00
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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