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Are you dissatisfied with your current earnings? Want to develop productive habits and earn more? Join this course to shed all the superstitions you have about money and boost your earning power.

This Mind Body Medicine – Attract Wealth course will help you to connect your conscious inner self to your subconscious mind. This short course will enable you to bring a perfect balance between your mind and body. You will feel all the positive energy that is required to be a successful person in terms of health, wealth and mental peace. 

It is a short but useful course that will provide you with a step-by-step guideline to reprogram the way you think and feel. You will understand your impulses better and will become a stronger person psychologically. The course will provide you with the secret recipe for gaining success and wealth, and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

What you’ll learn

  •   Helps you to reengineer your thought pattern
  •   Allows you to develop positive habits to boost your earning power
  •   Trains you to banish negative thoughts and practices
  •   Helps you to master the law of attraction
  •   Teaches you to organise your finances more efficiently
  •   Learn from 40 minutes of expert audiovisual video lessons
  •   Get extra guidance with downloadable resources
  •   Gain an internationally-recognised certificate upon completion
  •   Experience high-quality e-Learning with our top-class trainer
  •   Bring out the best in yourself in your professional and personal life


  • No previous experience is required as full details will be provided throughout the course

Who this course is for:

  • This course has been created for students of ‘All Levels’

Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE 00:03:00
Brain Training
Brain Training Coverpage 00:02:00
One Brain or Two? 00:02:00
Left Brain/Right Brain Functions 00:02:00
Left Brain/Right Brain Communication 00:01:00
The Subconscious Mind
The Subconscious Mind Coverpage 00:02:00
Understanding Our Subconscious Mind 00:02:00
The Homeostatic Impulse 00:02:00
How Habits Affect Us
How Habits Affect Us Coverpage 00:02:00
The Power of Habit 00:02:00
New Habit Pattern Development 00:02:00
Self Discipline 00:01:00
The Importance of Optimism 00:02:00
Affirmations Coverpage 00:02:00
Why Affirmations Work 00:02:00
How to Use Affirmations 00:02:00
Attract Wealth Technique
Attract Wealth Technique Coverpage 00:02:00
The Secret to Riches 00:02:00
The Proven Method 00:02:00
Important Key Points 00:02:00
How to Perform the Technique 00:01:00
Example Statements 00:01:00

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