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Planning a meal plan can be quite frustrating especially when you are beginning your diet. If you are having the same problem, this Free course will help you to learn how to create your own personalized diet plan by the end of this program.

This course aims to overcome all the challenges that come with planning a nutritious diet, by introducing a tested method creating your own Organized System for Meal Planning for Any Diet designed by 2 skilled Organizers who are within the trade for over half-dozen years!

There are many benefits to developing a meal plan. It will help you lead a healthier and relaxed life, especially in our fast-paced society. Meal Planning For Any Diet is a course contains over 1.5 hours of content. It’s designed for anyone, notwithstanding expertise level.

Sing Up now! and be your own nutritionist.

What you’ll learn

  • Maintain a clutter free kitchen and eating area.
  • Build a weekly meal plan including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Feel confident that they are eating what they want, but not feeling restricted.
  • Stay within a food budget.


  • Basic understanding of the kinds of food that you like to eat.
  • No tools are required.
  • An open mind to changing your current behaviour and routines.

Course Curriculum

Meet Your Instructors
Introduction 00:02:00
Common Frustrations 00:05:00
Samantha’s Reasons for Meal Planning 00:04:00
Emilio’s Reasons for Meal Planning 00:04:00
Overview and Getting Started
Overview and Getting Started 00:02:00
Step ONE Understand Yourself 00:03:00
Is Your Kitchen Ready 00:12:00
Step TWO Inventory Tools 00:03:00
Step THREE Favourite Meals + Basic Plan 00:05:00
Step FOUR Inventory Food + Grocery List 00:03:00
Step FIVE Sourcing Food + Budget 00:13:00
Step SIX Food Preparation 00:04:00
Step SEVEN Storing Food 00:07:00
Step EIGHT Maintaining the System 00:04:00
Step NINE Enjoy Your Food 00:06:00
Examples and Strategies
Food To Go 00:02:00
Kitchen Tour 00:05:00
Decluttering a Professional Organizer’s Kitchen 00:16:00
Our Meal Plan 00:08:00
Pre Cooking for the Week 00:04:00
Preparing Fruit for the Week 00:06:00
Sourcing Food at the Grocery Store 00:03:00
Sourcing Food at the Farmer’s Market 00:03:00

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