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More than 150,000 people in the UK use sign language. It is a great trait given that it allows people to talk to others, who might be deaf, but it could also be utilised as a job skill these days; for example – Starbucks currently have a program where their barista’s know sign language in order to help their hearing-impaired customers. If you are interested in learning the first communication methods of the Stone Age, then this Level 2 British Sign Language course is for you.

Family is one of the most important things for the hearing impaired as they take care of them and are constantly by their sides. This is why the course also starts out by helping you sign different family vocabularies.  Next, you learn to describe people, ethnic groups, religion, clothes, colours, feelings, and animals. The course will also help you learn how to sign activities at school, job and work-based signs, home activities, leisure, preferences, food, travelling and so much more.

The entire course is video-based and has voiceover, no voiceover and subtitle options. If you are dedicated and want to learn a new skill while helping others, get this course now.

Course Curriculum

Family Vocabulary
Family Vocabulary No Voice over  FREE 00:03:00
Family  FREE 00:01:00
Describing People and Animals
Describing People No Voice Over  00:01:00
Describing People 00:01:00
Ethnic Groups No Voice Over  00:01:00
Ethnic Groups  00:01:00
Religion No Voice Over  00:01:00
Religion 00:01:00
Clothes No Voice Over 00:02:00
Clothes  00:02:00
Colour No Voice Over  00:01:00
Colours 00:01:00
Feelings No Voice Over 00:01:00
Feelings  00:01:00
Feelings 2 No Voice Over  00:01:00
Feelings 2 00:01:00
Animals No Voice Over  00:01:00
Animals  00:01:00
Activities at School
Activities At School No Voice Over  00:01:00
Activities At School 00:01:00
People Who Work In Schools No Voice Over  00:01:00
People Who Work In Schools 00:01:00
School Vocabulary No Voice Over  00:02:00
School Vocabulary  00:02:00
Subjects No Voice Over  00:01:00
Subjects  00:01:00
School Vocabulary 2 No Voice Over 00:01:00
School Vocabulary 2  00:01:00
Jobs and activities at work
Jobs No Voice Over  00:02:00
Jobs  00:02:00
Applying For Work No Voice Over  00:01:00
Applying For Work 00:01:00
Office No Voice Over  00:01:00
Office  00:01:00
Firm No Voice Over  00:01:00
Firm  00:01:00
Meetings No Voice Over  00:01:00
Meetings  00:01:00
Time Vocabulary No Voice Over  00:02:00
Time Vocabulary 00:02:00
Activities in the home
Activities In The Home No Voice Over  00:01:00
Activities In The Home  00:01:00
Go Out To Work no Voice Over  00:01:00
Go Out To Work  00:01:00
Do The Washing No Voice Over  00:01:00
Do The Washing 00:01:00
Flats No Voice over  00:01:00
Flat  00:01:00
Leisure activities
Leisure Activities No Voice Over 00:01:00
Leisure Activities  00:01:00
Hobbies No Voice Over 00:01:00
Hobbies  00:01:00
Going Out No Voice Over  00:01:00
Going Out 00:01:00
Plan Tickets No Voice Over  00:01:00
Plan  00:01:00
DIY No Voice Over 00:01:00
DIY  00:01:00
Opinions Likes and Dislikes
Attitudes And Opinions No Voice Over 00:02:00
Attitudes And Opinions  00:02:00
Opinions No Voice Over  00:01:00
Opinions 00:01:00
Illnesses and Health
Illnesses No Voice Over 00:01:00
Illnesses  00:01:00
Treatment No Voice Over 00:01:00
Treatment 00:01:00
Eating and Drinking
Eating And Drinking Vocabulary No Voice Over  00:01:00
Eating And Drinking 00:01:00
Drinks No Voice Over 00:01:00
Drinks  00:01:00
Cereal No Voice Over  00:01:00
Cereal  00:01:00
Fruit No Voice Over  00:01:00
Fruit  00:01:00
5Veg No Voice Over 00:01:00
Vegetables  00:01:00
Main Meal No Voice Over 00:01:00
Main Meal  00:01:00
Sweets No Voice Over  00:01:00
Sweets  00:01:00
Hot Food And Drink No Voice Over 00:01:00
Hot Food-Drinks  00:01:00
Payment No Voice Over  00:01:00
Payment 00:01:00
Shopping and Spending
Shopping And Spending No Voice Over 00:02:00
Shopping And Spending 00:02:00
Expensive No Voice Over 00:04:00
Expensive 00:01:00
Shops No Voice Over  00:01:00
Shops 00:02:00
Travel and Holidays
Travel And Holidays No Voice Over  00:01:00
Travel And Holidays 00:01:00
Travelling No Voice Over  00:01:00
Travelling 00:01:00
Vehicles No Voice Over 00:02:00
Vehicles  00:02:00
Directions No Voice Over  00:01:00
Directions  00:01:00
Going Abroad No Voice Over 00:01:00
Going Abroad  00:01:00
Breakdown No Voice Over  00:01:00
Breakdown  00:01:00
Places No Voice Over  00:03:00
Places 00:02:00
Holidays No Voice Over  00:01:00
Holidays 00:01:00
Hotel No Voice Over  00:01:00
Hotel  00:01:00
Beach No Voice Over 00:01:00
Beach  00:01:00
Complaints No Voice Over 00:01:00
Complaints And Compliments 00:01:00
Excellent No Voice Over  00:01:00
Excellent 00:01:00
Level 2 dialogues without voice and subtitles
The Broken Leg  00:02:00
Surprise Holiday 00:02:00
It’s Snowing  00:01:00
Shopping  00:02:00
Taking The Dog For A Walk  00:01:00
First Day At New a Job  00:02:00
On The Beach 00:02:00
First Day At School 00:04:00
In The Park  00:01:00
On a Plane  00:01:00
At The Doctors  00:01:00
Pets  00:01:00
Family  00:03:00
My New Kitchen 00:02:00
Designing a New Garden  00:02:00
Level 2 Dialogues with voice over and subtitles
The Broken Leg  00:02:00
Surprise Holiday  00:02:00
Snowing 00:01:00
Shopping  00:02:00
Taking My Dog For a Walk 00:01:00
First Day At a New Job 00:02:00
On The Beach 00:02:00
First Day At School 00:01:00
In The Park 00:01:00
On a Plane  00:01:00
 At the Doctors 00:03:00
Pets  00:02:00
Family  00:02:00
My New Kitchen  00:02:00
Designing a New Garden 00:02:00
5 stories with no voice over and no subtitles
First Day At School 00:04:00
Taking The Dog For a Walk  00:04:00
At The Doctors  00:03:00
First Pet 00:04:00
Designing a New Garden  00:03:00
5 stories with voice over and subtitles
First Day At School  00:04:00
Taking The Dog For a Walk  00:04:00
 At the Doctors  00:03:00
First Pet 00:03:00
Designing a New Garden 00:03:00
level 2 BSL dialogues and stories
level 2 BSL dialogues and story package  00:07:00
Course Certification


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