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Are you interested to learn how to build user interface? Do you work as a user interface designer? If so, take a look at our Learn React 16 and Redux by building real world Application course. Its precise contents will help you in understanding all you need to know about React 16 and Redux effectively.

React 16 is an updated JavaScript library works to build user interface in different stage. It provides you with effective mental model so that you can build astonishing user interface efficiently.

The Learn React 16 and Redux by building real world Application course is designed to teach you the basic functions of React 16. It instructs you how to develop apps providing the knowledge with portals, context API, errors boundaries, and the use of less code to write. The course also introduces you to the important features of React such as user-friendly DOM to build UI design, different algorithm to test without starting a headless browser, and different framework for the development. However, the aim of the course is to teach you the core concepts of React to make you an efficient UI designer.

What Will I Learn?

  • Master the React Fundamentals
  • Build Real world Applications with React and Redux
  • Learn firebase with React and Redux


  • Basic understanding of Javascript and HTML
  • ES6+ JavaScript knowledge is beneficial but not a must-have

Who is the target audience?

  • Javascript developers who want to develop frontend applications with React
  • Javascript developers who want to learn Redux with React
  • Developers who want to integrate firebase with React and redux

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
VS Code Setup FREE 00:03:00
How to get source code for each lecture FREE 00:01:00
Create React App using create-react-app cli 00:02:00
Creating Nested React Elements 00:08:00
Creating Nested Elements in React 00:08:00
How React uses React Elements to Create Virtual DOM 00:01:00
What is DOM 00:03:00
What is Virtual DOM 00:05:00
Create Nested Components in React 00:05:00
Creating Components in React 00:06:00
Adding Props Validations in React Component 00:03:00
Create Nested Components in React 00:05:00
Create State in React Component.. 00:08:00
Update State using events and custom methods 00:08:00
Iterate Array and render the components 00:06:00
Pass function as props from Parent to Child Componenty 00:09:00
Convert React Components to JSX 00:09:00
Module Summary 00:01:00
Data Flow in React Components
State in React Component 00:05:00
Shallow Merging with setState 00:06:00
Use props, PropTypes and defaultProps in React Component 00:06:00
Communicate with Parent and Child Component// 00:07:00
Module Summary 00:01:00
Component LifeCycle Methods in React
What are LifeCycle Methods in React Component 00:01:00
Types and Phases of LifeCycle Methods 00:04:00
LifeCycle Mounting Methods in Action 00:09:00
LifeCycle Updating Methods in Action 00:07:00
Error Handling with componentDidCatch 00:08:00
Hacker news App - Building Components
Setup React Application 00:03:00
Add Bootstrap to React Application 00:01:00
Create Mock Restful API with Json-Server 00:07:00
Send HTTP Request in React using axios 00:06:00
Iterate Array and render the components 00:06:00
Add Bootstrap Card to render List Items 00:07:00
Creating Header Component 00:06:00
Error Handling with Custom ErrorMessage Component 00:07:00
Adding Loading Spinner 00:04:00
React Context API
Introduction to React Context API 00:04:00
React Context API in Action 00:16:00
Create Reducer to update the State in React Context 00:09:00
Create new Action to Handle Errors 00:02:00
Working with Forms in React
Creating Controlled Component 00:03:00
Adding State to the Form 00:06:00
Save new record by sending Http Request 00:14:00
Creating Reusable Component for Input FormControl 00:07:00
Adding Form Validations in React and Bootstrap 00:08:00
Add Routing in React using React-Router
Add Link Navigations using React-Router 00:04:00
Redirect after submitted new Record 00:01:00
Creating NotFound Component 00:02:00
Creating new Component to Edit the Record 00:14:00
State Management with Redux
Setting up Redux into React application 00:10:00
Connect React Component to Redux 00:07:00
Delete the Record from the ReduxStore 00:07:00
Add Record to ReduxStore 00:05:00
Consuming Http Rest API using Async Action Creators
Create Async Action to fetch records from the API 00:07:00
Create Async Action to delete records from the API 00:01:00
Create Async Action to add new Record 00:01:00
Async Action to fetch single record 00:09:00
Async Action to update the Link 00:04:00
Integrating React and Redux with Firebase
Creating Database on Firebase 00:04:00
Fetching data from firebase collection in react component 00:12:00
Delete document from firebase collection with react 00:04:00
Add document in firebase collection with react 00:03:00
Update document from firebase collection 00:12:00
Firebase Authentication with React and Redux
User Registration in React and Firebase 00:09:00
Logout User 00:15:00
User Login with Firebase and React 00:04:00
Apply Authentication on private Routes 00:07:00
Display error notification in React 00:06:00
Deploy React Application to Firebase 00:05:00
Bonus: ES6 crash course
var scoping 00:04:00
understanding let 00:01:00
Examples of const 00:01:00
More use cases of let and const 00:04:00
Introduction to Arrow functions 00:02:00
Examples on Arrow functions 00:03:00
Javascript call, bind, apply 00:03:00
Destructring Objects 00:04:00
Destructring Arrays 00:03:00
Destructring Function Arguments 00:02:00
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