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If you want to turn your certain skill sets or passion into a sustainable business, this Learn how to create lifelong passive income on Autopilot is for you. This Learn how to create lifelong passive income on Autopilot course will help you to build and automate an online e-learning business using your existing knowledge or skill. Our Learn how to create lifelong passive income on Autopilot course is crafted to help you to define your skill and turn it into a full time passive income.

Throughout this Learn how to create lifelong passive income on Autopilot course, you will learn to validate or research course content and understand email marketing setup and integration. You will also learn to automate social media channels. Creating course PDF and promoting on various top sites and creating course E-book & publish on Amazon will be the part of your learning. This Learn how to create lifelong passive income on Autopilot will also teach you how to shoot promotional video for your course and how to select right tools for creating course videos.

Highlights of the Learn how to create lifelong passive income on Autopilot:

  • Learn to build your own professional online school for free
  • Know how to design graphics for social media
  • Understand the psychology behind turning your skill into a profitable business
  • Get a firm understanding of SEO setup of your online school
  • Learn how to record course videos the right way
  • Understand the scope of e-learning business


  • Regardless of experience working with crystals or never have, you must have the ability to practice with an animal in your life.

Course Curriculum

Welcome 00:01:00
Section 2
Introduction Video 00:01:00
The scope of e-learning 00:05:00
The psychology behind choosing the right skill and course 00:10:00
Section 3 - Creating an online course step by step
Decide the course topic 00:08:00
Plan the course outline 00:04:00
Define goals & objectives 00:04:00
Creating the course content 00:03:00
Choosing e-learning platform 00:04:00
Section 4 - Course Video Production
The Preparation stage 00:02:00
The screen recording capturing stage 00:02:00
Video editing stage 00:05:00
Tools to create an instructional video 00:02:00
Section 5 - Choosing your Instructional video styles
Simple slides presentations 00:01:00
Hand writing boards 00:04:00
Screencasting 00:01:00
Using a light board 00:02:00
Section 6 - Setting up your own online school
Website setup & customisation 00:05:00
Email Marketing setup & integration 00:11:00
Social media setup & Optimisation – Facebook 00:06:00
Creating a Facebook Page 00:04:00
YouTube Account Setup 00:04:00
YouTube Account Optimisation 00:08:00
Twitter Account Setup 00:03:00
Twitter Profile Optimisation 00:05:00
Instagram Bio Setup 00:03:00
Instagram Business Profile setup 00:07:00
Section 7 - Promoting your courses
Search engine optimisation (SEO) – How does it work 00:07:00
SEO – How to register website on Google search console 00:06:00
SEO – How to Optimise your website homepage 00:06:00
SEO – How to add a sitemap on google search 00:07:00
Social Media Marketing – Autoposting 00:04:00
Facebook Groups 00:04:00
Twitter – Following twitter accounts 00:06:00
Twitter – How to get twitter followers 00:09:00
YouTube SEO techniques 00:07:00
YouTube keyword research 00:05:00
Instagram – How to get genuine Instagram followers 00:05:00
Instagram – Secret of hashtags 00:03:00
Paid Advertising – Facebook Ads 00:03:00
Google Adwords – Different types of campaigns 00:06:00
Section 8 - Conclusion
Thank You 00:01:00

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