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Accompanying this Learn German Language: Complete German Course – Intermediate course step-by-step can increase your understanding of German grammar and help you instantly gain a solid understanding of the most dominant approaches and concepts that can exceedingly help you in learning German.

The core of this course is to introduce you to every aspect that you need to know about German to have the real conversation with a native German speaker. You will introduce with the vocabulary, grammatical rules, vowel sounds, pronunciation, sentence structure, punctuation, and a detailed outline of the German language.

The course will benefit you in strengthening your communication skills and fluency in this language. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to converse in a German accent and write the German language.

What you’ll learn

  • The #1 German Course for Intermediate.
  • Reach your German language goals now and in the future, increasing your opportunities for both personal and professional success.
  • German vocabulary, German grammar rules (covering verbs, tenses, German syntax and many more), German pronunciation (thanks to the native German speaking teacher), famous Germans, a brief history of Germany, German dialects.
  • Speaking real, grammatically correct German fluently, effortlessly and confidently.
  • Improve your listening and comprehension skills with native German through ear training and visual learning thanks to the native German speaking teacher, interactive board and included .pdf materials.
  • Be confident regarding your German skills (B1 level, intermediate German) by lots of practice after every lesson.


  • Beginner Level German knowledge is required.
  • Videos are in German language.
  • Native German speaking Teacher.
  • Included: Free Demo Lessons & .pdf materials.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn German fast and easy.
  • Anyone who wants to advance to the intermediate level of German Language.
  • If you are nearly advanced you can improve your German with this course.

Course Curriculum

Learn German – Famous Germans of the present FREE 00:19:00
Learn German – The imperfect (weak verbs) 00:11:00
Learn German – The imperfect of ‘having,’ ‘being,’ and ‘becoming’ 00:11:00
Learn German – The past tense of strong verbs 00:15:00
Learn German – Exercises – Imperfect and explanations 00:12:00
Learn German – Recap – Nominative and Accusative 00:10:00
Learn German – Exercises and examples with the Nominative and A 00:24:00
Learn German – The Dative 00:17:00
Learn German – The Dative – Exercises 00:17:00
Learn German – The Genitive 00:13:00
Learn German – The Genitive – Exercises 00:19:00
Learn German – Two-way prepositions 00:11:00
Learn German – Brief History of Germany II 00:18:00
Learn German – Brief History of Germany III 00:14:00
Learn German – What is German- Part II 00:16:00
Learn German – German dialects still spoken today 00:11:00
Learn German – Recap exercises Lessons 2-10 00:12:00
Learn German – Recap exercises Lessons 11-19 00:12:00
Learn German – The Syntax – Part I- The main clause (I) 00:12:00
Learn German – The Syntax – Part I- The main clause (II) 00:11:00
Learn German – The Syntax – Part II- The subordinate clause 00:11:00
Learn German – The Syntax – Part II- The subordinate clause (I+II) 00:12:00
Learn German – The Syntax – Part III- The Conjunctions 00:19:00
Learn German – Exercises for Conjunctions, Subjunctions, Conjunct 00:16:00
Learn German – Often used subordinate clauses with subjunctions 00:13:00
Learn German – Exercises with subordinate clauses with subjunctio 00:14:00
Learn German – Recap exercises Lessons 22-29 00:17:00
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This course is for anyone who's interested in this topic and wants to learn more about it. This course will also help you gain potential professional skills.

No prior qualifications are needed to take this course.

You can study this course from wherever and whenever you want. You can study at your own pace and from any device. Just log in to your account from any device and start learning!

Yes, there is a test at the end of the course. Once you’ve completed all the modules of the course, you will have to give a multiple-choice test. The questions will be based on the topics of the modules you studied. And of course, you can take the test at any time, from any device and from anywhere you want.

Don’t worry if you fail the test, you can retake it as many times as you want.

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