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This Kinesio Taping Course course is designed to develop your knowledge of what Kinesio taping is, how it works, and how to prepare it and apply it on others for treating different ailments. Throughout the course, you will learn the theory and practical components to Kinesio taping. 

You will also discover how Kinesio taping can be applied for pain relief and faster recovery from injury. Master the techniques needed to effectively use kinesiology, including the significant functions and effects of Kinesio taping and the methods of safely removing Kinesio taping from the skin.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain a firm understanding of Kinesio taping. 
  • Be able to explain and prepare the different strips of Kinesio taping. 
  • Have a solid knowledge of the proposed impacts of kinesiology taping.
  • Be able to successfully prepare and apply Kinesio taping safely and effectively on others.
  • Learn to remove kinesiology tape safely.
  • Understand how to correctly apply Kinesio taping to different regions using its principles.
  • Learn to apply Kinesiology tape to clients, family, and friends or even to yourself.


  • The course states that it is for massage therapists but it really can be done by anyone. Mark takes you through from the basic applications to more advanced techniques .
  • You will need to have kinesio tape, maybe some moist towelettes to clean the area( but you can just use soap and water) and sharp scissors

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for people that would like to see better results in decreasing pain and helping injuries heal more quickly by using kinesio taping.
  • You do not have to be a massage therapist, this course can be done by people that treat individuals whether that is through reiki, aromatherapy, acupressure or simply would just like to learn the amazing benefits of using kinesio tape for themselves, their friends or their family

Course Curriculum

Welcome to my course! FREE 00:01:00
How does it work? 00:02:00
A brief history of kinesio tape 00:02:00
What you are going to need to do kinesiology taping 00:03:00
An introduction on how to use kinesio tape 00:04:00
How to apply the tape 00:08:00
How to remove the tape correctly 00:03:00
Contraindications and precautions 00:02:00
Now it’s time to reinforce everything..let’s do this thing! 00:01:00
Taping for the arms, forearms, elbows, wrist and thumbs
Now its time to apply our knowledge! 00:01:00
Biceps 00:04:00
Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) 00:02:00
Golfers elbow 00:03:00
General elbow pain/instability 00:03:00
Olecranon bursitis 00:05:00
Carpal tunnel syndrome/anterior wrist pain/grip strength 00:03:00
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome No. 2 00:04:00
De Quervain Syndrome, gamer’s thumb, Mothers thumb 00:04:00
TFCC, ulnar sided wrist pain 00:03:00
General wrist pain ( arthritis/weakness/instability/pain/injury) 00:03:00
Taping for the quadriceps/ Knees/Hamstrings
Quadriceps 00:02:00
Haematomas of the quadriceps 00:04:00
Full knee support 00:03:00
Runners knee/patella femoral pain 00:05:00
Medial and lateral specific knee pain 00:04:00
Knee alternative using a single strip 00:02:00
Osgood Schlatters disease 00:02:00
Hamstrings 00:03:00
Iliotibial band 00:05:00
Taping For The Back/Neck/Shoulders
A crick in the neck 00:02:00
Lower back taping on yourself 00:05:00
Lower back to a client 00:02:00
The dreaded trapezius muscle neck pain 00:01:00
Introduction to the shoulder 00:03:00
How shoulders impinge and how to help them 00:06:00
Taping for the Supraspinatus 00:02:00
Taping for general shoulder support/pain 00:04:00
Taping for the Lower Leg/ Feet
Calf pain 00:02:00
Achilles Tendon problems 00:02:00
Posterior Shin splints 00:04:00
Anterior shin splints/soreness 00:03:00
Plantar fasciitis 00:03:00
Plantar fasciitis 2 00:04:00
Treating the swollen ankle (acute phase 48/72 hours) 00:04:00
Ankle Sprains( For Pain and healing) 00:02:00
X marks the spot 00:02:00
Ankle Sprains (Full support for pain, instability and healing) 00:07:00
Should I charge extra for my treatment if I apply Kinesio tape on the client? 00:02:00
Congratulations 00:01:00


This course is for anyone who's interested in this topic and wants to learn more about it. This course will also help you gain potential professional skills.

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