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Judie’s Story: An Intimate Decluttering & Organizing Journey will take you through the incredible moments of Judie’s personal decluttering and organizing journey. Watch how two professional organizers guide Judie on how to declutter and organize her home.

If you are feeling frustrated in your living space with too much clutter and no organization system in place, this Judie’s Story: An Intimate Decluttering & Organizing Journey will inspire and empower you to take action to improve your home environment. This Judie’s Story: An Intimate Decluttering & Organizing Journey will show you Judie’s struggles, her achievements, and the amazing transformation that she created in her living spaces and personal life. The aim of this decluttering and organising course is to help you create and design a home where you can unwind and feel great!

What you’ll learn

  • Watch a real story as it happened. Understand challenges and the method followed. Get inspired and empowered to take action. Being able to declutter and organize your own home.


  • This is an 8 part mini-series where you can see how we helped Judie transform her cluttered apartment into a very nice and functional living space. You need to be ready to watch a real story as it happened. Be open-minded to new ideas. Be respectful about Judie’s feelings and emotions. (She shares a LOT)

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:02:00
Judie's Story - 8 Part Mini-Series by KW Professional Organizers
Part 1 – Meet Judie 00:09:00
Part 2 – The Kitchen 00:14:00
Part 3 – The Closet + The Bathroom 00:12:00
Part 4 – The Storage 00:13:00
Part 5 – The Bedroom 00:19:00
Part 6 – The Living Room 00:10:00
Part 7 – Follow-up Visit Five Weeks Later 00:34:00
Part 8 – Judie’s Reflections 00:34:00
Next Steps
Conclusion & Next Steps for YOU 00:02:00
Bonus Episodes
8 Months Later – Bonus Episode 1 00:18:00
Time Management – Bonus Episode 2 00:16:00
Personal Finances – Bonus Episode 3 00:18:00
Judie’s Guided Tour – Bonus Episode 4 00:39:00

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