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What Will I Learn?

  • By the end of this course, ou will have Improved your brain health, enhanced your memory and expanded your attention!
  • In this easy and quick to course, you will learn a memory retention technique that can be applied to all levels of business and your personal life It will have a positive effect on your daily life Guaranteed to impress! Learn the basics within 35 minutes! No more “To Do” lists will ever be needed! You will be able to remember countless things in your mind! No more diaries needed to remember appointments! You will be able to learn new skills much simpler and faster! Remembering names & faces of clients & friends will be easy!
  • You will receive:
  • 9 Video Lectures
  • PowerCharge Your Memory E-Book PDF
  • Bonus E-Book: Active Listening PDF
  • Another bonus E-Book: Improve Your Self Image PDF
  • Certificate of Completion


  • A curious mind and a desire to learn a life skill that you will have for life!


It’s easier than you think!

Impress your boss, co-workers, friends & family!

Improve your pass rate by leaps and bounds at university, college or school!

Instantly remember names, places & faces!

Here is a complete 9 lecture video course that will teach you incredible memory skills that will change your life!

You will learn practical, easy implementable life skills that will last a lifetime!

The entire course should take you no longer than 1 week. In fact, you can learn the basics and apply amazing memory skills in your life within 35 minutes!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anybody from age 16 to 96

Course Curriculum

20/30 Systems 00:40:00
General Tips
General Memory Tips 00:16:00
Tips on Studying
Study Techniques 00:19:00
Remember Names
Remembering Names & Faces 00:28:00
Mega Advanced Memory System
Phonetic System 1 – 25 00:21:00
Phonetic System 26 – 50 00:09:00
Phonetic System 51 – 75 00:10:00
Phonetics 76 – 100 00:13:00
Final Tips and Wrap-Up
Final Tips & Conclusion 00:09:00

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