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“How to Write, Create and
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Course Curriculum

The 7 Day Ecourse
Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Planning Your Course FREE 00:01:00
Designing Your Excel Template FREE 00:01:00
Maintaining Your Discipline 00:01:00
Finding The Time 00:01:00
Choosing Your Topic 00:01:00
Researching Your Subject 00:01:00
Using a Questionnaire 00:01:00
Using Social Media 00:01:00
Compiling Your Course 00:01:00
The Writing of Your Course 00:01:00
Editing Your Course 00:01:00
Planning The Shoot 00:01:00
The Equipment You’ll Need 00:01:00
The Teleprompter 00:01:00
Film Making Software 00:01:00
Your Props List 00:01:00
Presentation – How You Look 00:01:00
Film Editing 00:01:00
Choosing Your Platforms 00:01:00
Uploading Your Course 00:01:00
Your Sales Page 00:01:00
Extra Sales Page Tactics 00:01:00
The Launch 00:01:00


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