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“I love this course. It taught me how to use the cups in ways I had never seen before. I’ve already bought myself a set of silicone cups to practice with my family and friends and, in a few weeks, I’ll start using them on my clients!” – Ivelissa M

“The instructor was professional, knowledgeable and the audio/video quality was great. With the information presented in the course, I feel confident in using these techniques to improve the Cupping Therapy treatments I provide my clients. It was an AWESOME course. I learned a lot. Thank you for providing it.” – Keva Larthridge-Mack

Welcome to the Cupping Massage Mastery course where you will learn how to integrate the modern adaptation of cupping therapy using silicone cups into a massage session.

Performing advanced bodywork techniques such as Myofascial Release and Trigger Point therapy has never been simpler thanks to Cupping Massage.

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn over a dozen cupping massage techniques (such as Paraspinal Release and Reverse Pin & Stretch) that will allow you to go deeper and get even faster results with less pain than just deep tissue massage alone.
  • Follow along as you’ll learn step by step cupping treatments for a variety of chronic pain conditions such as rotator cuff strain, tennis elbow, knee pain, low back pain and sciatica, as well as a number of sports injury protocols for the lower extremities that keep my athletic clients performing better and injury-free.
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to integrate silicone cupping therapy into a massage session, work with a greater range of clients and wider variety of conditions, explain cupping marks to clients and apply safety precautions by knowing about contraindications.


  • The only pre-requisites for joining the course are that you’re a professionally licensed healthcare professional or bodyworker and have completed a course in Anatomy and Physiology.

Course Curriculum

Top 3 Benefits of Cupping 00:02:00
A Brief History of Cupping
A Brief History of Cupping 00:05:00
A Word About Cupping Marks
A Word About Cupping Marks 00:03:00
Cupping Contraindications
Cupping Contraindications 00:05:00
Supplies and Room Set Up
Supplies and Room Set Up 00:05:00
Cupping Massage Techniques
Applying and Removing The Sllicone Cups 00:01:00
Light Friction Without Suction 00:01:00
Single Paraspinal Release 00:01:00
Double Paraspinal Release 00:01:00
Single Cup Lift and Twist 00:01:00
Double Cup Lift & Twist 00:01:00
Rib Release with Breath 00:01:00
Reverse Cross Fiber Friction 00:01:00
Trigger Point Release 00:01:00
Suction Release 00:01:00
Plunger Method 00:01:00
Popping Method 00:01:00
Cupping in Side lying Position 00:02:00
Reverse Pin & Stretch for the Neck 00:02:00
Reverse Pin & Stretch for the Shoulders 00:01:00
Reverse Pin & Stretch for Pecs 00:01:00
Reverse Pin & Stretch for Biceps 00:01:00
Reverse Pin & Stretch for Subscapularis 00:01:00
Reverse Pin & Stretch for Hamstrings 00:04:00
Active Cupping 00:02:00
Lymphatic Cupping for Back 00:01:00
Flash Cupping 00:03:00
Stationary Cupping 00:02:00
Cupping for Rotator Cuff
Cupping for Rotator Cuff 00:04:00
Cupping for the Forearms & Hand
Cupping for the Forearms 00:07:00
Cupping for the Hips Hamstrings & IT Band
Cupping for the Hips 00:08:00
Reverse Pin & Stretch for the Hamstrings and IT Band 00:04:00
Cupping for the Calves & Feet
Cupping for the Calves 00:04:00
Cupping for Plantar Fasciitis 00:02:00
Cupping for the Quads & Adductors
Cupping for the Adductors 00:02:00
Cupping for the Quads 00:03:00
Cupping for Knee Pain
Cupping for Knee Pain 00:03:00
Cupping for Shin Splints
Cupping for Shin Splints 00:04:00
Massage Cupping Techniques for Shin & Calves
Massage Cupping Techniques for Shin and Calves 00:06:00
Safety and Sanitation of Cups
Safety and Sanitation of Cups 00:05:00


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