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Do you know that aromatherapy has its roots in ancient history, and essential oils are an integral part of it? If you want to treat people’s physical and emotional health conditions through aromatherapy and the therapeutical uses of essential oils, you can take this Clinical aromatherapy course. Whether you have a keen interest in essential oils and aromatherapy or want to pursue a career in aromatherapy, this course is a perfect choice for you.

Throughout this Clinical aromatherapy course, we’ll walk you through the fascinating world of essential oils and aromatherapy. This aromatherapy course is designed to teach you how to get the best clinical results of essential oils by combining them with the most effective carrier oils. 

If you want to extend your knowledge of the incredible healing benefits of essential oils and their best uses for aromatherapy, you should consider taking this Clinical aromatherapy course.

What you’ll learn:

  • Gain sufficient knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils 
  • Learn where certain plants produce essential oils 
  • Get an understanding of the dilution rates and learn about the best carrier oils for treating skin conditions and small areas
  • Understand why lavender is considered the most versatile essential oil and familiarise with its various beneficial uses 
  • Get a solid understanding of the effects of aromatherapy on our physical and emotional well-being 
  • Learn about the various methods of extracting essential oils 
  • Familiarise with the important safety measures of essential oils 
  • Get a sweeping overview of the different techniques of aromatherapy application 
  • Expand your knowledge of various physical and mental conditions and disorders and learn how to treat them with aromatherapy
  • Get a handy list of essential oils for different skin types 


  • When starting this aromatherapy course, you only need a keen interest in essential oils and how they can be best applied to help yourself and others.

Who this course is for:

  • People that love using essential oils and want to know how to get the best results by using aromatherapy from research-based information on essential oil studies

Course Curriculum

Welcome to my aromatherapy course!
Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Before we start FREE 00:03:00
What is aromatherapy 00:02:00
Where do certain plants have essential oils? 00:02:00
Why does the cost of essential oils vary so much? 00:02:00
What to look for when buying essential oils 00:06:00
How Essential Oils Can Be Adulterated 00:04:00
I just bought some fake ‘pure’ essential oils! 00:04:00
Storing your essential oils 00:02:00
Best carrier oils for skin conditions and small areas 00:03:00
Carrier Oils and what I think is the best for massage 00:03:00
Dilution Rates 00:07:00
What on earth do these words mean? 00:01:00
Lavender- The Most Versatile Oil Ever!
If I only had lavender oil, what can I do with it? 00:08:00
A quick word about whether to use lavender neat (undiluted) or not. 00:01:00
Treating bites and stings with lavender 00:02:00
Lots of great ways to use lavender in your daily life. 00:06:00
Essential Oils-How they are absorbed into our bloodstream
How does aromatherapy affect our minds and bodies? 00:07:00
What is the quickest base to get the E.O.s into your bloodstream? 00:02:00
How to increase your absorption rate even more 00:01:00
The garlic test 00:01:00
The various ways to extract essential oils
What you will learn in this section 00:01:00
The Steam and Water Distillation process 00:02:00
Cold Expression 00:01:00
Solvent Extraction 00:02:00
Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Extraction 00:01:00
Enfleurage 00:01:00
Summary 00:03:00
Essential Oil Safety
Using essential oils safely is paramount 00:01:00
Some Good News For People With High Blood Pressure 00:01:00
Dealing with poisoning and skin reactions 00:06:00
A word about using citrus oils and photosensitivity 00:03:00
Oils that must be avoided in pregnancy and nursing mothers. 00:01:00
What you should not do 00:01:00
The various way to apply aromatherapy
Introduction to the ways to apply your aromatherapy 00:01:00
A Word About Aromatherapy Baths 00:02:00
Warm and Cold Compresses 00:04:00
Roller Balls 00:02:00
Bath and body products 00:01:00
Small topical creams, oils and lotions 00:01:00
Foot Baths 00:01:00
Steam Inhalation 00:01:00
Diffusers/inhalation 00:01:00
Full body massage 00:01:00
Room sprays 00:01:00
To summarize the best ways to apply aromatherapy for the various conditions 00:02:00
Helping stress and insomnia
What we are going to go through from now on 00:01:00
Let’s take a look at stress 00:02:00
A handy list of essential oils for emotional states 00:01:00
Using aromatherapy for stress and insomnia 00:07:00
What some studies say about helping anxiety and depression 00:03:00
Let’s use this knowledge in a practical situation 00:05:00
Musculoskeletal System Disorders
What you are going to learn in this section 00:01:00
How to treat acute injuries 00:06:00
How to treat chronic pain 00:03:00
Headaches 00:02:00
How to treat arthritis 00:04:00
If I had just 1 essential oil to treat pain with, it would be this one 00:01:00
A 2018 Study on Knee Osteoarthritis Pain Using Lavender 00:01:00
A Study that increased Athletic Performance With Aromatherapy 00:01:00
Bruises 00:02:00
Varicose veins 00:02:00
Lymphatic System Disorders
Treating swelling, edema and cellulite 00:03:00
Respiratory System Disorders
Treating Respiratory Disorders 00:02:00
Treating Sinusitis 00:01:00
Treating Asthma 00:02:00
Treating Chronic Bronchitis 00:01:00
Treating Hayfever 00:01:00
Treating allergies with the big 4 essential oils 00:01:00
Digestive System Disorders
Digestive disorders in general 00:03:00
Treating nausea 00:01:00
Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 00:01:00
Treating Constipation 00:02:00
Treating Weight Loss 00:02:00
Treating Female Reproductive Disorders
Treating Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) 00:02:00
Treating PMS 00:02:00
Treating Menopause 00:03:00
Treating Skin Disorders
Looking at treating certain skin conditions 00:01:00
A Handy List Of essential Oils For Skin Types 00:02:00
Treating Dermatitis/Eczema 00:02:00
Studies on using sandalwood for eczema and psoriasis 00:01:00
Treating Psoriasis 00:02:00
Studies using tea tree EO for acne 00:02:00
Treating hair loss and scalp issues 00:02:00
Treating Burns 00:03:00
Treating Scars 00:02:00
Treating Athletes Foot ( Tinea Pedis) 00:02:00
Some Studies Have Shown Effective Treatments With Wrinkles 00:02:00
Make your own anti-aging serum 00:01:00
Stretch Marks Oil 00:01:00
Hand Sanitizer Spray 00:01:00
Congratulations! You have completed the course. 00:01:00
Additional Resources
Resources: Clinical aromatherapy course 00:00:00


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