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This is a course that helps you to learn the pro’s and con’s about Bullet Journaling. Not everyone needs technology to be proactive. In fact, it’s much better to use good old pen and paper sometimes. ‘What the heck is Bullet Journaling?’ will provide you with knowledge creating a powerful tool for reflection. You will develop productive habits that reinforce this new habit, so it’s a life-long investment of your time spent learning.

‘What the heck is Bullet Journaling’ contains over 1.5 hours worth of content. It is designed for anyone who wants to be productive in life regardless of any previous Bullet Journaling experience.

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What you’ll learn

  • Explain clearly what Bullet Journaling is and who created it.
  • Create a Bullet Journal.
  • Positive Journaling Habits.
  • Creative ways to design your journal.


  • No previous knowledge of keeping a journal is required.
  • Writing instrument (Example: pen / pencil / marker)
  • Journal / Paper (Do not purchase a journal until you finish the course)

Course Curriculum

Who is Samantha Kristoferson FREE 00:02:00
Warming Up Exercise 00:01:00
History of Bullet Journal FREE 00:02:00
Before You Get Started! 00:03:00
What the heck is Bullet Journaling 00:10:00
A Recipe for an Extraordinary Life. Organization Minimalism Self Care FREE 00:04:00
Setting Up Your Bullet Journal
Basic Set Up Type of Journal + # of Pages Required 00:04:00
Equipment + Supplies Necessary 00:05:00
Hacks and Tips — an overview 00:06:00
Step-by-step with the Bullet Journal System
Creating an Index 00:01:00
Creating a Key 00:01:00
Creating a Future Log 00:02:00
Creating a Month-At-A Glance 00:02:00
Creating a Daily Entry 00:02:00
Creating Lists and Trackers 00:03:00
Closer lool at Hacks and Tips
Post-its 00:04:00
Divider Tab 00:03:00
Tape Important Pages 00:03:00
Cut out Marks 00:03:00
Envelope Pockets 00:02:00
Making Journaling a Life Long Habit
How to create journal habits 00:05:00
Congratulations! 00:04:00
Reflection about my 2018 Bullet Journal FREE 00:05:00
Setting up my Journal for 2019 00:02:00
Overview of my Weekly Planner Exercise 00:02:00
Overview of the 7 Ingredients Exercise FREE 00:02:00
Emilio´s Journal 00:05:00
Why Bullet Journaling Is So Popular 00:03:00
How to Reduce Overwhelm Using Journaling 00:02:00
Self Improvement Template Tutorials
Visualize Your Ideal Week Tutorial 00:02:00
Top 10 Self Care List 00:02:00
Lifestyle Design Template Tutorial 00:02:00
A Minimalist Habit Tracker Template Tutorial 00:01:00

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