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The Complete guide for Web Development

Looking for variety, good pay and career progression? Interested in learning Web developing? Then you have hit the jackpot! The demands are high for web developers as companies try to supersede their competitors’ digital presence and e-commerce functionalities.

Web developers build and maintain websites and web applications. Although their work usually focuses solely on the underlying software and databases, some web developers work on the interface and visual design while others work on both. In all cases a web developer’s primary task is creating reliable and high performing applications and services, which can be accessed over the internet. Web development is also one of the most fastest growing sector of Software development, so the you can guarantee that a job as a Web developer will always be available as long as you keep up with the trend in technology.

Accredited Web Development Complete Course is the complete guide on becoming a professional Web Developer and will make you learn all skills demanded by a company when they hire their own Web developer. So take this course and enhance your skills and become a professional Web developer.

Course Highlights

Accredited Web Development Complete Course is an award winning and the best selling course that has been given the CPD Certification & IAO accreditation. It is the most suitable course anyone looking to work in this or relevant sector.

It is considered one of the perfect courses in the UK that can help students/learners to get familiar with the topic and gain necessary skills to perform well in this field. We have packed Accredited Web Development Complete Course into 263 modules for teaching you everything you need to become successful in this profession.

To provide you ease of access, this course is designed for both part-time and full-time students. You can become accredited in just 3 days, 5 hours and it is also possible to study at your own pace.

We have experienced tutors who will help you throughout the comprehensive syllabus of this course and answer all your queries through email.

For further clarification, you will be able to recognize your qualification by checking the validity from our dedicated website.

Why You Should Choose Accredited Web Development Complete Course

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • No hidden fees or exam charges
  • CPD Accredited certification on successful completion
  • Full Tutor support on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • Efficient exam system, assessment and instant results
  • Download Printable PDF certificate immediately after completion
  • Obtain the original print copy of your certificate, dispatch the next working day for as little as £9.
  • Improve your chance of gaining professional skills and better earning potential.

Who is this Course for?

Accredited Web Development Complete Course is CPD certified and IAO accredited. This makes it perfect for anyone trying to learn potential professional skills.

As there is no experience and qualification required for this course, it is available for all students from any academic backgrounds.


Our Accredited Web Development Complete Course is fully compatible with any kind of device. Whether you are using Windows computer, Mac, smartphones or tablets, you will get the same experience while learning. Besides that, you will be able to access the course with any kind of internet connection from anywhere at any time without any kind of limitation.

Career Path

You will be ready to enter the relevant job market after completing this course. You will be able to gain necessary knowledge and skills required to succeed in this sector. All our Diplomas’ are CPD and IAO accredited so you will be able to stand out in the crowd by adding our qualifications to your CV and Resume.

Course Curriculum

Accredited Web Development Complete Course - Updated Version
Section 01: Getting Started
Introduction to Getting Started 00:02:00
Course Curriculum 00:07:00
How to Get Pre-Requisites 00:04:00
Getting Started On Windows or Linux@ 00:03:00
How to ask Great Questions 00:03:00
FAQ’s 00:01:00
Section 02: HTML 5
Introduction to HTML 5 00:06:00
Your First Hello World! Webpage 00:13:00
Overview of a Webpage 00:07:00
Creating a Full HTML Webpage 00:14:00
Header Tags 00:07:00
Paragraph Tags 00:08:00
Formatting Text 00:15:00
Unordered Lists 00:05:00
Ordered Lists 00:04:00
Images 00:09:00
Forms 00:11:00
Form Actions 00:07:00
Tables 00:12:00
Links 00:08:00
HTML Entities 00:05:00
IFrames 00:05:00
Integrate All Together 00:05:00
Setting Up Hosting Environment 00:06:00
Installing The free FTP Solution (FileZilla) 00:04:00
Setting Up FTP(File Transfer Protocol) 00:05:00
Upload Project to Hosting Server 00:06:00
References to HTML5 00:01:00
HTML5 Assessment Test 00:02:00
Solution for HTML5 & CSS3 Assessment Test 00:03:00
06 HTML5 Questions and Answers 00:08:00
Section 03: CSS 3
Introduction to CSS 3 00:07:00
What is CSS 00:04:00
Inline CSS 00:05:00
Internal CSS 00:09:00
Classes and IDs 00:08:00
Divs 00:06:00
Colors 00:07:00
Floating 00:13:00
Positioning 00:07:00
Margins 00:08:00
Padding 00:07:00
Borders 00:10:00
Fonts 00:08:00
Styling Text 00:04:00
Aligning Text 00:06:00
Styling Links 00:06:00
CSS Project – – Website 00:07:00
External CSS 00:07:00
References to CSS 00:01:00
CSS Assessment Test 00:02:00
Solution for CSS Assessment Test 00:04:00
05 CSS Questions and Answers 00:05:00
Changing a Website Content 00:06:00
Section 04: JavaScript
Introduction to JavaScript 00:03:00
What is JavaScript 00:06:00
Accessing Elements 00:18:00
Responding to a Click 00:28:00
Manipulating Styles with JavaScript 00:07:00
Mini Challenge – Disappearing div tag 00:05:00
If Statements 00:09:00
JavaScript Mini Project Counter – Inc-dec 00:08:00
While Loop Statements 00:08:00
For Loop Statements 00:06:00
Functions 00:07:00
JavaScript Project – Stopwatch 00:07:00
External JavaScript 00:06:00
References for JavaScript 00:01:00
JavaScript Assessment Test 00:02:00
Solution for JavaScript Assessment Test 00:05:00
06 JavaScript Questions and Answers 00:05:00
Section 05: jQuery
Introduction to jQuery 00:02:00
What is jQuery 00:04:00
How to Use jQuery in Webpage 00:06:00
Detecting a Link 00:09:00
Changing Website content 00:13:00
Changing Website Styles 00:05:00
Fading Content 00:08:00
Animating Content 00:08:00
Ajax 00:05:00
Regular Expressions 00:20:00
Mini Project – Form Validation 00:14:00
What is jQuery UI 00:04:00
Draggables & Resizables 00:05:00
Droppables 00:03:00
Accordion tools 00:04:00
Sortables 00:02:00
Menu 00:03:00
jQuery Project – Code Player 00:05:00
jQuery References 00:01:00
jQuery Assessment Test 00:01:00
Solution for jQuery Assessment Test 00:03:00
04 jQuery Questions and Answers 00:03:00
Bootstrap 4 Assessment Test 00:01:00
Section 06: Bootstrap 4
Introduction to Bootstrap 4 00:02:00
What is Bootstrap 4 00:03:00
First Bootstrap Website 00:08:00
The Grid System 00:07:00
Introducing Navbars 00:06:00
Forms 00:02:00
Tables 00:05:00
Bootstrap Components 00:06:00
Cards 00:06:00
Modals 00:05:00
Popovers 00:04:00
Tooltips 00:04:00
ScrollSpy 00:05:00
Project – App Landing Page 00:05:00
The Free Bootstrap Themes 00:02:00
References – Bootstrap 4 00:01:00
Solution for Bootstrap 4 Assessment Test 00:01:00
05 Bootstrap 4 Questions and Answers 00:03:00
Section 07: WordPress
Introduction to WordPress 00:03:00
What is WordPress 00:06:00
The WordPress Installation 00:22:00
The WordPress Configuration 00:03:00
The WordPress Dashboard 00:04:00
WordPress Themes 00:08:00
Creating a Blog 00:03:00
Creating an e-Commerce Site 00:05:00
References – WordPress 00:01:00
WordPress Challenge Assessment Test – Create a Site 00:01:00
Solution for WordPress Assessment Test 00:02:00
05 WordPress Questions and Answers 00:03:00
Section 08: PHP
Introduction to PHP 00:02:00
What is PHP 00:04:00
Installation for Apache, PHP & MySQL 00:06:00
PHP Hello World Program 00:08:00
Variables 00:10:00
Arrays 00:04:00
If Statements 00:05:00
While Loop 00:05:00
Do-While Loop 00:03:00
For Loop 00:06:00
For Each Loop 00:07:00
PHP Methods 00:08:00
GET Variables 00:09:00
POST Variables 00:04:00
Sending an Email With PHP 00:04:00
Project – Contact Form 00:08:00
References – PHP 00:01:00
PHP Assessment Test 00:01:00
Solution for PHP Assessment Test 00:04:00
05 PHP Questions and Answers 00:04:00
Section 09: MySQL
Introduction to MySQL 00:04:00
What is MySQL 00:03:00
Connecting to a Database 00:09:00
Inserting Data rows 00:15:00
Retrieving Data From A Database 00:05:00
Update / Modifying Data rows 00:08:00
Reading Multiple Data Rows through Loop 00:05:00
Session Variables 00:07:00
Cookies 00:05:00
Storing Passwords Securely 00:05:00
References – MySQL 00:01:00
MySQL Assessment Test 00:02:00
Solution for MySQL Assessment Test 00:02:00
04 MySQL Questions and Answers 00:02:00
Section 10: APIs
Welcome to the world of programming! FREE 00:30:00
Introduction to APIs 00:02:00
What is an API 00:03:00
The Google Maps API 00:07:00
Geocoding with Google Maps 00:04:00
Mini Challenge Place Auto Complete 00:04:00
Facebook Login API 00:24:00
Section 11: HTML 5 & CSS 3 Special Features
HTML 5 Form Features 00:09:00
Audio & Video 00:03:00
The HTML 5 Canvas 00:04:00
Challenge – HTML 5 Clock Face with Numbers 00:04:00
Advanced Selectors 00:03:00
Pseudo Classes 00:05:00
Gradients 00:03:00
Shadows 00:02:00
Transformations 00:03:00
Animations 00:04:00
Layout 00:04:00
Calculations 00:02:00
References – HTML 5 & CSS 3 00:01:00
HTML5 & CSS3 Assessment Test 00:01:00
Solution for HTML5 & CSS3 Assessment Test 00:03:00
05 HTML5 & CSS3 Questions and Answers 00:03:00
Section 12: Python
Introduction to Python 00:02:00
What is Python 00:02:00
Python Installation 00:06:00
Pycharm-ce IDE installation 00:06:00
Setting up environment 00:07:00
Python Hello World program 00:10:00
Variables 00:15:00
Lists in Python 00:11:00
If Statements in Python 00:08:00
While Loop in Python 00:04:00
For Loop in Python 00:08:00
Functions in Python 00:07:00
Guessing Game in Python 00:06:00
Car Game in Python 00:12:00
References – Python 00:01:00
Python Assessment Test 00:01:00
Solution for Assessment Test 00:02:00
05 Python Questions and Answers 00:04:00
Section 13: Bonus - Where do you go from here?
Where do you go from here 00:03:00
Accredited Web Development Complete Course - Old Version
Web Development Coding
HTML Basics 00:30:00
CSS Basics 01:00:00
Web Design & Development: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript 03:00:00
Web Development Basics
What Are Niche Website? 01:00:00
The Role Of Visualization In Education 00:15:00
Identify Your Best Platform Or Software 01:00:00
Select A Web Host 01:00:00
Collect Your Site 00:30:00
Building A Content Rich Website 00:30:00
Build Backlinks 00:15:00
Use SEO, Multimedia And Social Sites 01:30:00
Use Analytics 01:00:00
Wrapping Up 00:15:00
Web Designing
The Best Website Design for Your Business 01:00:00
What’s in a Domain Suffixes 00:31:00
Website Design Terminology 01:00:00
CSS Explanation 01:00:00
Website Designs & Power Stations 01:00:00
How Can I Build my Website for Free 01:00:00
Six Steps to Website Design for Beginners 01:00:00
Dreamweaver or CoffeeCup for Website Design 01:00:00
Using Dreamweaver to Create your Site Layout 01:30:00
Three Crucial Steps to Creating Your Website 01:00:00
Dos and Don’ts of Website Creation 01:00:00
SEO Basics for Effective Website Design 01:30:00
Ideas for Your Internet Business Website Design 01:00:00
Immediately Applicable Design Tips for a User-Friendly Website 01:00:00
6 Best Reasons to Create a Website 01:00:00
Common Mistakes in Website Design 01:00:00
Too Much or Too Little 00:30:00
Why Successful Website Development is Committed to Design 01:00:00
Ideas for Your Personal Website Design 01:00:00
How to Create a Social Networking Website to Enhance your Business 01:00:00
Tips for Designing an Affiliate Website 01:00:00
How to Use WordPress for your Website 01:30:00
Top 14 Reasons to Create a Blog 00:30:00
Tips for Designing a Successful Blog 00:30:00
More Tips Ahead 00:30:00
PHP Programming
Getting Started FREE 01:00:00
Let’s Start Coding! 01:00:00
PHP Strings 01:00:00
PHP Variables 01:00:00
Useful Variables 00:30:00
PHP Includes & Problem Solving 01:00:00
Tip When Creating Inc Pages 00:30:00
Redirecting Using PHP 00:30:00
Multiple Conditions 01:00:00
PHP Arrays 01:00:00
PHP Loops 01:00:00
Note on PHP Math Functions: 00:30:00
Functions 01:00:00
PHP Sessions 00:30:00
Cookies 01:00:00
Introduction to MySQL 01:00:00
Making The Connection 01:00:00
Inserting Data 01:00:00
Deleting / Removing Data 00:15:00
Using Joomla
How do I in install Joomla? 03:00:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam- Accredited Web Development Complete Course 00:30:00
Final Exam
Final Exam- Accredited Web Development Complete Course 00:30:00


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