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The 30 Day Yoga Challenge and Detox Diet Transformation System is designed to promote physical wellness and weight loss, emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness. During this in depth training, you will learn how to create miracles, healing and happiness in your own life. You’ll learn how to use yoga to transform your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. This course is designed to help you create positive health habits that will dramatically improve the quality of your life on all levels.

Whatever you may be dealing with can be healed, transformed and you can break through to the next level. Begin by following this comprehensive system. You will also learn the amazing Shakira Yoga. The rest of the part trains you about Detox diet including the knowledge about anti-ageing raw foods diet, and more.

What Will I Learn?

  • In 30 days you will learn basics, fundamentals as well as intermediate through advanced yoga, meditation and cleansing dietary practices through video, audio and ebooks


  • Physical Requirements: Yoga mat, rug or soft surface
  • Suggested: Yoga strap, block and stability ball + some shopping for healthy ingredients for the diet plan + green smoothie cleanse

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is created for women and men ages 16 through 60 with all levels of physical ability
  • All levels of ability with videos and material for beginners, intermediate and up to advanced level practices.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Course-Wide Materials
Intro to this Course and Hello From Dashama FREE 00:05:00
READ THIS FIRST: Quick Start Success Guide. Ebooks and Written Material 01:00:00
Yoga Q&A 00:34:00
Diet Q&A 01:11:00
Read this First: Create a Daily Meditation Practice 00:05:00
Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation 00:09:00
Samadhi Meditation Devi Prayer 00:21:00
Yoga Nidra Meditation 00:13:00
Guided Meditation shifting your paradigm 00:17:00
Soul Healing Guided Meditation 01:08:00
Day 1
Day 1: Read This 00:05:00
Salute the Sun! Rise & Shine with Yoga 00:05:00
Grounding Yoga 00:19:00
Day 2
Day 2 Read This 00:05:00
How to Stengthen Weak Legs 00:07:00
Day 3
Day 3: Read This 00:05:00
Meditation For Beginners 00:06:00
Beginners Vinyasa Sun Salute B 00:06:00
Day 4
Day 4: Read This 00:05:00
Yoga for Hips & Lower Back- ALL Levels 00:06:00
Beginners Shoulders Mat Vinyasa 00:03:00
Day 5
Day 5: Read This 00:05:00
Fire Practice – Vigorous Vinyasa 01:22:00
Day 6
Day 6: Read This 00:05:00
Miracle Manifestation Yoga Life in Balance 00:05:00
Day 7
Day 7: Read This 00:05:00
Intermediate Surya Namaskar Variation 00:10:00
Day 8
Day 8: Read This 00:05:00
Yoga for Hips & Inner Thighs 00:09:00
Day 9
Day 9: Read This 00:05:00
Day 10
Day 10: Read This 00:05:00
Balance Yoga Sequence- Level 2/3 00:05:00
Shakira Yoga! Hips Don’t Lie. All levels 00:06:00
Day 11
Day 11: Read This 00:05:00
Wild Thing Yoga Sequence 1 week agoMore 00:04:00
Day 12
Day 12: Read This 00:05:00
6 Pack Yoga Abs part 1 00:04:00
Day 13
Day 13: Read This 00:05:00
Back Bend Bridge Leg Sequence 00:08:00
Day 14
Day 14: Read This 00:05:00
Mantras and the Power of Om 00:04:00
6 Pack Yoga Abs Part 2 00:03:00
Day 15
Day 15: Read This 00:05:00
Sixth Chakra Practice Eyes Closed Yoga 01:11:00
Day 16
Day 16: Read This 00:05:00
Bali Booty Yoga Practice 01:09:00
Day 17
Day 17: Read This 00:05:00
HANDSTAND Press Up- Yoga 00:05:00
Day 18
Day 18: Read This 00:05:00
Face Massage and Yoga 00:09:00
Day 19
Day 19: Read This 00:05:00
Standing Shoulders and Hamstrings Sequence 00:05:00
Day 20
Day 20: Read This 00:05:00
All Levels Prayer Twist Vinyasa 00:04:00
Anti-Aging Raw Food Snack- Weight Loss Diet with Dashama 1 week agoMore 00:05:00
Day 21
Day 21: Read This 00:05:00
Advanced Core Power Sequence- Vinyasa Yoga Level 23 00:07:00
Day 22
Day 22: Read This 00:05:00
Hips & Heart Sequence- Vinyasa Yoga 23 00:05:00
Day 23
Day 23: Read This 00:05:00
Advanced Standing Balance Bow Airplane Half Lotus 00:09:00
Yoga for Knee Injury 00:11:00
Day 24
Day 24: Read This 00:05:00
Yoga for a Shoulder Injury 00:27:00
Day 25
Day 25: Read This 00:05:00
Bed Yoga Stomach Massage 00:08:00
Day 26
Day 26: Read This 00:05:00
Beginners Balance Yoga Sequence 00:05:00
Day 27
Day 27: Read This 00:05:00
Bed Yoga Morning Energizer 00:08:00
Day 28
Day 28: Read This 00:05:00
Yoga for Lower Back Pain 00:15:00
Day 29
Day 29: Read This 00:05:00
Bliss Breath Pranayama 00:06:00
Day 30
Day 30: Read This 00:05:00
Bed Yoga Wide Leg Forward Bend 00:03:00
Next Steps
Lower Back Strength and Stretch 00:06:00
Seated Forward Bends For tight hamstrings and lower back 00:08:00
Warrior Standing Power Sequence 00:06:00
Full Practice 80 minutes – All Levels 01:22:00
Dive Bomber Push Ups aka Swoop Through Push Ups 00:02:00
Yoga to Advance Your SPLITS 00:04:00
Full Wheel Drop Backs – Advanced Practice 00:03:00
Rise and Shine with Yoga Sun Salutations 00:05:00
Resource – 30 Day Yoga Challenge and Detox Diet Transformation System 00:00:00
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