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7Skills You Need to Become a Successful Professional Content Writer

If you search how to become a content writer on Google, it will return you plenty of results regarding your query. You might get lots of tips and tricks but you should remember that writing is an art and it is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you have a passion for writing and work diligently in favour of your passion, it is obvious that you can become a professional content writer by and by. 

Professional content writers possess some skills that make them successful. To become a world-class content writer, you must achieve the following essential skills:

  1. Language skills
  2. Strong analytical and research skills
  3. Concrete understanding of SEO and WordPress
  4. Focused and detail-oriented mindset
  5. Communication skills
  6. Storytelling capacity
  7. Idea generation and Calls To Action Skill

Before getting started with the essential skills, let’s explore the objectives of web contents and the elements of effective content.

Objectives Of Web Contents

Can you imagine a website without content? Certainly not!

Contents are the main ingredients that make a website readable, viewable, and browsable. The key objective of a web-content is to convey the message of the author to the audience. Other important objectives include- making a website useable, sophisticated and user-friendly. If your content contains all the elements of effective content, the objectives of web contents will be filled up.

Essential Elements Of An Effective Content

To make a web-content more effective, the following elements must be available in a content:

  • Compelling appearance 
  • Engaging paragraphs
  • Attention-grabbing and meaningful multimedia
  • Statistical evidence and social proof
  • Effective Call to Action

Skills You Must Attain To Become A Successful Content Writer

If you look around you, you will find some people who are always a step ahead in their certain fields. The reason for their success is their unique skills and expertise. To become a successful professional content writer, you must achieve the below-mentioned skills. So, let’s get started to explore the skills you must attain for being a professional content writer.

1. Language Skills

Language is the only medium which paves the way to understand and to be understood. If you want to apprehend your thoughts, ideas, and feelings, you have to possess language skills. In the case of a content writer, proficiency in the language is a must. As a professional content writer, you should have excellence in grammar, spelling, and word usage.

2. Strong Analytical And Research Skills

Without analytical and research skills, it is impossible to understand your readers. To do market research and analysing buyer persona, it is imperative to have the research and analytical skills.

In the context of content writing, web research is a must. Moreover, a proper analysis of the information will make your content more interesting and reader-friendly as well. A professional content writer possesses the strong analytical and research skills that make his contents valuable and worthy to read.

3. Concrete Understanding Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is the tactics to optimize a website for the search engines. Every web content writer must know about SEO to make his pitch search engine friendly.

Alongside the quality, you should also focus on creating original content to provide a reason to visitors for reading your blogs. If you are replicating any information which is already posted on another website, then it will be of no value for the visitors.

Along with it, the SEO of your site will be in danger if your site contains plagiarized material. In the worst-case scenario, your website can get deindexed from search engines due to plagiarism.

Hence, it is essential to plagiarism check with a plagiarism checker to identify the plagiarized material and replace it with original text before publishing any article.  

4. Basic Knowledge of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems out there. If you want to publish your content as a blog, you should have the basic skills on WordPress. As a professional content writer, your knowledge of WordPress will help you to design and publish web content.

5. Focused And Detail-oriented Mindset

Those who are focused and detail-oriented, they can remember random details incredibly. Moreover, they are diligent, and they proofread their works several times carefully with patience. As a content writer, you should possess the quality of being focused while developing your contents.

6. Communication Skills

In the web world, there are a variety of reader-types. Communication skills make it easy to reach them all. A qualified content writer must obtain communication skills to make bridges between the writer and the reader through the contents.

7. Storytelling Capacity

You won’t find a single person out there who doesn’t love stories. Our lives are surrounded by stories. As a content writer, you can use the technique of storytelling in your content. If you can articulate your content as a story, your readers will find your content more interesting. Hence, you should possess the technique of storytelling to make your pitches more worthy to read.

8. Idea Generation And Calls To Action Skill

You can’t retain your readers unless you generate new ideas. Because people are bored with old fluffy pieces of stuff. Those who are professional writers, they always generate new and unique ideas to grab the attention of their readers. Furthermore, they can persuade the audience to make a decision in favour of their call to action. If you want to become a successful marketing content writer, you must have the idea generation and calls to action skills.

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The Structure Of An Ideal Content

An ideal content consists of some basic elements. Perfect presentation of the elements makes the content more readable and engaging. You should develop your content in such a way that the content can be scanned. The structure of an ideal content is as follows:

Title of the content: Title should contain the essence of the whole content. It represents the content.

Introduction: Introduction should be lucid and manifest the theme of the content. The introduction makes the mind of readers to continue to the rest or quit it. 

Headings & sub-headings: An ideal content should have several headings and sub-headings. The focus keyphrases should be placed naturally within the headings and sub-headings. 

Engaging paragraphs: The paragraphs should be kept short and simple but significant. Easy words and phrases should be used while developing contents. 

Compelling imagery: Ideal content should contain meaningful and compelling imagery. Moreover, engaging video can be integrated with the content to increase user retention time. 

Drawing logical conclusion: An ideal content ends with a logical conclusion. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Here are some examples of ideal contents:

HubSpot’s Kayla Carmicheal wrote content on Social Media Content Ideas, which can be marked as an ideal content.

Similarly, David Peterson, a top author of e-learning Industry, wrote this content, where he articulated his thoughts in a precise manner. 

Ahrefs’ Head of Content Joshua Hardwick wrote content on Search Engines, which drives thousands of traffic to their website. 

The Power Of Storytelling

From the time immemorial, humans have been sharing stories. Stories create emotion and build a strong meaningful connection. 

The National Storytelling Network defines storytelling as:

“Storytelling is an ancient art form and a valuable form of human expression. It is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination.”

There are scientific proofs in favour of the power of storytelling. Study.com published a scientific article regarding the Neuroscience of Storytelling. The study shows that the story increases the level of Oxytocin, a hormone that promotes the feeling of love, bonding and well-being. It’s a fact that our brains are made to connect with stories.

If you want to sell your product, you have to tell your stories. The audience loves stories, not the jargon texts. To prevent your readers from scrolling, swiping or clicking away, you have to tell them interesting stories. Since stories are easy to consume and remember, you can put forward your core messages through telling stories.

Why Storytelling Is Important For Content Writing

Superfine content contains stories that connect with the audience emotionally. The importance of storytelling in content writing is stated below:

  • Building a stronger and deeper connection with the readers
  • Adding human elements to the content and brand as well
  • Building trust in your brand and increasing brand loyalty
  • Engaging the audience to the business and thus turn them into loyal customers
  • Binding content together (without stories content seems to be scattered)
  • Winning the market competition

How a Content Writing Course Will Boost Your Writing Capacity and Career

The easiest and fastest way to learn content writing and boosting the existing skills is to enrol in an online blog writing course. You can earn a professional qualification on web content writing by enrolling to the accredited online courses like Diploma in Content Writing. An online article writing course will boost your writing capacity in the following ways: 

  • Learn the secrets of writing: Online courses are offered by industry experts. You can learn and explore the core secrets of writing techniques through an online course.
  • Easy access: You can access online courses anytime from anywhere. This will boost your efficiency in content writing. 
  • Authorised certification: You can earn an authorised certificate which will enhance your confidence and credibility.

Learners’ Views On The Online Content Writing Course

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“It was an amazing journey with iStudy. The quality of the course was too good. It was very handy for me and I found the course worthy to study.”

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So, what are you waiting for? 

Enrol now and kickstart a new career in content writing


Effective content writing is not an inborn capacity, it requires much hardship and practice to excel in writing. If you can develop content by blending writing components in a good manner, then you are on the right track to becoming a successful professional writer. To become a professional writer in no time, it would be wise to enrol in an online blog writing course.

August 27, 2021

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