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Retake Exam

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20 reviews for Retake Exam

  1. Ibolya banfi (verified owner)

    Recruitment Consultant Course CPD Accredited

  2. Ibolya banfi (verified owner)

    very good experience

  3. natbeauty

    Terrible and unprofessional exam questions that were not even grammatically correct

  4. Candice Williams (verified owner)

    The grammar in the questions were incorrect. I didn’t even get a chance to complet the final exam then it said I failed without even clicking on it, I was doing the mock. Then I had to pay for a retake, payment taken but still says I need to pay. I’m confused! Used the help me chat icon and have had no response.

  5. ohsofine07 (verified owner)

    Same as everyone else it would seem paid to retake the exam as it states I have failed but when asked a true or false answer I got it wrong because the answer was Chinese even though that wasn’t there as an option i would rate this course and this joke of an exam I am now paying for again -5…… like other reviews asked for help and still no response GREAT

  6. Fiona Swinhoe (verified owner)

    paid for retake exam….. can not find it anywhere to do even though order for it is complete. Asked for help via chat, no reply. Exam questions ridiculous. Doesn’t even warrant 1 star.

  7. aspiremum (verified owner)

    Paid to retake exam same issue not lett8ng me retake exam just keeps taking me to the cart

  8. Theos Theodosis (verified owner)

    paid for retake exam….. can not find it anywhere to do even though order for it is complete. Asked for help via chat, no reply

  9. claire_wish (verified owner)

    Tried to take mock exam once I finished the ‘mock exam’ it tells me I have failed the final exam, I had not even finished the modules thought I would get an idea of the questions, contents of this course is boring and the wording of questions is a joke. I then went on to pay for the retake as I wasn’t far of and to be honest would not enjoy reading the rest of these modules. it tried to recharge me for the whole course I removed that from the bag and just paid for the retake (which on the website clearly stated no hidden exam charges) and now it will not let me retake the exam. Absolute waste of money.


    Tried to take mock exam once I finished the ‘mock exam’ it tells me I have failed the final exam,

  11. Nicola Rowett (verified owner)

    I paid for a retake of the test but its not working, keeps sending me back to pay for a retake off the test.

  12. LORENA CREPALDI (verified owner)

    I paid for retaking final exam, i received invoice via mail (paypal charged) but no chance to repeat it, no new list of questions for making the final exam again. I demanded the reason by chatting to Jaime, but no reply at all.

  13. Philip Reeve (verified owner)

    I also paid to re-take my final exam, and i received an email with the invoice, but where is the final exam to take, no option to repeat the exam, have paid my money. Just want to re-take the exam as `PAID FOR`.

  14. katie.chappell (verified owner)

    I’ve paid to retake the exam but where it my exam please???

  15. Nicholas J Poulastides

    awful grammar, half the questions make no sense

  16. Jamie Szabo (verified owner)

    Paid for a retake and still taken to cart! Can someone help please? No answer on phone or email!

  17. Faqir Muhammad (verified owner)

    It is mentioned that you can give mock exam three times i gave two times firstly faild but secondly passed .when i try for final exam so they show me you have faild the final exam what the hell is this and after this i bought two times retak exam but they didn’t send anything even they cut the balance from my account.i am waiting for tomorrow if you didn’t do anything for me then i will give these two invioce to police becouse i have spent nearly 1 month to study complete office administration online course but didn’t get anything.

  18. Revd Sabina O'Connor-Willey (verified owner)

    paid to retake and was no where to do so…….. a con

  19. geoff hendon (verified owner)

    They really need to sort the retake out it does’nt work we have checked and there is no way to retake kids save your money go to collage or try to learn from a landscape firm .read a good book

  20. alketa hyka (verified owner)

    such a shame! please don’t the same mistake as me. I paid for the retake exam but it is nowhere!! I called many times, I sent an email, I contacted them but nothing, no reply. still waiting for they reply

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