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Worried using high cost and big size boards such as Arduino? Would like to get a board that is both tiny, cheap and easily embedable?

We are here to help you! The course “ESP8266 for absolute beginner – Arduino alternative 2019” will present you complete NodeMCU guide.

To get started, you will learn setting up NodeMCU step by step, and flashing the latest version of the firmware. Next, you will get Lua, one of the fast and easy to learn programming languages, and understanding the programming flow and the working process through completing two primary projects.

As you progress through the course, you will learn configuring NodeMCU with Arduino IDE. Your learning will be accompained by coding and completing two different projects: making patterns animated graphics for LCD and building a web server for remotely control AC appliance.

What you’ll learn

  • Build your own IoT dashboard and control any home appliances remotely
  • Get to know the principle of LCD and generate animated pattern of your choice
  • Understand the fundamentals of LUA programming and powerful C++ language
  • Detailed knowledge of various IDE for communicating with NodeMCU
  • Build your own prototype with minimal expenses


  • Basic knowledge of any programming language

Course Curriculum

Introduction to NodeMCU 00:08:00
General purpose Input/Output 00:08:00
Interfacing NodeNCU to PC 00:10:00
Understanding Putty and ESPlorer 00:04:00
Breadboard and its internal structure 00:02:00
First step to Physical Computing
Programming the LED 00:05:00
Real time Demonstration – LED blinking duration control 00:01:00
Circuit diagram – LED blinking (Breadboard based) 00:05:00
Circuit diagram – LED blinking (Direct connection) 00:05:00
Source code – LED blinking 00:05:00
Reading Human Physical Input
Reading physical input from a push button 00:06:00
Circuit diagram (Breadboard based – Reading physical Input 00:05:00
Circuit diagram (Direct connection- Reading Physical Input) 00:05:00
Understanding the code – Physical input 00:03:00
Source code – Reading the push button 00:05:00
Real time Demonstration – Physical input 00:01:00
Arduino IDE and LCD Programming
Getting started with Arduino IDE 00:06:00
Generating animated patterns on LCD 00:04:00
circuit Diagram – Interfacing LCD with NodeMCU 00:05:00
Programming the LCD 00:07:00
source code – Programming the LCD 00:00:00
Real time demonstration – Pattern generation on LCD 00:02:00
NodeMCU Web Server
Introduction to Web Server 00:07:00
Circuit Diagram – Controlling AC appliance 00:05:00
Understanding the Web Server code 00:07:00
Source code – Implementing web based remote control 00:05:00
Real time Demonstration – Web Server in action 00:04:00
Memory Testing Quiz
Conclusion 00:01:00
Hardware 00:05:00

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