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Master the techniques and tricks of Adobe Premiere Pro CC with the professional Diploma in Adobe Premiere Pro CC course.

If you are searching for a video editing application that will allow you to edit videos however you want them, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best choice for you. Adobe Premiere Pro CC allows you to make visually stunning videos. Using the software, you will be able to create professional productions for film, TV, and web. The course teaches you how to use the software professionally. You will learn to use media browser for importing clips, the ways of starting a new sequence, editing tools and other essential techniques.

Shortly, in the course, you will learn how to edit audios and videos, how to do colour correction, and how to post the videos online.

What Will I Learn?

  • Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques.
  • By the end of the course, you’ll have edited your own short documentary using either the supplied footage (video clips, photos, graphics, music, etc.), or your own footage!
  • Start a project with the right settings for any type of video, from any camera.
  • Edit your videos, and make them more dynamic with cutaway footage and photos.
  • Design clean and professional titles for you videos.
  • Add motion to your titles, photos, and videos… making them more visually interesting.
  • Color correct your video to fix issues with white balance and exposure.
  • Add a feeling to your video with color grading.
  • Apply visual effects such as stabilizing shaky video, removing grain, and making video more cinematic with overlays.
  • Edit green screen footage and, add backgrounds that actually look good.


  • Students should have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on their computers to follow along. There are A LOT OF PRACTICE EXERCISES throughout this course with downloadable practice clips. We want you to follow along.
  • We teach this course using the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC (creative cloud), so it would be best if you’re using CC. But you can still learn using CS6, CS5, CS4, or even CS3!

Course Curriculum

Module: 01
1.1 Premuere Pro Course Intro – UPDATED 1 FREE 00:02:00
1.2 Quick Win – Stabilize ShakyVideo FREE 00:04:00
1.2 Starting a New Project and Premiere Pro Orientation – UPDATE 1 00:13:00
1.3 Importing and Organizing 00:07:00
1.3 Importing and Organizing 00:07:00
1.4 Quick win n_ Stablize your Videos 00:03:00
1.5 OPTIONAL – Use Media Browser to import Clips  00:02:00
Module: 02
2.1 Starting a New Sequence and Understanding the Timeline – UPDATE 1 00:06:00
2.2 Adding Clips to the Timeline, Syncing Footage, and Making Selects  00:12:00
2.3 Exercise – Syncing Video and Audio – UPDATE 1 00:01:00
2.4 Exercise Review – Syncing Video and Audio – UPDATE 1 00:03:00
2.5 Editing Tools 00:16:00
2.6 Adding bRoll Footage to Your Video 00:11:00
2.7 Adjusting Clip Size and Position – UPDATE 1 00:04:00
2.8 REVIEW Adjusting Clip Size and Position – UPDATE 1 00:02:00
2.9 Bonus – Editing Down an Interview – UPDATE 1 00:35:00
PP 2.10 Editing a Narrative Scene 00:11:00
Module: 03
3.1 Course Check In 00:01:00
3.2 Adding Video Transitions – UPDATE 1 00:08:00
3.3 Review Video Transitions – UPDATE 1 00:02:00
3.4 Adding Audio Transitions – UPDATE 1 00:04:00
3.5 Exercise – Create a Custom Blur Transition 00:07:00
PP 3.6 Trouble with Transitions 00:07:00
Module: 04
4.1 Adding and Editing Titles 00:08:00
4.2 Create a Clean Lower Third Title 00:06:00
4.3 Create Scrolling End Credits 00:04:00
4.4 Exercise – Design Your Own Lower Third Titles 00:01:00
4.5 Exercise Review – Design Your Own Lower Third Titles 00:11:00
Module: 05
5 Tips for Beginner Video Editors 00:08:00
5.1 Adjusting Audio Levels in Premiere Pro 00:10:00
5.2 Adjusting Audio Channels 00:05:00
5.3 Fixing Audio with the Low and High Pass Filters 00:04:00
5.4 Improving Audio with EQ (Equalization) 00:08:00
5.5 Adjusting Audio Tracks with Effects 00:02:00
5.6 Exercise – Fixing Bad Audio 00:01:00
5.7 Exercise Review – Remove Bad Background Noise 00:05:00
5.8 Adding Music to Your Project and Making a Song Shorter 00:11:00
5.9 Easily Removing Background Noise with Audacity 00:05:00
Module: 06
PP 6.1 Color Correction with Lumetri Basics 00:09:00
PP 6.2 Exercise – Fix White Balance UPDATE 00:01:00
PP 6.3 Exercise Review – Fix White Balance UPDATE 00:03:00
PP 6.4 Creative Tab – Lumetri Color 00:06:00
PP 6.5 Curves Tab – Lumetri Color 00:04:00
PP 6.6 Color Wheels – Lumetri Color 00:02:00
PP 6.7 HSL Secondary – Lumetri Color 00:04:00
PP 6.8 Vignette – Lumetri Color 00:03:00
PP 6.9 Exercise – Matching Exposure 00:01:00
Module: 07
7.1 Adding Motion to Title Graphics 00:05:00
7.2 Add the Ken Burns Effect to Photos 00:03:00
7.3 Exercise – Add Motion to Video to Make it More Dynamic 00:01:00
7.4 Exercise Review – Add Motion to Video to Make it More Dynamic 00:06:00
7.5 OPTIONAL Adding Motion to Screenshots 00:08:00
Module: 08
8.1 Exporting a High-Quality, Small File-Size Video 00:06:00
PP 8.2 OPTIONAL – Export Settings – In Depth Review 00:12:00
8.3 Export a Full Resolution Video 00:02:00
8.4 Exporting Small File-Size Preview Video 00:02:00
8.5 Practice Exercise – Finish Course Project 00:01:00
Module: 09
9.1 Adding and Adjusting Effects to Your Video Clips 00:07:00
9.2 Adjusting Effects with Keyframes 00:05:00
9.3 Using Lumetri Color Presets 00:04:00
9.4 Stabilize Shaky Footage with Warp Stabilizer 00:05:00
9.5 Exercise – Stabilize Shaky Video 00:01:00
9.6 Exercise Review – Stabilize Shaky Video 00:03:00
9.7 Make Footage More Cinematic with Overlays 00:07:00
9.8 Capture Still Images from Video 00:02:00
9.9 EXERCISE – Remove Noise and Grain from Video Clip UPDATED 00:07:00
Module: 10
10.1 Adjusting Clip Speed 00:05:00
10.2 Time Remapping and Speed Ramps 00:04:00
10.3 Slow Motion Video By Interpreting Frame Rates 00:02:00
10.4 Exercise – Speed Ramps 00:02:00
10.5 Exercise Review – Speed Ramps 00:01:00
Module: 11
11.1 Green Screen Tutorial (ChromaKeying) in Premiere Pro 00:08:00
11.2 Adding a Background to Green Screen Video 00:06:00
Module: 12
12.1 Conclusion 00:01:00
Resource Files
Resource Files – Diploma in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 00:00:00


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