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How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist in the UK

To start a professional career, everyone needs guidance. Are you looking for guidance on how to become a Professional Makeup Artist in the UK? In this article, you will find a road map to reach your ultimate goal. So, let’s get started!

Some bewildering facts about the Beauty Industry in the UK

According to Global Cosmetics News, a total of £27.2 billion was the contribution of the beauty industry in 2018. Moreover, 590,000+ workers are working in this sector that makes one of every sixty people working in this sector. The UK is one of the three largest consumers of cosmetic products in Western Europe. 

Why should you choose this profession?

You might be the person who is always eager to do experiments with your makeup kits. Makeup artists swing their brushes like a magic wand and the rest becomes an artwork. 


If you are very much passionate about makeup and you enjoy spending your time doing this then you are certainly the right person for the job. Because as long as you have an interest in it, you will definitely shine in this sector.


Becoming an expert on any career needs dedication, planning, and hard work. After that, you do not need institutional education to become a makeup artist. Proper research and training you will you on this.


However, the journey of becoming a professional artist of this sector is completely a different game. You need proper schooling (institutional or online) before you jump into the competition. If you are the kind of person who can face the challenges then you have the potential to be a makeup artist.

Requirements to Become a Professional Makeup Artist

Now, a good beginning always makes a good ending. In the path of becoming a Professional Makeup Artist in the UK, you must get yourself good schooling to stand apart from the rest of the competitors. But first, you have to decide what you are eager to learn and which field you are focusing into.

Online Courses

Online Courses for Professional Makeup Artist

You might find the schooling difficult as these are time-consuming and costly too. Most importantly, there is an option of online course. In this scenario, you can take private or specialized programs or even a makeup artist online course according to your need. 


Certainly, the advantages of these courses are that you can choose the area of learning that you prefer, you can complete these courses in your convenient time and places and again these courses will cost you much less than the conventional way of learning.


A huge number of online platforms offer several courses. Among them some popular courses a:

Thousands of students are taking the courses to start their journey as a makeup artist. Do check the courses and the reviews of individual courses to get a better overview. A professional degree will not only help you to develop your skills but also it will create the foundation of your profile, for sure.

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Live Webinar
Diploma in Graphics Design
👉 Free Graphics Tablet
👉 1 - to - 1 Mentoring
👉 Full Tutor Support
👉 8 Interactive Live Classes
👉 Chance to Win Chromebook
👉 3 CPD Accredited Course Free

Institutional education

You can always get a Bachelor’s or Diploma degree in Makeup and Cosmetics from many renowned universities and colleges. A list of Universities and colleges in the UK that will serve your cause is:

Working Sectors for Makeup Artists

Vastly the professionals can be divided into two main categories; 

1. Freelance makeup artist

2. Permanent job artists


Freelancer or Professional, as a makeup artist in the UK you can work in the following sectors:

How to start your career as a makeup artist

The journey of becoming a professional makeup artist won’t be easy, then again with proper planning and hard work you can achieve your goal in the long run. No one becomes perfect within a day or two; proper research and practice will lead you to the goal that you are running after. 


The best way to start your career as a makeup artist is apprenticeship under an established individual in this sector or under a makeup team. You can also join Photographic projects and theatres as an intern to learn how to apply your knowledge in the field.


Remember, the apprenticeship is a good way to learn and it will also help you to gather experience to build up a good career.


Working with established make-up artists and photographers will help you to gather much experience and as well as build your network with people of this sector. However, start following Professional Makeup Artists of the UK on different social media platforms, keep an eye on the latest fashion trends, and wait for the right opportunity to start your career as a professional.

As a volunteer

Don’t hesitate to work for free especially when you lack experience. It won’t waste your time. Moreover, it will help you to build a better portfolio. Look for jobs as a helping hand in different Film Schools, Amature theatres, Photoshoots, or theatres, Charity functions, and fashion shows.  But always sign a written document to get permission for using the pictures or details about the project for your personal use.

As a Freelancer

Now, it is wise to start a career in Saloon or Spa as you will find different kinds of customers with different requirements. The doors of creativity and experiment are open here as in most cases customers will ask your opinion since you are the expert here. 


Moreover, satisfied customers will never forget to mention your name to their friends  This will increase your connection and who knows maybe your first breakthrough will be given by one of your customers.


Above all, another good opportunity to build your network of contacts could be social gatherings like weddings and event makeups. Working in related areas such as weddings and events make-up will allow the practice, which is the key condition to improve your skills. 

How much you can make as a makeup artist

According to Indeed, the average salary of a makeup artist is £12.88 per hour. Your Salary depends on the experience you have. Also, some agencies provide daily allowances like food and travelling cost. The UK minimum wage here is £8.21 per hour(as of April 2019, age 25 and over).


Until your experience exceeds 1 year or more you can expect an average total earning with benefits(includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) per year is £25,000. While an average experienced(1 to 4 years of experience) makeup artist in the UK can make up to £40,000 per year. An Experienced artist will be rewarded with a minimum of  £70,000 per year depending on whom you are working for.

What will be your working hour

Working hour of a Professional Makeup Artist In The UK

A makeup artist is always needed whenever there is a shooting going on. A standard working hour is also set for the crew, artists, and related members by PACT (Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television) and BECTU (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications, and Theatre Union). 

According to the standards of PACT and BECTU, a week can consist of 40, 50, 60, or 70 hours. In general, you might have to work around 35 to 45 hours a week. The salary will also vary with the working hours of a  week. 


So, based on the discussion here is the roadmap that will help you to determine what and when to do’s to become a professional makeup artist:

Have a short tour on the website, you will find several Courses that will serve your cause.

Closing Note

In conclusion, makeup artists are creators of charming looks. They are creative, their ideas are unique and their talents are praised by the media all over the world. In short, it requires patience and hard work of several years to become an expert. Therefore, don’t lose hope, recover your mistakes, and keep practicing. Success will knock at your door.

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