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This SharePoint 2016 Site Owner course is intended to introduce you to the SharePoint 2016 and provide a comprehensive overview of SharePoint Site Owner roles and responsibilities in an accessible and extensive guide to the mind. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to add and configure sites, create libraries and lists, create and modify views. Discover how to implement SharePoint sites, features, and content structures suitably and securely share files, collaborate on documents, and access information and work with colleagues more productively.

In addition to that, learn how to create and customize columns, manage content types and create a document set. This course also includes how to enhance the site using web parts and working with pages, navigate within SharePoint and how to change regional settings.

This course will be ideal for you for sharing information and collaborating efficiently with your team or organisation.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the Role of the Site Owner
  • Add and Configuring Sites
  • Create Libraries
  • Create Lists
  • Create and Modify Views
  • Create and Customize Columns
  • Create and Manage Content Types
  • Manage Permissions
  • Enhance the Site
  • Work with navigation and regional settings


  • Pre-requisites: SharePoint 2016 Site User or similar experience

Who is the target audience?

  • Any student wishing to learn more about the SharePoint Site Owner roles and responsibilities

Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE 00:02:00
Role of the Site Owner
012-16-Site Owner-C1L1-Understanding the Role of the Site Owner 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C1L2-The Limitations of Folders 00:05:00
Adding and Configuring Sites
012-16-Site Owner-C2L1-Working with Collaboration Site Templates 00:02:00
Creating a Subsite with the Team Site Template 00:05:00
Creating a Subsite with the Project Site Template 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C2L4-Creating a Subsite with a Blog Site Template 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C2L5-Creating a Subsite with a Community Site Template 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C2L6-Understanding Site Settings 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C2L7-Customizing the Look of a Site 00:06:00
012-16-Site Owner-C2L8-Changing a Site’s Title, Description, Logo, or URL 00:04:00
Creating Libraries
012-16-Site Owner-C3L1-Adding Apps 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L2-Creating a Document Library 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L3-Reviewing Library Settings 00:04:00
Switching Between the New and Classic Views 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L5-Creating a Picture Library 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L6-Deleting and Restoring a Library 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L7-Changing the Name of a Library or List 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L8-Modifying Library Versioning Options 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L9-Restoring a Previous Version 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L10-Overriding a Checked Out Document 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L11-Saving a Library as a Template 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L12-Adding Enterprise Key Words to a Library or List 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L13-Allowing Folder Creation in Libraries and Lists 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L14-Adding or Removing the Sync Library Feature 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L15-Using Content Approval for a Library 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C3L16-Using Content Approval with Alerts for Simple Workflows 00:06:00
Creating Lists
012-16-Site Owner-C4L1-Creating Lists 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L2-Reviewing List Settings 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L3-Deleting and Restoring a List 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L4-Creating a Calendar List 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L5-Adding or Removing the Group Calendar Option 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L6-Creating a Task List. 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L7-Creating an Announcement List 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L8-Creating a Links List or Promoted Links List 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L9-Creating a Contact List 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L10-Creating a Survey 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L11-Creating an Issue Tracking List 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L12-Creating a List From an Excel Worksheet 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L13-Creating a Custom List 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L14-Changing a List Name or Description 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L15-Adding or Removing Versioning from a List 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L16-Adding or Disabling the Add Attachments Feature for a List 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C4L17-Adding or Removing the Quick Edit Feature for a Library or List 00:02:00
Creating and Modifying Views
012-16-Site Owner-C5L1-Changing or Modifying the List or Library Default View 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C5L2-Creating Public Views 00:06:00
012-16-Site Owner-C5L3-Creating a Grouped Library or List View 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C5L4-Creating a Flat Library View 00:03:00
Creating and Customizing Columns
012-16-Site Owner-C6L1-Understanding SharePoint Columns 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L2-Adding an Existing Site Column to a Library or List 00:03:00
Creating a Site Column 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L4-Modifying, Renaming, or Deleting a Site Column 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L5-Creating a Library or List Column 00:04:00
Modifying or Renaming a List or Library Column 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L7-Removing a Column from a List or Library 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L8-Creating a Text Column 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L9-Creating a Choice Column 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L10-Creating a Number Column 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L11-Creating a Currency Column 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L12-Creating a Date and Time Column 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L13-Creating a Look Up Column 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C6L14-Creating a Calculated Column 00:04:00
Creating and Managing Content Types
012-16-Site Owner-C7L1-Exploring Content Types 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C7L2-Creating a Custom Content Type 00:08:00
012-16-Site Owner-C7L3-Adding a Custom Content Type into a List or Library 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C7L4-Removing a Content Type from a Library or List 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C7L5-Creating a Document Set 00:08:00
012-16-Site Owner-C7L6-Modifying a Content Type 00:03:00
Managing Permissions
012-16-Site Owner-C8L1-Understanding Permissions 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L2-Editing Permission Level Priveleges 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L3-Understanding Default Permission Groups 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L4-Viewing and Editing Group Permissions 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L5-Changing Permission Levels for a Group 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L6-Viewing,Adding, or Removing Users from a Group 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L7-Creating New SharePoint Groups 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L8-Changing a Group Name or Group Owner 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L9-Adding a SharePoint Group to a Site 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L10-Adding, Removing, or Editing Permission Levels for an Individual 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L11-Checking an Individuals Permission on a Site 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L12-Granting Access to the Site Using the Share Option 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L13-Changing the Default Share Group for the Site 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L14-Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a Site 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L15-Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a Library 00:06:00
012-16-Site Owner-C8L16-Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a Document or Folder 00:06:00
Enhancing the Site
012-16-Site Owner-C9L1-Working with Pages in SharePoint 00:04:00
012-16-Site Owner-C9L2-Modifying or Adding Text to a Page 00:06:00
012-16-Site Owner-C9L3-Understanding Web Parts or App Parts 00:09:00
012-16-Site Owner-C9L4-Creating a Page in SharePoint 00:06:00
012-16-Site Owner-C9L5-Adding a Page to the Quick Launch 00:03:00
012-16-Site Owner-C9L6-Adding the Excel Web Access Web Part 00:07:00
012-16-Site Owner-C9L7-Adding the Relevant Documents Web Part 00:04:00
Navigation and Regional Settings
012-16-Site Owner-C10L1-Changing Regional Time and Work Week Settings 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C10L2-Inheriting Top Links Navigation 00:02:00
012-16-Site Owner-C10L3-Working with Top Links Bar 00:05:00
012-16-Site Owner-C10L4-Working with the Quick Launch Area 00:06:00
012-16-Site Owner-C10L5-Enabling Tree View 00:03:00
Course Recap 00:01:00
Course Certification


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