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TRX or Total Body Resistance Exercise is a fun and highly effective method to build strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.  TRX uses your body weight and gravitational force to work on different areas of your body such as, your core, back, shoulders, leg, and arms; that’s difficult to achieve with conventional gym workouts.

This course is more than the conventional exercise and tips, it will explain to you the science behind the TRX workout program and how to utilize your body features through the step-by-step extensively developed exercises. As the exercises require minimal tools (all you need is a TRX strap), its all more convenient if you want to do the exercise in any location you feel comfortable at.

To help you through the process, celebrity fitness expert Felix Harder will guide you through the TRX program in a simple, comprehensive manner. 

Felix Harder is a certified fitness coach, nutritionist, and author of numerous best-selling fitness practice books on Amazon. Felix has been guiding over 20,000 global students with proven science-based muscle-building strategies, fat loss diets, nutrition plans, and fitness routines. His ultimate goal is to help people to live a fitter, healthier, and happier life.

This course will also help you set up the perfect TRX exercise techniques that suit your body and lifestyle. This course is the only TRX workout guide you will ever need to be able to actually follow through the routines to build your dream body using proven science-based techniques.

What you’ll learn

  • Build Muscle And Lose Fat With TRX Bodyweight Exercises
  • Learn The Science Behind Building A Great Physique And Successful Dieting
  • Perfom The Exercises With Perfect Form (Exercise Videos Included)

Who is this Course for?

This TRX bodyweight management course is designed for anyone who is looking for alternative and effective options for conventional and equipment-heavy gym workouts. If you are a health enthusiast, planning to get fitter,  happier, or anyone looking to build muscle without gaining fat, this course is perfect for you. 

It is also will help physical trainers who want to have a deeper understanding of the science behind TRX  program and weight loss process.


  • A pair of TRX straps any convenient location to exercise.
  • No specific qualifications are required. 
  • No prior health or fitness knowledge is assumed. 
  • Fully accessible from any basic smart device.

Career Path

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. And in contemporary business, physical fitness is perceived as a plus point in many professions. With a better physical self, you will be able to deal with the daily stress that modern life brings.

The Internationally recognized CPD Accredited certification received upon course completion will boost up your resume if you are a working professional in the physical health sector or willing to pursue one.

Course Curriculum

Introduction & What you will learn FREE 00:02:00
TRX explained: Why it can be better than normal exercise FREE 00:02:00
TRX Fundamentals
Who is TRX for? 00:03:00
What are the benefits of TRX? 00:03:00
Most common TRX mistakes 00:03:00
How to set up your TRX trainer system 00:03:00
Your TRX Workout
The TRX Workout Plan 00:04:00
How to progress with your TRX workout 00:05:00
The right warm up 00:01:00
Dynamic stretching routine 00:03:00
Exercise Videos
Compound vs isolation exercises 00:02:00
TRX Bicep Curl 00:01:00
TRX Body Row 00:01:00
TRX Chest Flyes 00:01:00
TRX Chest Press 00:01:00
TRX Hamstring Curl 00:01:00
TRX Lunge and Row 00:01:00
TRX Lunges 00:01:00
TRX Pike Press 00:01:00
TRX Plank 00:01:00
TRX Push Up 00:01:00
TRX Side Plank 00:01:00
TRX Single Leg Squats 00:01:00
TRX Squats 00:01:00
TRX Triceps Extensions 00:01:00
TRX Y Flyes 00:01:00
TRX And Cardio
How to combine TRX and Cardio 00:04:00
TRX Cardio routine 00:03:00
Boosting Your Results
Boosting your results overview 00:01:00
Step by step muscle building formula 00:09:00
Best Beginner Supplements 00:04:00


This course is for anyone who's interested in this topic and wants to learn more about it. This course will also help you gain potential professional skills.

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