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One of the most widely used programs for visualising and analysing data is Microsoft Excel. This software is used in almost every industry, not to mention for personal use in households around the world. Small business owners rely on Excel to track hours, finances, and invoices, and large corporations rely on Excel for data analysis, to visualise data, and innumerable other tasks.

This Microsoft Excel Basics – Ultimate Beginner’s Course is designed specifically for spreadsheet users who are already performing professional financial analysis and financial modeling or are looking to prep for a wall-street career. You will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be a power user. You will get to know how to filter, sort and find the data by using the world’s most popular spreadsheet software. Next, you will learn how to create graphs and charts in the spreadsheet program. Finally, you will learn to format the page layout and how to print your work

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the basic concepts of spreadsheet design, formulas and functions that will enable you to build fully working models using the world’s most popular spreadsheet software.


  • You should have access to a working copy of Microsoft Excel before starting this course.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is perfect for absolute beginners but is also suitable for self-taught Excel users. No prior knowledge is required and the techniques taught will work in any version of Excel. It is probably not for you if you want to learn more advanced and complex functionality.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Excel Basics - The Ultimate Beginner's course
Welcome to Excel Basics 00:02:00
Important Points 00:02:00
Excel Basics
The Excel Interface 00:04:00
Creating a New Workbook 00:04:00
Pointer Shapes 00:03:00
Opening and Closing Workbooks 00:04:00
Moving around with Keyboard and Mouse 00:05:00
Opening Multiple Workbooks 00:06:00
Renaming Sheets 00:03:00
Copying and Moving Sheets 00:05:00
Inserting and Deleting Sheets 00:06:00
Changing Sheet Tab Colours 00:02:00
Copying and Moving Cells 00:06:00
Copying and Moving by Dragging 00:04:00
Using the Fill Handle 00:04:00
Inserting Rows and Columns 00:04:00
Deleting Rows and Columns 00:06:00
Hiding Rows and Columns 00:04:00
Adjusting Column Widths 00:05:00
Adjusting Row Height 00:05:00
Copying by Using the Fill Handle 00:06:00
Copying Using the Shortcut Menus 00:10:00
Selection Methods 00:07:00
Cell Alignment 00:05:00
The Format Painter 00:04:00
Simple Formatting 00:07:00
Fonts, Font Size and Font Colour 00:07:00
Cell Borders 00:03:00
Cell Patterns 00:04:00
Introduction to Formulas and Functions 00:08:00
Invoice Walkthrough 00:04:00
Absolute Cell References 00:07:00
Functions 00:07:00
Named Ranges 00:05:00
Outlining 00:06:00
Sorting and Filtering Data
Sorting 00:05:00
Filtering 00:05:00
Tables 00:09:00
Inserting Charts in Excel 2010 00:04:00
Adding Charts in Excel 2013 00:05:00
Sparklines 00:04:00
Setting and Clearing a Print Area 00:04:00
Page Breaks and Column Headers 00:04:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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