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This Google Adwords Certification – Get Certified in all 6 exams course ensures that you are a specialist level online sponsor. Get enlisted by enormous associations by going in every one of the tests you have to acquire the confirmation for. Learn Google Adwords basics, search option, YouTube, PPC, shopping or advertising from this course and become a professional digital advertiser on another level. This course is the milestone for the qualification of all the online advertisers.

What you’ll learn

  • Google Adwords Fundamentals
  • PPC Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising


  • Basic computer knowledge. A computer with Internet connection and desire to get google certified.
  • No prior experience needed for this course

Course Curriculum

Welcome ! 00:16:00
Getting Certified – Awards & Certifications 00:06:00
Google Ads Fundamentals Certification
Introduction to Fundamentals Certification 00:02:00
Learn the basics of Google Ads 00:25:00
Choose where your customers see your ads 00:20:00
Create effective text ads 00:16:00
Enhance your Ad with extensions 00:07:00
Choose the best campaign types 00:15:00
Organise your account for success 00:09:00
Reach customers with targeting 00:08:00
Help customers find you 00:12:00
Match types 00:07:00
Make Your ads seen 00:14:00
Media costs models 00:09:00
Determine a good bidding strategy 00:12:00
Select your bid strategy 00:14:00
Adjust Bids to favor performers 00:11:00
Align your budget with your goals 00:10:00
Evaluate campaign performance 00:13:00
Avoid Editorial Errors 00:06:00
Address Trademark disapprovals 00:07:00
Google Ads Search Certification
Introduction 00:03:00
Find customers with search marketing 00:11:00
Find the right performance solutions 00:22:00
Conversion Tracking 00:12:00
Install Website conversion tracking 00:11:00
Understand your audience better 00:07:00
Create search network campaign 00:18:00
Google Ads Display Certification
Introduction 00:02:00
Learn the basics of Display Network 00:10:00
Drive results with the Display Network 00:10:00
Target with the Display select 00:17:00
Remarketing with Display Ad 00:09:00
Choose the most beneficial ad formats 00:10:00
Assess & optimize your campaigns 00:22:00
Optimise your Display Campaign 00:18:00
Build effective creatives for your goals 00:08:00
Tailor ads with Dynamic Remarketing 00:12:00
Google Ads Video (YouTube) Certification
Introduction 00:01:00
The value of google’s Video Advertising 00:07:00
Build & Place your message 00:07:00
Find right solutions & metrics 00:11:00
launching your video campaign 00:11:00
Trueview discovery creative 00:08:00
Developing content on YouTube 00:08:00
Use video Remarketing to reconnect 00:11:00
Build video campaign in Google Ads 00:11:00
Keep track of video campaign performance 00:08:00
Optimise video campaign for success 00:08:00
Google Ads Shopping Certification
Introduction 00:03:00
Find new customers with Shopping Ads 00:12:00
Create a merchant center account 00:07:00
Capture your product data 00:08:00
Align bid strategy to shopping goals 00:11:00
Create a shopping campaign 00:11:00
Measure shopping campaign performance 00:10:00
Optimise the shopping campaign 00:07:00
Simplify with automatic item updates 00:08:00
Ensure shopping ads are compliant 00:05:00
Submit product data without errors 00:07:00
Fix crawl issues 00:08:00
Give incentives with merchant promotions 00:06:00
Sell nearby with Local Inventory Ads 00:07:00
Priortize shopping campaigns 00:06:00
Reach users with showcase shopping 00:07:00
Optimize the shopping campaign for Mobile 00:07:00
Google Ads Mobile Certification
Introduction 00:02:00
Drive your business with mobile 00:16:00
Do you want a mobile site or app ? 00:11:00
Design great mobile sites 00:19:00
Design great mobile apps 00:16:00
Google Ads formats & features for mobile 00:06:00
Target & bid for mobile ad placements 00:08:00
Drive calls with mobile campaigns 00:12:00
Drive store traffic with mobile 00:09:00
Drive installation of your app 00:11:00
Drive engagement with your app 00:09:00
Thank You 00:02:00
Bonus – Get all 6 Practise Exams as a bonus 00:15:00


This course is for anyone who's interested in this topic and wants to learn more about it. This course will also help you gain potential professional skills.

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