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What Will I Learn?

  • Build passive income on the internet
  • Flip cars for a large profit
  • Flip houses for a very large profit
  • Loan money out at very high rates and low risk
  • Invest safely in the stock market and build a guaranteed nest egg
  • Buy gold to sell at a large profit
  • Invest in a government guaranteed interest paying investment vehicle
  • Instantly triple the value of US dollars


  • General business knowledge
  • Basic understanding of economics
  • Strong desire to make more money


In this course, I show you 10 specific strategies that anyone can use to make 10 thousand dollars. The actual amount you can make with these strategies is unlimited, but 10 thousand is realistic for anyone in a short time frame with each of these methods.

Getting good at business and learning how to make money is not rocket science. Just like anything else, you simply have to study and learn how to do it. If you see a successful person who obviously has learned how to make money, the simplest thing to do is emulate them to get the same kind of results!I have used every single one of the strategies in this course, and am currently using all of them right now. I used these strategies to successfully quit my very stressful teaching job and haven’t looked back.In this course you will learn how to make passive income from the internet, easily flip cars and houses for large chunks of cash, invest successfully in an income producing stock portfolio, and generally learn the BEST ways to make money that ANYBODY can take advantage of.It doesn’t take a college degree, a super high IQ, or a lot of capital to get started. All it takes is a strong desire and the willingness to take action. Even if you have a full time job, you can use these strategies to make extra income streams on the side. That is how I was able to transition from a full time job to working for myself making a lot more money than I was when I had a boss and a lot more stress.

In addition to learning ten specific strategies to easily make money you’re going to learn how you can take these ideas and come up with some of your own, because there is no limit to the creativity of entrepreneurship!

Who is the target audience?

  • People who want to earn multiple streams of income
  • People who want to achieve freedom from their job
  • People who never want to have a boss again
  • People that are interesting in non-conventional business models
  • People who like to think outside the box
  • People who want to control their own money and investments
  • People who want to make money off of our nation’s tax laws rather than lose it
  • People who are interested in real estate investing

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Making Money
Introduction to Making Money 00:06:00
How to Successfully Create Passive Income Streams
Online Courses as the Ultimate Passive Income Stream 00:07:00
Example of online course passive income 00:12:00
Niche Websites and Affiliate Marketing 00:13:00
Example of Niche Website 00:05:00
Act Like a Bank and Give Hard Money Loans 00:09:00
Example of hard money loan scenario 00:08:00
Get Huge Returns with Tax Lien Certificates 00:09:00
Example of tax lien certificate scenario 00:06:00
Buy and Rent Mobile Homes 00:05:00
Example of mobile home rental scenario 00:04:00
The Proven Strategy of Dividend Stock Investing 00:12:00
Example of dividend stock investing scenario 00:12:00
How to Make Large Chunks of Cash with No College Degree or Business Experience
How to Flip Cars (the right way) 00:10:00
Example of typical car flipping scenario 00:07:00
How to Flip Houses (the best way) 00:15:00
Example house flipping scenario 00:06:00
How to Buy and Sell Gold (the easy way) 00:07:00
Example gold buying scenario 00:09:00
Bonus Material
How to Triple the Value of Your Money! 00:13:00
Example of tripling the value of your money 00:08:00
Course Summary 00:06:00

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