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Emergency managers understand the importance of managing risks during dynamic incidents.

The Leadership in Emergency Management is designed to develop future leaders and officers in emergency service of the knowledge and understanding of public policy and integration, personnel management, managing operations and training, managing emergency medical services and managing fire prevention divisions in a fire and rescue department. It includes research and development, disaster and risk planning, community risk assessment, budgeting, labour relation, personnel development and fiscal management, collective bargaining, occupational health and safety, and conflict resolutions as part of the curriculum.

Through the course, you will be provided with an introduction to the concepts, issues, processes and structures relevant to the management of risk during the emergency phase of an incident. This will include an examination of the relationship between formal risk management and command systems and leadership, including a look at the complex world of decision-making.

What Will I Learn?

  • What an emergency control organisation is and what it does
  • How to lead an organisation in an emergency situation
  • Decide on evacuation choices in response to an emergency and work with emergency services
  • Leadership
  • Create emergency procedures


  • Be able to understand key concepts
  • Be willing to add to learning by using the additional resources provided

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone with a responsibility to lead and emergency within a venue or facility
  • People looking to develop leadership and communication skills in an emergency situation

Course Curriculum

Welcome FREE 00:03:00
Who is this course for? 00:03:00
Why complete Chief Warden Training? 00:02:00
Emergency Plans and Response Procedures
Emergency Planning, Identification and Analysis. Fire Emergencies 00:08:00
Internal Threats, Visitor Access & Bomb Threats 00:09:00
Suspect Items 00:02:00
Active Shooter 00:06:00
Crowd-related Emergencies 00:09:00
Terrorism 00:07:00
Emergency Control Organisation
All things Emergency Control Organisation 00:06:00
Key Considerations for our Emergency Response Procedures
Section Introduction and event procedures 00:02:00
Notification, Communication, Control 00:03:00
Emergency Response Equipment and Evacuation 00:05:00
Human Behaviour in Emergency Situations 00:06:00
Lifts and Escalators, Media, People with Disabilities 00:04:00
Personal Affects, Traffic Management, Security, Emergency Colour Codes, Recovery 00:03:00
Chief Warden Skills
Leadership 00:10:00
Un-ness, Making Decisions Under Pressure 00:05:00
Recognition Primed Decisions (RPD) and Situational Awareness 00:06:00
How to Improve Situational Awareness 00:06:00
Who will make a good Chief Warden? 00:06:00
Decision to Return, Tactical Decision Games, Drills & Exercises 00:15:00
Wrap Up
Conclusion 00:01:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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  1. Leadership in Emergency Management


    Interesting and informative course. It has inspired me to take further courses and complete more reading and studies of this subject.




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