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Find out how all the enormous advanced organizations got their prominent image through digital marketing. The course plans to give out the digital growth hacks that will lead your business to flourish more than ever. This is an updated version of growth marketing rulebook for the individuals who are searching for their business to step onto the business acceleration. Students, entrepreneurs, or freelance digital marketers, all can be benefited from the course.

What you’ll learn

  • Growth Hacking Techniques with Digital Marketing
  • Discover Growth Hacking techniques from top companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Uber etc
  • 15+ must follow hacks to boost the conversion rate, opt-in rate, Revenue, sales of any business
  • Growth Hacking Lean marketing funnel
  • Growth Hacking Tools used in different stages in Growth Hacking marketing funnel
  • Bonus section with tools related to SEO, Social Media, Market research, User research, Traffic Acquisition etc


  • Basic computer knowledge. A computer with Internet connection and desire to learn Growth Hacking
  • Basic Digital Marketing knowledge is recommended but not mandatory
  • All the tools & resources Links are included in the course content

Course Curriculum

1. Welcome 00:03:00
What is Growth Hacking & what - are the different stages/Tools of Growth Hacking?
2. Introduction 00:04:00
3. Growth Hacking Lean Marketing Funnel with Example 00:09:00
4. Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Acquisition 00:08:00
5. Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Activation(Stage 2) 00:05:00
6. Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Retention (Stage 3) 00:05:00
7. Growth Hacking Tools for Boosting Revenue ( Stage 4) 00:07:00
8. Growth Hacking Tools for getting Customer Referrals 00:06:00
Must follow Digital Marketing Hacks
9. Introduction 00:01:00
10. Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 1 00:13:00
11. Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 2 00:11:00
12 Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 3 00:09:00
13. Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 4 00:08:00
14. Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 5 00:09:00
15. Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 6 00:05:00
16. Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 7 00:04:00
17. Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 8 00:06:00
18. Digital Marketing must follow hacks – Part 9 00:04:00
Growth Hacking Examples
19. Introduction 00:02:00
20. Growth Hacking Example 1 – AIRBNB 00:09:00
21. AIRBNB Hack 00:04:00
22. Growth Hacking Example 2 – Dropnbox 00:03:00
23. DROPBOX Hack 00:06:00
24. Growth Hacking Example 3 – TWITTER 00:02:00
25. TWITTER Hack 00:02:00
26. Growth Hacking Example 4 – Snapchat 00:01:00
27. Snapchat Hack 00:13:00
28. Growth Hacking Example 5 – UBER 00:02:00
29. UBER Hack 00:05:00
30. Growth Hacking Example 6 – Pinterest 00:02:00
31. PINTEREST Hack 00:07:00
32. Growth Hacking Example 7 – Linkedin 00:03:00
33. LINKEDIN Hack 00:04:00
34. Growth Hacking Example 8 – Instragram 00:04:00
35. Instagram Hack 00:06:00
36. Growth Hacking Tools for website traffic acquision 00:02:00
37. Growth Hacking Tools for lead & customer acuisition 00:05:00
38. Growth Hacking Tools for market reseach and user research 00:07:00
39. Growth Hacking Tool for SEO 00:06:00
40. Growth Hacking Tools for social media 00:04:00
41. Growth Hacking Tool for Linkedin Connections 00:04:00
43. Thank You ! 00:01:00


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